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Chapter 117 ordinary peoples happiness

 Chapter 117 ordinary people's happiness

Chapter 117 ordinary people's happiness

Just within a few minutes, there were already 7-8 clans came to ask people to join them, especially those who have not done the evaluation yet.

Chu yun sheng went past them just head straight towards the service counter.

"hello, are you here for the rank evaluation?" the female staff who was dressing neatly like what she supposed to dress like in the age of light.

"That's right, I am also looking for two men, would you be able to help me find them? " chu yun sheng replied

"I am sorry, we are only responsible for the ranking evaluation, and relevant files management, we don't track what other dark warriors do and where they go." female staff apologized.

"Ok, i will do the evaluation first." chu yun sheng expected this answer already, so he just carried on to do the evaluation. the evaluation and the badge from the DWH is still quite useful, at least he will be granted immunity from prosecution

"Please follow me!" the female staff was very polite to raise her hand to show chu yun sheng the corridor on the left-hand side.

The evaluation center is located on the six floor. After submitting the document he received at the check in point, he was asked to wait at a long bench with other 8 people. they still need to wait for one more person. so the evaluation could start.

Chu yun sheng was sitting on the end of the bench, next to him were two men and one woman, they seemed to know each other.

"Hello, my name is Xie yuan, nice to meet you, those two are my friends, Hong Kun, Zhou Yena." said a young skinny ordinary looking man. His friend Hong kun has a pair of big eyes and bushy eyebrows. square face and short hair. He was having a stern look on his face, and he didn't seem to be interested in his friend's conversation with other people.

"Hum?": chu yun sheng spaced out early on, he just realized someone was talking to him:"chu yun sheng "he said.

"did you join in any one of those clans down stairs earlier?" Xie yuan smiled.

Chu yun sheng shook his head, didn't reply.

"you did a right thing, those small clans are not worth to join in. Nowadays, in Jin ling city, there are only four big clans worth to join in, they are separately located in north, west, south and east district. All other small class will eventually be taken over by them!" Xie yuan snorted.

"Oh, I don't know about this." chu yun sheng actually heard some of the information from Duan da nian, but he didn't pay attention to that information.

"How could you not know about this? Are you really a dark warrior?" said Zhou yena who has a ponytail.

"Do I have to know?" chu yunsheng sit back against the bench.

" of course! After joining them, not only your social status will be higher than others, you will have more food supply than others. Moreover, in their own district, they can do anything they like! This is how powerful they are!" Xie yuan explained loudly, he seemed to be very excited when talking about those big clans.

"maybe." chu yun sheng smiled. He didn't want to rely on others. He believes that the true power should come from himself, not from others. You never know when those clans will be taken over by others.

"Pah, how arrogant! you just a fire dark warrior whose ability relies on a gun!" Zhou yena glanced at Chu yun sheng's application and said sarcastically.

Actually, Fire dark warrior whose ability is limited by a gun is not really weak. But there is a problem, it's the bullet. Even you are a rank two Jia class dark warrior(refer DBA WiKi), but without the bullets, you may be even weaker than a rank one dark warrior whose ability is using their fists. That's why the gun dark warriors are usually looked down by other dark warriors. But he didn't care what they were thinking, he just wanted the document that proves he is a dark warrior and a dark warrior's badge.

"xiao na!" Zhou yuan glared at her, then pointed at the evaluation room, he changed the topic and said;" four big clan's leaders have already assigned their people to keep eye on the evaluation room, once they found a powerful dark warrior, they will immediately recruit them. Others, unless their ability has potentials, otherwise, they will ignore them."

Chu yun sheng was not interested in any one of those clans, but zhou yuan's word has also reminded him that he should not draw too much attention during the test, later on.

"Joining those four big clans will also be beneficial to our family, as long as those four clans still exist and powerful, no one will dare to touch your family. Actually, those family members are living in a much better life than the dark warriors. As a dark warrior, you have to risk your life every day. You have to Fight insect to protect the city and fight other clans to protect your clan's reputation. " xie yuan sighed.

Chu yun sheng did not have time to think about what he said. The evaluation room's door was opened. A group of ten people walked out of the door in an order. Some were happy, some were upset:

"How come i got rank 1 !? my punch could kill a red shell insect!"

"Stop bragging about it, if your punch could kill one red insect, why you could not break a shell during the test?"

"Yesssss! East clan's boss is going to recruit me! "

"Sigh, i think i can only join the small clan now!"


"Next group, please follow me!" a female assistant said politely.

When they got into the evaluation room, what they saw first was a screen, then when they went around the screen, a big open room appeared in front of them. There were 10 evaluation counters neatly placed in a row, the evaluation equipment was right next to the counters.

"Mr. chu yun sheng, counter 9 please!" said a female assistant.

Chu yun sheng walked towards the counter 9, there were three Evaluators already sitting there.

"Mr. chu, based on your check-in document, your ability is related to the gun, is that right? " said a middle age woman.

"That's right"

"Ok, let me briefly explain it, the ability evaluation will be based on the damage you made to the target object, please use your maximum strength. So we can give an accurate evaluation. May we start now? "

Chu yun sheng nodded his head.

He received 9 bullets, each target will need to be fired three times, the evaluation result will be based on the average impact damage.

The first target was a red shell insect's shell, the second one was a green shell insect's shell, the third one was a golden shell. They were laid in a low.

Penetrate red shell will be rank 1 Jia class, penetrate green shell will be rank two jia class, penetrate gold shell will be rank three jia class!

