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chapter 120 awakened twice

 chapter 120 awakened twice

Chapter 120 awakened twice

Chu yun sheng doesn't know where did witch get three trucks from, although they looked old and clumsy. but when they were on the road, they were actually quite stable.

In order to save petrol, they didn't bring more cars with them, most of the dark warriors were asked to sit on the back of the truck. Apart from chu yun sheng and witch, there were around 15 of dark warriors, amongst them, the highest ranking two just rank two yi class.

Deep inside chu yun sheng's mind, he knew the witch is a skilful person, otherwise, she won't be able to gather this amount of people, in this short amount of time.

Chu yun sheng was assigned to sit in a relative comfort seat next to the driver. Although many people were not happy about this arrangement. but they didn't dare to say anything.

They set off from the city's west gate and head north east, while there was still hazy shimmer in the sky.

with Just this small number of people, chu yun sheng worried that if they encounter the swarm, they will need to scrap the whole plan. luckily, everyone including the driver was the dark warriors, so they still have a chance to escape.

Only After they travelled for some time, did chu yun sheng realized that why the witch was so confident. In her group, there was a person who has wind ability, although he was just a rank 1 dark warrior, but his detection ability was almost as good as the little tiger. Within just 5km of the journey, they have already bypass three insect's group.

What surprised chu yun sheng even more was, this man's badge is clearly belonging to an ice dark warrior!

Later on, the driver told him, this man was one of those people who awakened twice. This type of awakening is very rare.

That guy accidentally awakened with wind element controlling ability. however, his both abilities couldn't pass the rank two evaluation test. The wind element even barely reaches the rank 1 bing class. If it weren't because of his wind ability could be used in detection. No one would be interested to invite him.

Chu yun sheng doesn't have much knowledge about the awakening, his recent study of the book also didn't focus that area. But the information he received made him think about the little tigers metal and wind element abilities. Although the little tiger was born with two abilities, but there is one thing that they both are very similar. It is the main ability usually belongs to one of the common elements, but the second one usually is very strange.

The main ability usually belongs to the five main elements, for instance, the little tiger's metal element and that man's ice element. the second ability is almost like a mutant ability. For example, the wind element is related with wood element.

But apart from the little tiger, the driver told chu yun sheng that those people's second abilities are usually not very powerful. it may look impressive but it is actually useless. The real powerful dark warriors are those who could use one ability to an extreme. For instance, the fire king, ice king and other people, all of them could easily kill those people who had awakened twice.

With the help of this man and little tiger's double detection ability, although the journey was scary, but it is not very dangerous. Sometimes there were few cases when they could not avoid the contact with the monsters, they then chose the weakest part of the monster's group and broke through those monster's encirclement.

The granary depot was less than 50Km from jin ling city, it was surrounded by the hills so it was Conducive to hidden, sometimes they will need to hide inside the hill to wait for the swarm to pass. the longest time he had waited was 5 hours. When they finally got to the granary depots, it was already two days later, and they had also lost one truck.

however when they got to the granary depot, it seemed like that place was already taken, there were walls around the grain depot and a tall watch tower.


He was not the first team arrived at the grain depot. Outside the walls there were all kinds of cars already parked there, some people were standing on the top of the car and shouted abuse at the people inside.


Lu Guolong was anxiously walking back and forth in the basement, since yesterday, people started to come here one after another. they all demanded him to open the gate and give out the food.

He was originally from a village nearby this grain depot and he has been single for 40 years. the first reason is that he is poor, the second reason is that his appearance is a little bit intimidating. since the dark age began and the insect disaster, without much things to worry he hid into this grain depot. at that time, the station owner was still alive.

Many people died including the owner when the insect passed by this grain depot. When he crawled out of the piles of bodies, he awakened. With the help of his strange ability, he reinforced the basement wall. From that day, even the insect passed by the grain depot again, they were not able to detect where he was.

He has been to jin ling city before. after all, it is not far from here, but he was only given rank 1 evaluation. and also because of his ability is the earth element, which is a relatively weak element in the attack, it upset him a lot. Originally the military wanted to recruit him and assigned him to reinforce the defence line, but no one expected the large-scale of conflict between the dark warrior and the military suddenly broke out inside the city, he almost died in jin ling city.

