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Chapter 121 Type Ⅰ dark energy gun

 Chapter 121 Type Ⅰ dark energy gun

Chapter 121 Type I dark energy gun

"His life is not yours! It belongs to everyone here!" said chu yun sheng who walked out from the shadow while holding a gun in his hand. the bullets inside the gun were given by the witch.

Lu guolong can not die, chu yun sheng still needs him to tell him where to get the best grain, secondly he needs to study the earth element, there are so many things in the dark age he does not understand, learn more, and learn early, will help him a lot in the future.

The sudden appearance of little tiger and chu yun sheng scared both men. when he found out chu yun sheng was a rank 2 dark warrior,they didn't dare to treat it lightly:" brother, if you mind your own business, we are still friends! Or if you want to join us, we welcome you. but if you want to fight, I can tell you, I'm not scared of anyone!" the man growled, although chu yun sheng was rank 2 dark warriors. but they have two people.

"Yo~~~, how arrogant, wanna fight? wanna bully someone with two people?" a group of witch's men followed chu yun sheng in, they smirked at those two before chu yun sheng even had a chance to speak.

Presumably, lu guolong's shouting startled the people outside, soon more and more people started to squeeze in.

"What happened? Your north district want to cause trouble?" said a dark warrior from the south district.

"so, what!"


Chu yun sheng didn't expect that the situation would get worse, originally he wanted to solve this as quick as possible, but who knows so many people would come out. Now, it is not simply lu guolong's problem anymore, it became the problem between each district.

Because of the food distribution, They already had a grudge towards each other. Lu guolong's incident was like a trigger caused the conflict to become even worse.

There are two rooms in the basement, one big and one small. The two big group's leaders were having the discussion in the small room, and all other small team's leaders were waiting in the big room.

"lady zhu, I hope that we will have a good time working together!" Shen Shaoze smiled and reached his hand out. They both agreed to have 4 shares each, and rest of 2 shares will be split between those small teams.

Originally he wanted five, after all, he has 3 Rank 3 Bing class dark warriors, and zhu lingdie only got two.

Apparently, one those two dark warriors she has is the one from wind and fire master's team. It is said that the wind and the fire master's combination attack could kill a golden shell insect! That kind of attack, only the people at rank 3 Jia class and above could perform.

But the real reason he gave in, was not those wind or fire master who he not familiar at all. After all, the rumor would always exaggerate the fact. He will not believe it. if he didn't see with his own eyes. just a few days ago, there was even a rumor saying that there was a super powerful man kill a golden shell insect just by himself.

The real reason why he agreed 4 shares was this woman's background, she could even take out a latest developed weapon from the GRD. a powerful type I dark energy gun.

He had heard this kind of weapon before, the researchers in the GRD got inspiration from the Gauss weapon theory. in the age of light, researchers found it hard to develop a small and practical man-portable gauss gun. But in the latest weapon research, they were able to do that. It was done with the help of a stable dark energy field. The theory was proposed by one of the professors in the GRD, which has been successfully constructed and tested recently.

GRD has named this type of energy field model as type i. And has successfully implemented energy switch inside the gun's barrel. The special design bullet was propelled by the dark energy and accelerate to high velocity. He also heard that the bullets shot out of the barrel will contain the fire elements, it is highly destructive. during the first combat trial, it was tested that it will take around 10 bullets to kill a red shell insects when they all hit the target.

If the weapon is used by those dark warriors who have the ability to unleash their power through the gun, it will become even more powerful.

However, the manufacturing process of this type of gun and its bullets are very complex, its materials are also very rare, so at the moment, they could only build it in the lab, that was why they only made less than 30 of them.

To the dark warrior, this type of dark is useless, because its power is almost the same as a rank 1 Jia class dark warrior. But Its extraordinary significance is that it could immediately give ordinary people the dark warrior's attack power. And also, as long as the GRD still exist, this type of weapon will be continuously improved.

Shen Shaoze knows that the only person could get this kind of weapon, is either a key person at GCH or the key person at GRD. although it was just one. But there were definitely a lot of important people involved. Despite he is also a offspring of a high-ranking official at GCH, but even his family could not get one Type I dark energy gun. That was why he gave up one share offhand.

Zhù líng dié nodded her head then pulled back her soft and slender hand and smiled at him. Although she only got 4 shares, two of them she still needs to give them to the 13th master, when she got back, but this was the best she could get. As her intel stated, shen shaoze indeed recruited a rank three Bing class dark warrior, now his clan's strength has been increased, she needs to reevaluate everything.