Damage but without penetrating the shell will base on how deep the dents are and given the yi class or bing class evaluations respectively.

In fact, This type of evaluation is used to determine what kind of monster they can deal with. Although the insect has energy shield as well. but the test was also limited to attack three times, so in this way, they can roughly estimate the power of each dark warrior. This is what chu yun sheng saw on the post on the wall before he came in the evaluation room.

Bang bang bang... several gunshots, the evaluator gave the result. Rank two bing class!

This result was manipulated by chu yun sheng, because he just needs a rank 2 badge, he doesn't mind which class he gets, as long as it won't draw any attention to him.

Rest of people also slowly came out of the room one by one. Amongst them, Xie yuan's friend Hong Kun got the highest result. He is rank three bing class. It caused quite a stir in the evolution room, even the people from the four big clans tried to break the rule to recruit him.

Rank 3 dark warrior is very rare, so many people were gathered around to see who that person was. As the result, there was not a single person giving chu yun sheng his evaluation documents.

It took him awhile finally got someone to give him what he wanted. When he just got down to the ground floor by the lift. He overheard two people's conversation when they were coming towards him to take the lift.

:"that's nothing man, yesterday, there was a female dark warrior came to my territory, we didn't expect that crazy woman was a religious maniac. She called herself the witch. I was like what the fuck. " one person complained.

Witch? Chu yun sheng suddenly had a violent shudder. He immediately went back and stopped the lift's door which was about to close. his speed was so fast and it happened all of sudden, it made two people in the lift dazed for a second.

"I'm sorry to interrupt you, but the witch you were talking about is my friend, do you know where she is?" asked chu yun sheng, he also passed a cigarette to the person.

"you need a help from her right?" the man took the cigarette and smiled. :" healing is the only helpful thing she does, otherwise, the upper-level people already eliminated her. She usually wanders around at Jianhua road in the east district. You can ask people in that area. She is very popular at the moment."

": thank you!"

What a coincident. chu yun sheng thought.

After he came out of DWH, chu yun sheng rode bicycle head straight towards the east district. With the help from other refugees, chu yun sheng didn't take much time to find the witch. Different to chu yun sheng, she didn't try to hide, she is still preaching her beliefs "in the broad daylight". See footnote 1.

Chu yun sheng knew that witch hates people interrupting her during the preaching. So he just finds a Conspicuous spot and stood there. He was worried that the witch won't recognize him after he shaved and cleaned himself. so he took out the sword and hold it in front of him.

He waited about 20 minutes, the witch finally finished her speech and walked towards chu yun sheng. Apparently, she already saw Chu yun sheng.

:"what do you want? I'm extremely busy." said the witch with a flat voice. The witch is already 40 something old. But no one knows why she looks like somewhere around 30 years old. All chu yun sheng could think of is, it might have something to do with wood element yuan qi. Compare to what she looks like when they were outside the city, she looks much more solemn now.

"I need a favor from you, i need you to save a person!" chu yun sheng got straight to the point, he didn't talk to witch often before, so they don't really know each other well.

"ok, but I have a condition." which answered straightforwardly.

"what's your condition?" said chu yun sheng.

"my believer told me that there is a small granary station not far from here, GCH doesn't have time to clear those small granary stations, but a lot of clans are trying to get their hands on it. We also gathered some dark warriors plan to take an action before them. I'll help you, but you need to help me as well. If we got the food, you will also get a share." said the witch, she didn't change her expression one bit.

Chu yun sheng thought for a second then said:" ok! But, you have to help me to save a person first!" chu yun sheng's plan was simple, once the witch cured his cousin, he won't have any concerns. If the granary station is too dangerous, he will be able to just run away.

"sure, you mortals are always beware of others, you couldn't even trust yourself." said the witch.

Later on, one of the witch's believers who even got a car took Chu yun sheng and his bicycle drove toward the west district.

Chu han was surprised to see chu yun sheng brought a woman back. She almost mistook her for chu yun sheng's girlfriend. Until they head straight towards jing yi's bed, did she realized that chu yun sheng brought a doctor.

"I can save him, but he will lose all his power!" said the witch after she checked jing yi's injuries.

"Lost?" chu yun sheng dazed for a second.

"Yes, he will become an ordinary man, so, save him or leave him like this, you need to give an answer quickly. I'm really busy!" the witch was very straightforward.

Chu yun sheng couldn't decide himself, he needs to have a discussion with auntie first.

Eventually, they still decided to save him.

Compare to laying on the bed, become an ordinary man is much better. They can't wait until chu yun sheng has an ability to healing yuan fu, god knows how long will that take.

Chu yun sheng had already made up his mind, he is determined to take care of Auntie's family.

As Xie yuan said, the dark warrior's family is the most fortunate people on the planet, they don't have to fight for the clans, they don't have to fight the insect. But they can still receive food, house, and cares! Compare to those powerless ordinary people, they are living in a much more happy life.

But if you are a dark warrior, then no matter what ability you have, and how powerful you are, you will probably need to fight every day until you die. If you don't fight how are you going to take care of your family members?

This is why chu yun sheng doesn't mind jing yi lost his ability. As long as chu yun sheng himself is powerful, his Auntie's family will be safe and live a much better life than others.

"you may start now!" said chu yun sheng.

1. Preaching religious beliefs in public are considered as inappropriate or may even be illegal in China. In this context what witch does is quite dangerous.