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Chapter 118 steal yuan qi

 Chapter 118 steal yuan qi

Chapter 118 steal yuan qi

Jing Yi was finally saved. after the witch left around three hours, he is finally able to talk now.

As for he lost this ability, Jing Yi was even more optimistic than Chu yun sheng, instead of laying on the bed like a living dead, he would like to live like an ordinary people.

Before the witch left, she and Chu yun sheng has already agreed to the leave the city 2 days later, because they still have not gathered enough petrol. although that granary station is on the edge of Su wang province which is not far from here. however nowadays in jing lin city petrol is almost as expensive as food.

Chu yun sheng did not plan to break his promise, the witch is not like others. He will try to avoid having any conflict with her as possible, maybe in the future, he still needs her help.,

He informed duan da nian, asked them to finish the collection one day early. because he still needs some time to refined the armour.

For the coming battle, chu yun sheng needs to store enough amount of ben ti yuan qi, because he does not have absorption yuan fu right now, so he has to rely on himself to gather all the yuan qi.

On the second day, at 15:00, chu yun sheng set off early and head to green dragon mountain with the little tiger, he had already told duan da nian where they going to meet.

"Brother chu, it's all here, is it enough for you?" said duan da nian who was exhausted, in the past two days, he and his man were busy collecting the monster's body, they did not have much time to sleep.

"Thank you for the hard work!" chu yun sheng gave duan da nian two big bags of monster's meat. He ate those meats in front of duan da nian to prove it was editable, one of lao duan's man sun qian also came from kun city, so he did not spend much time to prove it.

"Originally, we could collect more, but since yesterday, there are more and more people start to collect monster's body. Apparently, GRD's new search result has been leaked out, many people already knew that the monster's meat will become a new type of food, so they started to store the monster's body and waited for more information. Even GCH also assigned the troops to collect as many of the monster's body they can. "said duan da nian who couldn't stop yawning.

"I just need the shell, in the future, I'll leave the monster's meat here, you can come here to take it at any time," said chu yun sheng, he then suddenly have an idea, GCH has more people than Duan da Nian. they definitely have more monster's body. So he asked again:" GCH collected so many bodies, where are they going to keep them?"

"I don't know, but if you follow the military truck which they use to load all the bodies, you should be able to find it. This is just a rumour, many parties were simply just collecting the bodies, they didn't put too much man power to protect it. Fuck those people at the top, always doing thing secretly, and not telling us the truth!" Duan da nian doesn't seem to be happy about GCH blocking the information.

"you may leave now, if I need your help, I'll find you again!" chu yun sheng nodded his head, when he just Came out of the city, he has indeed seen some military trucks loaded with monsters bodies passing by from time to time, at that time, he thought those bodies were just for the GRD's research only.

Chu yun sheng stood at the top of a hill to wait for Duan da nian's group slowly disappeared in the hazy shimmer. then he took out the sword started to remove the monste's shell.

A total of 53 shells, actually, 20 shells are already enough to make a Yi pin armour(tier 1 combat armour). The reason why it cost him so many shells to make an armour before. it is because, when he was still at yuan tian stage one, the yuan qi inside his body was not ben ti yuan qi, it was not pure enough, so a lot of shells were lost during the refining process, secondly because of the limitation of this stage, no matter how many shells he puts in, it only has a slight improvement.

Chu yun sheng was planning to go to GCH's storage facilities which they used to store monster's bodies, during the night. He wants to see if he could get some more shells to make an er pin armour(tier 2).

The hazy shimmer slowly disappeared in the sky, the little tiger started to become anxious, chu yun sheng cautiously looked around his area, within the visible range, there weren't any monsters. it will be hard to tell if the sky went completely dark.

After he finished everything, he quickly ran back to the city, he and little tiger both were running very fast. if someone saw them without knowing what was going on, they can easily mistake it as chu yun sheng was chased by the tiger.

With the help of rank two badges, it was very easy for chu yun sheng to go through the checkpoint. The checkpoints were still very crowded, chu yun sheng thought that there are probably, even more people are still on their way to Jin ling.


Chu yun sheng was sitting on the roof of a three-storey high building behind the second line of defence, he has been waiting for the military truck for quite awhile now, but he still hasn't seen any truck passing by. maybe because it was the evening, there aren't many trucks. He waited for another few minutes, finally, he saw a truck slowly coming towards him, Chu yun sheng noticed that the truck was obviously overloaded with the monsters' body, perhaps it was the last truck of this evening, that's why it was overloaded. Chu yun sheng didn't want to lose it, so he immediately started to follow the truck with the little tiger. He gained a lot of experiences from following du qi shan's troops, so follow this truck is as easy as a piece of cake.

