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chapter 119 wind and fire master

 chapter 119 wind and fire master

chapter 119 wind and fire master

Refining a yi pin armour isn't very complicated, chu yun sheng has done it so many times before, whether it's the process of making the combat armour yuan fu, or reciting the incantations to refine the armour, he is very familiar with them all.

He is at rong yuan body first sub-stage now, he also has a decent amount of shells and even a golden shell as well. It is the perfect time to make a combat armour now.

The room wasn't very big, he was only able to refine two shells at a time, so the refining speed was very slow. However, he was able to focus on the small details which helped him gaining refining experiences from it.

The essence of shell looks like some kind of bright particle after they were being extracted from the shell. some of the particles were so small that all he could see were just tiny little light dots. The particles were slowly being extracted and stretch into a long thin stripe then later on forms a solid armour shape in the mid air.

According to the ancient book, those matters are the foundation of monster's shell and their energy shield. Those matters originally exist in the monster's world, they were born with the monsters, and they will become harder as the monsters grow older.

From the number of shells that chu yun sheng refined, he noticed that the density of particles stripes varies from the size and colours of the shell. The darker the colour gets, and the bigger the monster's body size is, the more dense and pure those matters are.

The so-called refining process is actually extracting those matters out of the shell and using the ancient book's incantations to permute its order, the new order will from the shape of the armour and help to create a link between armour and yuan qi.

Chu yun sheng also refined the golden shell that he found when he was near the city. Unlike the crimson colour particles which came from the red shell, the golden shell provides bright golden colour. Not only that, it's quantity, and purity is much higher than the red shell as well, not to mention the degree of its hardness.

When the armour's shape was complete, the light came from the fu suddenly glowed even brighter, it immediately lit up the whole room, a moment later, a dark crimson armour with a slightly golden stripe was floating in the mid-air, the qian bi sword automatically few back and held by the hand armour.

Different to Yi pin armour. during the er pin armour's refining process, citing the different incantations will result in the same matters having the different permutations, at the end, the armour will provide a different kind of effect.

There are mainly four kinds of effects, speed is one of them. when chu yun sheng wore the Yi Pin armour, his speed just slightly slower than the flame bird! The second effect is the hardness, it was used to withstand the physical attack, the third is to increase his overall physical strength. The fourth is the yuan qi protection, this type of effect is able to work with the six armour yuan fu, so the energy shield defence is doubled. The damage of energy type of attack like flame bird's fire attack, red shell insect's corrosive liquid, will be greatly reduced.

There are other kinds of combat effect like levitate in the mid-air, merge with the sword.... Etc. but those effects are only available for the higher tier of armour.

The incantations that chu yun sheng choose to use was the speed, within all kind of combat ability, he always considers the speed first. From the escape experiences, he gained in the past, he knew that no matter how strong your protection is, how powerful your attack is, there is a time when you will be exhausted with energy. And if you were trapped by the swarm by that time, where can you run.

The increasing in his speed, not only gave him the advantages to escape, and the most importantly, it will help him to dodge the monster's attack much more quickly. he will also be able to attack the monster's weakness before it even had a chance to counterattack.

There was a speed symbol floating in front the body armour, it means that its combat ability is the speed.

When the armour was completed, chu yun sheng immediately recited the incantation to cast the combat armour yuan fu to his body, he then recited the incantations to activate the combat armour, the armour instantly covered his body. He instantly noticed the difference. the armour's activation speed was much quicker than before!

Chu yun sheng was worried that he might wake up his auntie and cousins, so he gently pushed the door open and walked outside the house. When He started to harness the ben ti yuan qi, the whole armour instantly filled with energy as if it became alive.

He then bent his knee and suddenly charge out. His speed was so fast that, there were only afters shadows appeared on the street. He ran along the street roughly about three hundred meters and then stopped. He estimated that with this speed if he encounters the flame bird one again, he will be able to run away.

In terms of red shell insect, Chu yun sheng totally believes that he will be able to outrun them.

Originally he could also refine the sword, but he does not have much time left. After he tested the armour. He also made two glacier yuan fu and one li huo fu. The power of level three offensive yuan fu he had experienced more than once.

Three offensive yuan fu consumed him almost 45 unit of yuan qi. after he used the abortion yuan fu to restore his yuan qi once again, he finally could not bear the tiredness and went to sleep.


