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Chapter 113 west district

 Chapter 113 west district

Chapter 113 west district

"Lao duan, i need to discuss something with you." chu yun sheng walked out the shanty and gave duan da nian a cigarette. duan da duan was overwhelmed his unexpected behaviour.

All the neighbours that live around here, was looking at them from the place far away. They were all both surprised and curious. But whenever chu yun sheng had eye contact with them, they were immediately scared away or bow their heads down to pretend they were busy doing something.

This place is truly a shanty town. since chu yun sheng came to this place, he had already seen two bodies were moved out by someone. None of the important people were living here. and none of dark warrior's family members were living here. He could not even see a person with a clean or tidy cloth. Everyone's expression looks dead as if they were abandoned by this world.

The sudden appearance of dark warriors and a GRD researcher made everyone look askance at them with fear. It was like a group of crocodile emerge from a quiet family pool. it is unexpected.

chu han was Emotionally unstable, she was physically and mentally exhausted. when She finally slept after chu yun sheng calmed her down. Chu yun sheng took out the food he prepared earlier in a big travel bag and gave it to jing tian to cook it. He also asked a few of da duan nian's men to help her. Rice, pork, chicken, and there were even some fresh vegetables. All those ingredients made duan da nian mind gone blank. It was almost 23:00 now, everyone was hungry at this time. This meal was chu yun sheng's treat, he wanted to thank duan da nian's help.

Chu yun sheng could finally stop worrying. although the auntie's situation was very bad. but compared to the other people, aunties was still very lucky. Anyway, he is here now, everything will get better.

"Lao duan, i have to thank you for what you did today. You helped a lot." although chu yun sheng does not like those bandits who had killed a lot of people before. But since he got into the city, he helped him a lot. No matter what kind of motivation they have. If it weren't them, he won't be able to see his auntie this quick.

"Not at all, brother chu, i got nothing to do anyway!" Duan da nian's reply seems to be hypocritical, and his Inadvertently yawning could not cover his tiredness.

"which dark warrior clan controls this area" chu Yun sheng pointed at the ground and suddenly asked him.

"let me think....hmm... This is the west district, I hardly ever come here I don't really know.. Do you want to ask around?" Duan da nan thought for a few second then shook his head.

Chu yun sheng nodded:" it's ok, it's not urgent. Lao Duan, this is the second time we have met, so we are not really a stranger to each other. To be honest with you. I'm a simple man, and I don't like to equivocate people. You and your brother helped me a lot today. And I thank you for that."

He paused for a second and put down the travel bag that he used as a disguise. He then took out few boxes of biscuits and several packs of instant noodle. he carried on saying:"You take those stuff first. You and your brother deserve it."

"this..... you don't need to..." although Duan da nian really wants those foods. But he still knows what is more important.

": let me finish first, please." chu yun sheng stuffed everything in duan da nian's arm and said calmly:"i know what you need from me, but unfortunately, i can't help you. "

Chu yun sheng's word terminated duan da nian's plan straight away. Duan da nian's eyes instantly became pale. But he also knew that, although he helped chu yun sheng today. but those were just small things, it has not reached to an extent that chu yun sheng would come out to help him take back his territories which usually involves in a lot of bloodsheds.

There was a chance he could use to establish and enhance their relationship. It was at the time when they had a conflict with bai yu tang. However, he did not expect that bai yu tang would back off so easily.

"Brother chu, you don't really need to say this, no matter what. It was my great honour to get to know a powerful man like you!" duan da nian replied with a strained smiled. But his word was sincere.

"Lao duan, no matter what you are planning to do. I think, eventually. You are still doing it for the food. And Speaking of the food, i think we can still work together." said chu yun sheng while he was tapping duan da nian's thick arm.

On the way to the west district, he has already got some information about the place where his auntie was living from jing tian and the Boss duan. The area that his auntie was living was formed by the ordinary people that did not have power or any relation with the dark warrior. They were the second underprivileged people in jin ling Apart from those the most deplorable and homeless people who were living on the street. If it were not that those people are from local, the local state official would not distribute the congee once in awhile.

He just came to jin ling, and he has an ancient book. Before he has enough power, he needs to stay in a place where no matter what he does, it would not draw those three major headquarters attention. He needs a plate to study the book, refined the armour, prepared yuan fu and find a new source of food supply.

this is a shanty town, no one would pay much attention to this area, it is a perfect place for the hideout. Of course, he can't live in this small, crudely built shack. There are few buildings close here. Those building might be the perfect place for him. Chu yun sheng thought.

He plants to temporarily use those meat worm's meat as the food to hire duan da nian. He wants them to collect the monster's bodies outside the main city. This kind of activities usually requires a lot of manpower, it is much more effective than collecting the monster's body by himself. In that way, it could speed up the process of making the combat armour.

"Huh?" duan da nian's lustreless eye instantly has a slight glimmer and confusion

"I still got some food, i was worried that the food will be Seized, so i hide it outside the city. I need a lot of monsters bodies to do experiments. You can take your man to collect those bodies. And i will use those foods to exchange for them." chu yun sheng had already drafted a lie earlier. The professor sun just gave him a junior research badge, and those people did not know how he got it. So it was a perfect excuse to cover his intention.

"Oh.. ok, how many do you need?" duan da nian paused for a second, but he was not surprised that chu yun sheng needs those monsters body. It was a well-known fact that the GRD is studying those monsters. So it is not strange at all. He was surprised that chu yun sheng still has food hide outside the city.

Of course, he was also curious about why chu yun sheng wants to use his own food to exchange for monster's body. But he is not stupid enough to ask him the reason why. amongst those three major headquarters, which one does not have some secrets?

Strange things happen all the time. Maybe they are doing some secret research and they just don't want too much attention, or maybe they have some internal power conflict, some people were trying to use the new technology to increase their power inside the GRD.

who knows.

Duan da nian was only interested in the food, he did not have too much spare time to care for other stuff. If he had spare time, he would rather spend it on the fair skin girl who he caught yesterday.

"We will talk in detail later, let's eat something first!" chu yun sheng threw away the cigarette butt. Jing tian and da duan nian's men had already prepared the meal and asked for them.

Using food to exchange for the monster's body is just this temporary plan, he can't do it in the long run. His food storage is not unlimited. Before he found the new source of the food supply, he does not want to waste any of it. That's why he just prepare to use only the meat worm that he killed in the fog city.

he had seen the new food experiment has already started the human trial in person today, that means that they might have a new type of food in the near future!

But in the meantime, the GCH is definitely busy finding a way to gather all the food in the nearby cities. Only those food can be used to temporarily solve the food shortage problem, and feed the all the people inside jin ling city.

No matter the military or the dark warriors, searching for the food, transporting the food or fighting the monsters, weapons are what they need the most.

when chu yun sheng settles down and has enough power to protect himself. at that time, his unique yuan fu, weapons, armour and energy shield would definitely dominate the weapon market.