The place where troops kept the monster bodies are an abandoned factory, there are not many guards, only a few soldiers who were holding their guns and standing at the main entrance. There aren't any security system around fences to detect the intruders. It seems like GRD are probably not sure if they can produce the poisonless meat.

The bodies were kept inside the factory's plant, the door was locked, but luckily there are windows which Chu yun sheng could easily climb over.

when he got inside, he suddenly remembered that he had forgotten the little tiger which was still outside the window. However, he didn't expect that the little tiger was even agile than him, it was closely followed chu yun sheng to climb over the window without making any sound.

Little Tiger was on the lookout like usual, and chu yun sheng did meat and shell separation job. One man and one tiger were working together in silence.

When chu yunsheng switch on the flashlight, he was stunned. In the long and giant factory plant, a pile after a pile of monster's bodies were stacked up on the ground, there were so many that there is no way chu yun sheng was able to count it. All of those bodies are the same as the bodies he collected at green dragon mountain, many of their bodies were blasted into pieces by the military's weapons.

He suddenly had an idea, with this amount of monster's bodies, there must be some monsters which were just killed by the military, it means that there must be some yuan qi still exist in some of those bodies, even just a little bit exist in them, but with this amount of bodies, he is definitely able to gather a lot of yuan qi.

Chu yun sheng immediately took out the absorption yuan fu started to absorb yuan qi piles after piles, unexpectedly, he filled up an absorption yuan fu less than half hour!

Chu yun sheng was thrilled, for a long time, he has been struggling to keep enough absorption yuan fu, it caused him couldn't make more powerful offensive yuan fu.

Before he came to this factory, he didn't even have a single level two absorption yuan fu.

Looking at so many piles of bodies, Chu yun sheng was extremely excited. He immediately started to make level two absorption yuan fu.

Since he already has one level three absorption yuan fu which can be repeatedly used, so he doesn't want to waste time to make one more.

Level two yuan fu was difficult to make he was at yuan tian stage one, but it became much easier when he got to the stage two. It only consumed him two unit of yuan qi. A level three yuan fu is able to store 18 flame patterns, which means it can provide chu yun sheng 36 unit of yuan qi.

To avoid wasting yuan qi, chu Yun sheng used the yuan qi from the level three yuan fu to support him making level two abortion yuanfu. He checked every corner of the plant to make sure that he did not leave any yuan qi behind. In total, he gathered 6 full flame-patterned absorption yuan fu.

One level two is able to store 6 patterns which are 12 unit of yuan qi, chu yun sheng calculated, within just this short amount of time, he gathered 108 unit of yuan qi .

Chu yun sheng felt like he hit the jackpot. He could not stop smiling.

When he was at the peak of yuan tian stage one, his body could store 15 unit of world original qi, after he reaches stage two, he number increased to 30 unit. Then, completion of first sub-stage of rong yuan body gave him the addition of 15 unit. So in total, his body could store 45 unit now! It is much more than before.

However this is just the number of yuan qi he could store, the real difference is the type of yuan qi he is storing inside his body right now.

After he checked there was not any yuan qi left, he then started to separate the shell. He gave up the idea of storing as many shells as possible, in order to avoid being noticed by the military. In the future, he still wants to come back here regularly to steal the yuan qi.

Many shells were broken, some of them were already separated and scattered around on the ground, so, in total chu yun sheng took away around 100 shells. He decided to stop because he thinks that if he took more, the military will definitely able to notice the difference. Also, he had been staying here for quite awhile, it is almost 23:00 now.

Chu yun sheng and little tiger both went back to the west district fully loaded, when the little tiger was on the lookout he also stole a lot of monster's meat, just look at its round tummy now. You will know how much food it has been eating.

When he finally got home, it's already past 0:00, auntie still has not sleep yet. Perhaps she was worried about chu yun sheng.

"Welcome back!" chu han was yawning:"thank god you are back, i am relieved, i left the meal for you."

Chu yun sheng felt sorry. before he left, he told them he is going to come back for the dinner, but he did not expect it would take this long.

"Oh right, commissioner lu came by this afternoon, he helped jing tian to find a job in the district, is a formal employee, working under the GCH, i have not reply him yet, what do you think, jing tian was very happy about it." said chu han when she about to go to the room, but suddenly turned around. maybe because she was too tired, she almost forgot about it.

"I think it's quite good for her, it's better than staying at home." chu yun sheng nodded his head. although the government department in the district is the grassroots department. but at least it is a formal job, it could provide some form of protection. Afterall, no one would dare to harm the GCH's staff.

Since he decided to give his auntie's family a better life, he should support them to get used to this world as soon as possible.

After auntie went to the bed, chu yun sheng still could not hold back his excitement. He was planning to make an Er Pin(tier 2) armour. He has never made this level of armour before.

Maybe i could add some golden shell in there, will the colour change to golden colour? Chu yun sheng thought.