After escaping from the conflict, he returned to the grain depots. With his ability, he built an earthly paradise for himself.

As time goes by more and more people starts to escape from Wan province, because of food shortage, a lot of people had no choice but stay at the granary depot. After Lu Guolong uses his ability gathered a group of rank 1 dark warriors, he instantly became the king of this granary depot.

although this place is not as safe as jin ling, but it is not very dangerous either, whenever they were found by the insect's group, they would usually force few people to go outside the walls to lure the insect away.

Lu Guolong's ability is limited, he is only able to hide this small basement. The only thing he is scared is the golden shell insect, if they dig the tunnel into this basement, then no matter how strong his basement was. He will be dead.

Even with this kind of concerns, he was still happy to live here, at least, he did not have to worry about woman anymore. almost every night, there will be a woman who could not bear the hunger. automatically got into his bed to sleep with him. He did not even need to threaten them.

Lu guolong felt sad even his hand was still fondling a fine face women's body who was sleeping beside him, his good days are finally over. He knew very well that the king of granary is nothing in jin ling city. There were already three batches of dark warriors groups outside the wall, he knew that he has to open the gate, otherwise, if they break in, then it will not be just the food that simple.

He had already expected this day, but he still did not expect it would come this early.

A few minutes later, lu guolong walked out of the basement. he ordered his man to give up and open the gate.

It was not just lu guolong very upset, many other dark groups who suffer huge losses all very upset as well, they all felt this trip was not worth it.

It was not that the small grain depot was empty. in fact, there was a lot of food, it was also not because of the monsters. since the surrounding was still very quiet.

It was that the sudden appearance of two big dark warriors groups, and the Dazzling rank 3 dark warrior badges in those groups made people lost all their courage to have an argument with them.

If there was just one big group, they were probably going to load the food straight away without worrying about small teams at all. But since there were two, they were restrained by each other from doing something recklessly and stupidly. all other small teams suddenly became an important role in the competition between two groups. Because the support from the small teams will cause the balance to fall.

Chu yun sheng was sitting inside the truck, he did not come out, witch has already left the truck, probably going to join some kind of food distribution meeting. because It was not part of his agreement with witch, so he did not bother to come out.

But he secretly had other plans. He wanted to steal some of those foods when it gets darker.

The "granary king" was ignored by everyone. There was no place for him to join the discussion, even his basement was also used as the meeting room

Everyone here seemed to be very cautious. because everyone knew that fighting with each other will not bring any benefit to them. instead, the noises, light, energy fluctuations caused by the fight can easily attract monsters!

Also because it is getting dark now, within next 12 hours, no one dares to walk out this granary depot which will be surrounded by the darkness. That's why people could sit down and discuss the food distribution.

Chu yun sheng used this a short period of time to restore some of his energy, then he jumped off the truck with the little tiger. Most of the dark warrior groups had already started to make the meal. not matter what the result is, feeding themselves were the most realistic and most important thing to do.

Two big groups did not ask their man to secure the granary, as long as the trucks were not moving, they were not scared that the food will disappear, if someone tries to steal, without the transportation, how much can they steal. Moreover, it could also show everyone that they are sincere.

Chu yun sheng was looking for this place's leader lu guolong, he wanted to take some food before two big group finish their discussion. Once they finish the discussion, it will be very difficult for him to steal anything.

lu guolong was in charge of this place before, so he must be familiar with all the detail of this grain depot. That's why chu yun sheng was looking for lu guolong, he did not want to go around and check the granary, it will only draw a lot of attention to him.

After a while, chu yun sheng finally found lu guolong in a row of offices. But his situation did not look good.

"No, no! She is my woman, i gave you the granary already, please let us go! "

Chu yun sheng bypassed a corner. In the fire torch's light, he saw lu guolong was protecting a woman whose clothing was dishevelled. it was his voice. All his man joined other dark warrior's group after he ordered them to stop resisting. That's why he was there alone.

"Fuck off man, just a woman, it is not even your wife, if you carry on talking, i'll break you! don't make me do it!" standing in front of lu guolong were two men, one of them kicked lu guolong away and jumped on top of the woman.

"You! You! She is my wife! She is my wife! I am going to kill you!"enraged lu guo long stood up and charge towards.

"Kill him!" said the man who is still on top of the woman to this partner. he did not even turn around.