Moreover, when they are going back to the city tomorrow, both of them still need help from each other. compare to the journey coming to the grain depot, going back is much more dangerous. When they came here, if they could not defeat the insect's crowd, they could abandon the cars and run away. But when they are going back. It is not easy to abandon the food. Because in Jin ling city food is life....

If both of them could work together to transport the food. With the help of 5 rank 3 dark warriors, the chance of survival will be greatly increased.

Zhu lingdie glanced 13th master who was sitting beside her. His face did not show any expression from the beginning. on the way to this small granary depot, she once again observed wind master and fire master's powerful attack, even her rank 3 dark warrior also admitted that he was not as good as them. So she is green with envy.

Soon, both parties walked out the small room and Announced the result, both big groups got 4 shares each, and rest of 2 shares will be split between small teams!

"I want 3 shares!" said the wtich, she suddenly stood up:"i don't care how you are going to split it, i want three shares!" she said calmly.

The noise crowd suddenly became quiet, then some people burst out laughing. But most of them wanted to see how shen Shen Shaoze and Zhu Ling die are going to handle this problem.

Shen shaoze was not angry, he was still smiling. "As long as you can defeat anyone of them, i will give you three shares!" he pointed at the three rank three dark warriors behind him.

Then he looked at zhu ling die.

"I don't have problem either, but witch, I've heard that you only got two trucks left, even we gave you three, how are you going to transport it?" zhu ling die recognized the witch, she got all the information about her, a maximum rank 2 yi class dark warrior, who gave her the confidence to ask for three share.

Witch nodded her head, then walked out of the basement silently. She knew that with her little group, there was no way she could get three shares. What she relied on was chu yun sheng's power, but she could not ask chu yun sheng to do anything, that's why she had to come out to discuss with him first.

The dark warrior that was assigned to guard the door passed the witch, walked into the basement and said anxiously:"there is conflict outside! It is getting worse."

Originally chu yun sheng was at the front of the group, but slowly he was pushed back by the agitated crowd, he then find an empty spot to squeeze through the crowd to find lu guolong who was also ignored by everyone.

Lu guolong was injured, but it was a minor injury. Chu yun sheng helped him to walk to the side and passed him a cigarette:"I need a favor from you." he said straightforwardly

"Brother, without you, i Lao Lu was already dead, you say it, as long as i can do it, i will definitely do it!" said Lu guo long

"You were in charge of this place before, so you definitely familiar with this place, you take me to the granary which has the best quality of grain, while they are still having the argument, help me to take some first!" chu yun sheng pointed at the chaotic crowd.

"Ok! Number 3 granary stores new grain, it is rice and it is the best quality. i will take you there now!" lu guo long tapped his cloth to remove the dust, he did not expect the request would be this simple.

Three people and one tiger sneak out of the chaotic crowd and went straight towards the 3rd granary, chu yun sheng asked lu guo long to be on the lookout outside. he went inside to get the grain.

Originally, he just wanted to take a small amount, but when he saw the piles of grains, the desire of having it all just burst out from deep side!

But his mind was still very clear, if the granary suddenly became empty, then the storage yuan fu will be potentially exposed. and before he is 100% sure he could protect himself. he did not want to expose the storage yuan fu.

So after he used storage yuan fu to store a small part of the grain, he reluctantly left with the little tiger and went back to the truck. Meanwhile, the witch was already waiting at the truck, the conflict has already been stopped by their leader, so everyone went back to their truck.

"No!" chu yun sheng reject witch's request flatly. The agreement was to protect her truck, not to help her to get the food:"i only promised to protect your truck. this kind of problem, you will need to solve yourself." said chu yun sheng. He and witch were not close, they relationship was simply based on the deal, so he did not need to help her.

"Two shares! Once it's done, you have two, I only get one" witch got straight to the point. to her, even just one share, it is still so much better than split that two shares with so many small teams.

Chu yun sheng was staring at her and started to reconsider his decision. food is extremely precious now. There probably won't be anything like this next time. He could easily deal with a rank 3 dark warrior, let alone this kind of one on one duel. But if it really needs him to come out, then 3 share is not enough. He opened his palm and said"five shares! You tell them, five shares, I'll take four, you help me to transport them to jin ling city!"

The witch dazed for a second, what do five shares mean? It means that those two big group can stand aside.