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Chapter 126 Rage

 Chapter 126 Rage

chapter 126 rage

Zhu lingdie was a little bit disappointed, but she did not up. after all, chu yun sheng didn't say no.

On the way back to jin ling, they didn't encounter any monsters. presumably, they were all gathered to protect that shell less worm. Without any resistance, then didn't use much time to return back to the south district.

"I'm going to the west district with you first, I need to tell you something." ding yan knew chu yun sheng is living at the shanty town now, so he ordered the truck to drive towards the west district.

All the drivers have been swapped to ding yan's man. Originally ding yan had three trucks, plus chu yun sheng borrowed one from other small teams, and one witch lent to him, now they have 5 trucks in total.

The number of refugees in Jin ling seemed to increase a lot, the streets were very crowded. The cars were constantly moving in and out of the city to dump the bodies they collected on the street. Apparently, even the bodies can go missing sometimes, no one knew who took them.

Five trucks were running at their full speed, they didn't take long to arrive the west district. Chu yun sheng was having trouble to think a place he could store the food. Although he could store them in the storage yuan fu. But he has to find a quiet place where no one else is able to see what he is doing first.

With chu's instructions they arrived at the house he bought.

When chu pushed the door in, he suddenly felt something wasn't right. He was startled and then quickly walked into the living room.

"Saozi, don't panic, lao duan already brought his men to get her back, I have also sent someone to get the help from GRD, xiao tian will be fine. Don't worry!" it was lu ya ming's voice. "sigh! it's my fault, how am I going to explain this to mr. Chu!?"

"what happened to xiao tian!" chu yun sheng walked in and urged. He just left only a few days, didn't expect something could happen to his family. Originally he thought lu ya ming is a commissioner, he should be able to take care of them, when he out of the city. Apparently, he was wrong.

"yun sheng, you back! Quick! Xiao tian was kidnapped!" chu han was so worried that her eyes turned red. She was on the verge of crying.

"Ge! It's yue jing that motherfucker! Mom won't let me go to get her! " jing yi was leaning against the side of the bed. He couldn't even stand up properly!

"she is right, you can't go. They are all dark warriors. You will get yourself kill. Mr.chu you are back, that's great, it's my fault, I'll apologize to you later, please save her first." lu yaming quickly said. he was extremely nervous right now. He already saw Chu Yunsheng has changed his badge to a rank two dark warrior badge, what shocked him even more was that there were another group of dark warriors just behind him. There was even a rank 3 dark warrior! Lu yaming didn't know how to react anymore.

It was unusually busy in the district today, there was a document need to be sent over to a nearby area in the same district, so he asked jing tian to do it. at that time he didn't think too much about it . But when he got news about jing tian was taken away by yue jin who is a dark warrior in charge of that area, he was scared. This kind of things happened in Jin ling quite often. No one knows how many girls were ruined by those people.

Luckily Duan da nian came by to look for chu yun sheng, when he heard the news, he immediately brought people with him to try to get her back. Lu yaming was worried that Duan da nian's rank which is lower than yue jin, might give him disadvantages, he might not be able to bring her back. So he also sent people to get help from GRD and GCH.

just When he was trying to calm chu han down, chu yun sheng came back. He was both happy and worried at the same time. He was happy because now jing tian is definitely going to be alright. but He was also worried chu yun sheng will punish him, especially when he saw that rank three dark warrior.

Speaking of jing tian, before chu yun sheng arrived at Jin ling city, she always put dark ashes on her faces to make herself look as ugly as possible, but when chu yun sheng arrived, and she also got a job at the GCH, so she stopped doing it anymore, after all, she is a girl, no a single woman would like to do that unless it is necessary. but she didn't expect that within just a few days, it could bring her to this kind of trouble.

"where is she! Take me there!" chu yun sheng was furious, jing yi had briefly told chu yun sheng what happened. He drew the sword and picked up lu yaming started to walk outside. lu yaming could not stop this legs from constantly shaking. Yue jin this motherfucker, there are so many people they can mess with, why the fuck he has to mess with this guy! Lu ya ming cursed secretly

"lu yu, you take few brothers with you and stay here, rest of people follow me and brother chu!" ding yan immediately gave out the command. They still need to have people guard the food and the house.

Chu yun sheng's heart was torn with anxiety. If it were not that lu yaming couldn't bear with his speed, he already activated his armour and run with his full speed.


