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chapter 115 yuan tian stage three

 chapter 115 yuan tian stage three

chapter 115 yuan tian stage three

"Nothing serious, it was earlier I heard Chu Sao zi saying that her son is sick at home, and she wanted to get some food for her son. I am a public servant, it's my duty to enforce the GCH's policy. So I am just here to visit chu sao zi and her son. Also, I have brought the food that belongs to chu sao zi's son " lu ya ming has already prepared the excuse, he was positive that they won't find any problem in this excuse. What he did was just follow the policy.

He then gave the congee box to chu han, right after he finished.

"commissioner lu, this......" chu han was surprised to see what she received, it was definitely more than what she should have got. There was even a tin of beef.

Chu han glanced at Chu yun sheng, this person was obviously here for him. Lu ya ming didn't even want to give her one more extra ladle of congee when she begged so hard!

"chu Sao zi, rest of it just small thing for your kid, he needs nutrition. Everyone's life is difficult at the moment. So we should help each other." said lu ya ming while he pointed at jing yi.

"I, on behalf of my auntie, thank you, commissioner lu."Chu Yun Sheng took out a box of cigarette and give out few of them:" commissioner lu, let's talk outside, this place is too small, and my auntie doesn't like the smell of cigarette."

"of course, of course." commissioner lu saw Chu yun hang instructed chu han to accept the gift, he was finally at ease. He was shocked to see what kind of food they were eating when he just got in. Rice.. Meat, soup, vegetables. Only the high Ranking officials in GCH are entitled to eat those foods.

"commissioner lu, may I ask, which dark warrior security guard(DWSG) is in charge of this area?" said chu yun sheng, DWSG is the name GCH gave to those dark warrior clans, chu yun sheng already got that information from duan da nian. He did not mind commission lu come to visit him at all, knowing someone who is working for the GCH has a lot of advantages, at least their information usually are the most detailed.

"Fang kui is in charge of security in this area, he is a rank two Bing class(footnote 1) dark warrior, used to be a butcher. There aren't many good things he can get from here, so he does not have many dark warriors follow him. Instead, he gathered a group of ordinary people. " lu ya ming did not think chu yun sheng would be interested in this area, with the GRD badges he has, he could get a flat in those key protected zones. He is not a dark warrior, so he does not need the territory to get some food.

"hmmm, fang kui, commissioner lu, i need a favour from you, you are the commissioner of this area, so you are definitely familiar with this area, i want to use some food to buy a house, can you help me to find a seller? You see. My auntie's living condition is very poor, she needs a better place." chu yun sheng nodded his head and said. Rank two bing class, it seems like the weakest class in the rank two, at least duan da nian is Yi class. So he was not worried at all.

"What? Are you planning to stay here permanently?" lu ya ming was surprised, he can't figure out why would a GRD researcher like to live in a place like this

"That's right, this place is quite good actually, my auntie's neighbours are all here. " chu yun sheng said slowly.

"If you really plan to live here, tomorrow, i'll ask around to see if there is anyone wants to sell a house. I am just worried you don't like the house in this area." said lu ya ming. Although he had a lot of question. but he did not dare to ask him. Also if there is a GRD researcher live in his territory, he will have a chance to get to know more people in the GRD. why would he want to ruin those opportunities?

"It does not matter, as long as the rooms are clean, and flat is bigger than the one we have right now. Oh.right..., i don't want the flat in the tall buildings, my auntie's health isn't very good, it will be very hard for her to climb up and down the stairs.2 said chu yun sheng, actually he wanted a house that does not attach to any other buildings. It is much safer to live in that kind of house. It will also save him a lot of troubles, however, this is main city area, there aren't many houses available.

"Ok, if i got any thing, i'll inform you. Sorry, i just got your surname earlier, may I ask, what is your first name?" lu ya ming readily answered. Originally he just wanted to come by and give them some food in order to make up what he did earlier. He hoped that in that way they will forget what he did. But he did not expect this person would like to stay. He was Overjoyed when he confirmed that chu yun sheng was not joking. After all, he is just a commissioner which is the lowest management position in GCH, and he knew the food shortage problem has become more and more acute. if he can not get to the higher level, his glorious day will be over soon. Especially in recent, he has already noticed the sign. The supply that he got from the GCH was getting fewer and fewer, the gaps between each supply have also become longer and longer.

"Chu yun sheng"

"Ok, Mr.chu, you can also tell your auntie that she does not need to queue for the congee anymore, once our district got the food supply, we will ask someone to sent it over." although lu ya ming knows GRD researcher has a decent amount of food supply. but he still mentioned this. who knows if he might need something else from chu yun sheng in the future. :"You may carry on, i need to leave first, the district area still has some stuff need me to sort out."

