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chapter 128 team up Once again

 chapter 128 team up Once again

chapter 128 team up Once again.

"today is the 9th day after he gave me this letter, Qi Xuan still hasn't come to look for me!" in the smoke, Ding yan said with a cold tone voice, there seemed to be a trace sadness as well.

"you mean he is alive, but he is not the same person anymore!?" chu yun sheng plunged deep into the thought. he has the ancient book, so he knew more information than ding yan. The first thing he thought was if this person was the great devil from outer space. Then he thought that the stuff he was looking for might be the ancient book?

Questions after questions flashed through his mind, but he doesn't have answers. It made him become even more anxious.

"yes, a few days ago, I used zhu lingdie's invitation as an excuse to speak to him. I indirectly asked him a few questions, but no reaction, no response from him. I'm sure that he is not Qi Xuan I know." ding yan seemed to be very calm when he said it.

"what do you mean? Was he controlled by the cloaked man? or something happened to himself?" chu yun sheng knit his brow. Although there were many strange things already happened, but a person suddenly lost their "mind" still surprised chu yun sheng.

"I don't know, he looks like him, But he can't remember a lot of things. Especially, the way he looked at me..."ding yan shook his head, he can't tell how, but he is sure that the original Qi Xuan has died.

"Have you ever seen the cloaked man in person?" chu yun sheng asked. No matter what happens to qi xuan, cloak man is his real concerns.

"No!" then he suddenly stared at Chu yun sheng:" sword qi! cloak man uses sword qi, brother chu. to be honest, at the beginning i almost thought he was you! You are the only person i know, who can unleash the sword qi."

"Then, what changed your mind?" chu yun sheng seems to have a slight smile on his face.

It was not surprising that ding yan was suspicious about him, however, chu yun sheng thinks his sword qi is still far away from the being the real sword qi which was mentioned in the ancient. But he also wasn't sure that if the cloak man's sword qi is the sword qi book mentioned as well.

After all, different people have their different understanding of the same object, they might look the same, or they might be called the same name. But actually, they might be totally different.

"Qi Xuan said it very clear, the cloaked man is not our own kind, at least you are still a human!" ding yan smiled.

Chu yun sheng put out the cigarette, and gradually calmed down, he denied his thought about the cloaked man was the great devil, the senior practitioners warned repeatedly that devil is extremely powerful, the human can not compete with it at all. The cloaked man is only just somewhere above rank 5, if all the dark warriors in Jin ling work together, they can easily kill him

In terms of cubic object, chu yun sheng wasn't sure if he was looking for the book or not, but it didn't seem like it.

However, at this moment all the speculations are useless.

"it was because of the cloaked man, you wanted to kill Duan da nian?" chu yun sheng returned to where they started.

"that's right, you and the cloaked man both use sword qi, although I don't know what secret you have, but sooner or later, he will find you. If you are not powerful enough, you will become next qi xuan!" said ding yan

"so, you intentionally forced him to join me ?" chu yun sheng didn't think it was necessary. Lao Duan was a bandit, whichever the side benefit them more, they will join them.

"it's best for him to join us, otherwise, we are definitely going to kill him. A rank two dark warrior, it's not worth to risk it." ding yan shook his head and carry on saying

:"Although many people have seen your sword qi. but not lot of people know where you are. Even all the people that escaped from the fog city thought you were dead. But Duan da nian just saw it!

You don't need to worry about the witch, I've talked to her already, she still needs your help, so she won't do anything to harm you. We also need her at the moment.

But this is just the prevention, not the most important thing.

Base on your power, you are at least at rank 4, plus the strange stuff you have. As long as we can expand our force quickly. Even the cloak man found you later, he won't be able to do anything to you. Even qi xuan who just reach rank 4 bing class not long, the cloaked man still need to try to negotiate with him first."

Although chu yun sheng is a cautious person, but he doesn't think the cloaked man will come to look for him. Because There are so many powerful humans in Jin ling city.

In the future, they might have conflict, but in the meantime, the cloaked man is less dangerous than the insect outside the city.

Also, if his body is filled with yuan qi, and he has all the yuan fu he needs. It is not impossible to fight the cloaked man!

Ding yan doesn't know his real power, so his concerns wasn't all wrong.

"Why do you want to help me?" chu yun sheng smiled.

"I said before, the world has changed, the rule has changed, I just want to stand by a powerful the human, not an inhuman side!" ding yan said it directly:" also, I am just a rank 2 dark warrior. Yao xiang and lu yu were the foundations of my power, yao xiang was with you for a short period of time, he admires you the most,

And lu yu, I don't think he will return to the north district with me, he said that even though, he couldn't save his wife and mother in time. But without your help, he probably would fall into the endless mental torture!

So, do you think I have other choices?"

"I hope that we will have a good time working together again!" chu yun sheng didn't mind to work with ding yan. It might not be a bad thing if he could form a clan in the west district. However, before he understands the entire book, he doesn't want to reveal himself to everyone. So in the meantime, he will need ding yan to help him to do it.

When chu yun sheng and ding yan walked out of the dormitory, Duan da nian had already made up his mind. Although He was surprised to know that chu yun sheng actually knows 13th master. But join him is much better than join the 13 master, at least he is able to explain to his men. "Sigh," my leader's seat is now gone. He was upset.

when chu yun sheng returned to the house he bought, Lu ya ming finally woke up. he was knocked out by ding yan and lost his consciousness until everything settled. He was scared into a cold sweat when he heard not a single yue jin's man lived.

Lu ya ming was waiting inside the courtyard in panic for a while now. even thought no one was talking to him, but he was happy about it. It means that chu yun sheng won't punish him.

Until the hazy skimmer nearly disappeared from the sky, the leader of the killer ding yan finally talked to him. He wanted him to be a middle man, and they wanted to buy a 10-storey high office building near chu yun sheng's house.

He doesn't know why those powerful dark warriors would waste food to buy a building. With their ability, they could entirely use force to evict people out of the building. But he didn't dare to ask. He just simply follows the instructions.

There are around 30 dark warriors in total. Amongst them, only yao xiang reached rank 3, around 10 people rank 2 and rest of them are rank 1.

Compare to the clan in the north district or the East district, chu yun sheng's group might not stand out. But in the west district, especially in this shanty town, it is a powerful clan.

Fang Kui was the first person who got the information. in fact, when Jing tian was taken away, he had already received lu ya ming's help request. But he was afraid to mess with yue Jin, not only because yue Jin has a close relationship with Zeng XingRui who is working for the west district's overlord ice king. But he is also a rank 2 jia class dark warrior. That's why he refused to help.

However, a dramatic change just happened in a day, first, yue jin's men were killed, then those people just stayed here, not leaving, he does not know why this place would attract those people? but he has to think a solution to get away.

He quickly made up his mind, decided to seek shelter from zeng xingrui, those people killed zeng xingrui's man, sooner or later they will have a fight with him. He had already made one mistake before, he can't make one more mistake. After a careful consideration, he still thinks that ice king's force is much powerful, at least, they have much more rank 3 dark warriors!

although he will lose his seat. but saving his life is much more important.

"Fang kui ran away?" chu yun sheng was baffled, he never had a problem with this person before, he has never even met this person before.

"He sought shelter from zeng xingrui, he was scared that you are going to revenge him, " said ding yan.