It's not the first time yue jin did this kind of business, he doesn't even remember how many girls he has ruined in the past. However, as long as he didn't mess with those powerful people's relatives, what can those ordinary people possibly do to him

This is also the reason why he dared to forcibly take the girl away with him. The girl has a fairly good looking face, bright eyes, white teeth and smooth skin. When he saw the girl, he just couldn't move his eyes away from her anymore. Even though the girl struggled a lot, she also claimed that her brother is both dark warrior and a GRD's researcher. But he didn't believe her.

In fact, he laughed when she said that, there are few people who are both dark warrior and researcher, but not only they are very rare, they are also very old. How can they be her brother? So he immediately thought this girl was just saying something in a panic trying to scare him away. It is not the first time he heard this kind of excuse. so he instantly gave up the idea of sending someone to confirm what this girl said is true or not. he just thought it is waste of time. The girl was clearly lying.

However, when he just about to have fun, a rank 2 yi class dark warrior came to his place and ask him to release the girl.

Jin yue was pissed off, he was rank 2 jia class, who did this yi class think he is?

"Fat guy, i am in a good mood today, but if you don't fuck off, i will kill you!" jin yue's skinny body was shaking while he shouted.

"Hey fuckface Is your brain filled with semen. you can go to her area and around, who you are messing around with right now!? You are going to get yourself killed! It is still not too late to let her go!" although duan da nian did not really want to come out. but he has no choice. after all, he showed up at a wrong time, if he is not going to help her, once chu yun sheng gets back, then their relationship will be over.

"Stop bragging about it, who are you trying to scare? "Although yue jin mocked him. but deep inside, he started to have concerns. He started to think this man did not lie. especially his man just told him that before this guy, they were also few batches of other people came to ask for her, although those people's social status are not high. but their attitude is very strong.

"It does not matter if you like it or not, i am going to take the girl away!" duan da nian grit his teeth. If i could get her out, then chu yun sheng will owe me a big time. then He has to help me get back my territory this time! Duan da nian thought!

Yue jin's base was originally a factory worker's dormitory, there is an open space inside the wall, duan da nian and his men were standing in the open space, and yue jin's men were blocking the main building's entrance.

When he just made up his mind, a group of people suddenly jumped over the fence, the first person was too fast, duan da nian did not see it very clearly, but the people followed behind, he saw them every clearly, because those people he is very familiar with!

Fuck!!! 13th master, today really is not my day! Duan da nian instantly lost all his courage, he instinctively thought those people came to help yue jin.

"Hey fuck face, you win this time! Brothers let's go. " duan da nian's fat hand pointed at yue jin said angrily. But he could not do anything, his men already having trouble defeat yue jin's group, let alone the 13th master's men.

Yue jin was even more confused, he was exactly just like duan da nian, he thought those people came to help the fat man, but before he even says anything the fat man suddenly retreated. It made him baffled.

"Bo..... bo.... Boss.. is!"the stammer used to be the scout when they were robbing people, so his eyesight is very good. When he saw chu yun sheng, he immediately pulled back duan da nian.

"What!" duan da nian was so anxious, if they don't leave now, they won't be able to leave later!

Stammer was trying so hard to say the words, but he still could not say it out, it only caused his face turn red. at the end, he just pointed at chu yun sheng and asked duan da nian to look by himself.

Duan da nian finally calms down, when he saw chu yun sheng.

"Who is yue jin? Where is my sister!" chu yun sheng throw away lu ya ming and pointed the sword at the people at the door.

Although the fat man act very strangely, but Yue jin finally knew those people were still with duan da nian. However before he even said anything, he heard a voice came from the upstair near the windows:"Ge! I am here!"

Chu yun sheng's eyesight is also very good, he immediately noticed jing tian on the third floor when he raised his head. Jing tian was tied up and struggled to move to the window, she shouted loudly. But there was a person immediately came to drag her away.

Then chu yun sheng heard cursing and hitting sound.

Chu yun sheng's face as cold as ice, he thought jing tian's life is at risk, so he immediately charged towards the building with the word.

The entrance was blocked by a dozen of dark warriors, they did not have a sign to move away!

Yue jin saw the person who charged towards him just a rank two dark warrior, so he cursed:"stupid fuck!"

Then his eye was blind by the flash light!

It was the chu yun sheng's most powerful attack sword fighting technique-- ward off thousands army!

Six sword qi twined with each other and killed all the dark warriors that block the entrance, the entrance instantly burst out a fog of blood.

Chu yun sheng did not have time to control the sword qi, he immediately activate the armour and break through the blood fog, rushed towards the third floor, left only the afterimage at back