After lu ya ming left, duan da nian also left. It is almost 1:00 now. Even they are the dark warriors, but they have been staying in green dragon mountain for so long, they still need a break. As for collecting insect's bodies, duan da nian accepted it straight away, compared to robbing people, chu yun sheng's request less risky.

He and chu yun sheng has agreed to meet in green dragon mountain three days later to collect the insect's body.

The artillery sound came from the far distance only appears for a short period of time. but it still reminds everyone inside the city that the insect was still trying to push forward.

Chu yun sheng tapped little tiger's head:"Are you hungry? It is time to feed you."

Of course, the little tiger did not understand what chu yun sheng said, but when he took out the meat, the little tiger immediately jumped onto him to tear the meat.

In the low shanty, the only light source was a flashlight. although it was not bright. but it was enough for them to see everything. Auntie and jing tian were doing the cleaning, but on the table, there was still a box of food.

Chu yun sheng walked over to take a look, it was the congee that lu ya ming sent over. there were some potatoes and meat on the top of congee. It seemed like auntie left it on the table on purpose. Chu yun sheng remembers when they were eating, there wasn't anything left.

"Auntie, what is this?" chu yun sheng was curious.

"Oh, that's for sister Liu, since your uncle is gone, and xiao yi injured. Sister liu, helped us a lot." chu han closed the lid and sighed:"now you back, and also brought this much food" she thought for a second then said:"Originally, we want to invite her to come over to eat with us, but there were too many people here, so I just left some food for her. Tomorrow jing tian will send it over to her house. Sister liu's life is also very hard, she got an 8 years old kid, her man was recruited by the military to fight insect and died outside the city, they did not even get to see the body. Sigh! It was all because of the insect "

"En" said chu yun sheng, what he thought was very simple, Even if it was just a little help from others, he should return the favour, when others are in need.

"Yun sheng, auntie regret not listening to your advice, otherwise, your uncle should have lived. This is all my fault." chu han felt gloomy, but soon she recovers:"Oh right, are you a researcher now? Why those dark warriors seem to be very scared of you? "

"Yeah, i saved a professor on the way here, he is now a special rank researcher in GRD. he gave me a junior researcher ID in return. i am actually a dark warrior, i just haven't registered with dark warrior headquarter." chu yun sheng briefly explained.

At the moment, he did not plan to tell auntie the secret about the ancient book. The information he gathered from the book tells him that the cultivation method is not suitable for the talentless ordinary people who have not awakened. The reason why chu yu sheng's cultivation speed is so fast was that the magic circle inside the book.

The magic circle was activated when the sky track collided with earth. It was also the first time when the book glowed. The light came from the magic circle also help chu yun sheng breaking down the multidimensional barriers which prevent him from cultivating yuan qi. it was the reason why, even he is not talented, but he could still cultivate yuan qi.

At that time, he did not realise the formal cultivation process should be: the practitioner should use the magic spell repeatedly to communicate yuan qi in the multidimensional space first. the objective of the first steps is to break down the multidimensional barriers. During this time, the practitioner's qi cultivation speed will be very slow. Until the barriers are completely destroyed, then the yuan tian stage one Chú yuán tǐ (refer DBA wiki )will be finally completed.

He was also very curious before why would yuan tian stage two called rong yuan ti. Only until later on he learned more words in the book, did he realised that yuan tian stage one also has its name. it is called Chú yuán tǐ.

The magic circle inside this book could only be activated once. when the senior practitioner made this book, he did not have much yuan qi left to make a better magic circle. That's why the book will not help his auntie and cousins to break down the barrier. They could use the incantations to slowly break down the barrier, but this process is very slow, it could be a year, two years, or it maybe a lifetime. This is why the senior practitioner said the journey of cultivation is extremely hard.

That is also why, at the moment, he did not plan to tell his auntie the secret about the ancient book. He was thinking when he reaches yuan tian stage three, he then will be able to make a high-level yuan fu called Tong Bi yuan fu, this type of yuan fu could create a channel to help yuan tian stage one practitioner to communicate with Tian Di Yuan QI, although it technically does not break down the barriers. but at least their cultivation speed will not be slow down.

[1] In ancient China,people recorded the serial numbers of time with Heavenly Stems ( tiangan).

1. (jia):the first of the ten Heavenly Stems.

2. (yi): the 2nd of the ten Heavenly Stems.

3. (bing):the 3rd of the ten Heavenly Stems.

4. (ding):the 4th of the ten Heavenly Stems.

Those number can be used to describe ranks/levels. It is very similar to A B C D in English.