"13th Master agreed?" Zhù líng dié put down the teacup and said in a soft voice. She has been waiting for this answer for the whole night.

Zhù líng dié is tall and slender, she was lying casually on the sofa when she talks. her silky hair fell off her shoulders as she turned around. Even with Her slightly closed fine eyes, people were still afraid to look at her directly.

It was not because she was a rank two, jia class dark warrior. It was because She has a big powerful family in jin, ling city. It was so big and complicated that, a lot of key people in the GRD and GCH has a relationship with her family. Even the fire king did not dare to offend her!

In The whole north district, there were not many people deserve Zhù líng dié's respect. Apart from the most powerful man in the north district - fire king, and this 13th master. 13th master is a conscientious and deliberate man, he is also a very strange man. Unlike what the rumour said. this man has two powerful associates, not just one.

It was just that the other person hardly ever fight, even Zhù líng dié just saw the man fought once. It was at the time when he fought golden shell insect together with that famous fire warrior. All the top people in the whole north district who knew the intel all called 13th master's associates as Wind master and fire master.

She used to try to recruit those two masters in secret, however, she did not expect that, no matter what kind of conditions she offered, they still were not interested to join her at all.

She was both surprised and curious. Later on, she shifted her attention to this 13th master. According to her source, 13th master has a close relationship with the fire king, that's why the fire king supported him and helped him to take the territories.

But even she used a lot of her resources, she still could not find out why the fire and the wind two masters were loyal to 13th master.

"yes, sister líng dié, he still needs to show his respect for your and fire king. Tomorrow, he will bring the fire and the wind masters to group up with us...... " said Su yun who is one year younger than zhu ling die, she was standing on the side and knit her brows.

"Hum? Since they agreed, why you are still worried?" zhu lin die caught a short moment of hesitant from su yun's face.

"Sister ling die, i have heard that the witch temporally recruited one rank two bing class dark warrior." su yun told her what she saw from the intel.

"Rank two, bing class? What kind of ability?" zhu ling die nodded her head, a rank two dark warrior won't have any effect on her plan, so she did not seem to worry about it.

"We have checked the record, it was the fire ability and using a gun. But one thing was very bizarre. since the witch confirmed this man is going to join her group, she became even more confident, she has also stopped recruit other dark warriors, just focus on preparing the truck and petrol. She also told her believer that soon there will be food!" su yun puzzled.

"Oh, a gun dark warrior? just this? this witch is really something! Just ignore her, she won't be able to achieve anything., since she came to the city, she already made enough trouble, sooner or later, someone will deal with her. At the moment, just focus on Shen Shaoze's movement, apparently they just recruited a rank 3 bing class dark warrior, we need to be careful ! " zhu ling die smiled, witch's little group could not stand a chance against her. it was just that the witch this person was a little bit weird, and that was it.

At the beginning, because of the witch's special healing ability, he wanted to recruit her. but she did not expect this person is a religious maniac. How could she took the advantages of the chaotic world and [reaching her superstitious belief when people's mind are at the most vulnerable status. Sooner or later GCH will not tolerate her action anymore.

The information about the granary Depot near the Su Wan province was "leaked" by those higher official's offspring. It attracted so many clans and underground organization's attention. Food is life! they wanted to take the opportunity to steal it, while GHC did not have time to clear that small depot and the big bosses in each district were busy helping the military to seize those big national grade grain depots

When chu yun sheng woke up in the morning. He suddenly remembered one thing he almost forgot about, which was the book's map. The information he got from lin shui yao, he did not have time to verify it, especially at the moment, when the jin ling city's order still have not restored yet, it was very difficult to verify it.

Fortunately, the person used to be very famous, although the money now does not worth anything. but compare to those ordinary people, it is definitely easier to find that person.

He was planning to ask jing tian to pass a message to commissioner lu. He wanted his help to look for this man, GCH's information is often more detail than the other headquarters.

jing yi was still very weak, chu yun sheng left enough food and medicines to chu han and told her that he will need to be out of the city for several days. there was a commissioner looking after them after he leaves the city, so they should not have any troubles.

He originally planned to leave the little tiger at home to guard the house. But no matter how chu yun sheng tried to force it to stay, it will still follow him. In the end, chu yun sheng was scared that it would go savage mode after he left, and without his help, chu han won't be able to control it. So he brought it with him.