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Chapter 109 general research - special rank

 Chapter 109 general research - special rank

Chapter 109 general research - special rank

The old man who took over chu yun sheng aunt's house was extremely scared. He has been living here for quite a while now, he knew what kind of people boss bai was, he might not be a kind of person who likes killing, but he was definitely not a good person.

This area is his territory, although he hasn't stepped out of line before. but everyone that lives in here including his son who works for the general research department(GRD) don't want to offend him in any way. Every week they also have to pay so called the security fee in exchange for the safety. This is what happens when his son is just a Peripheral member of GRD

The world is in a mess now, the police are useless, those dark warriors are often not scared of guns. the only people who can control them is dark warriors themselves. troops are busy defending the outside of the city, they don't have the spare soldiers to look after every corner of the city, they are only focusing on some important areas. That's why the general command headquarters (GCH) allow those group to exist.

Since his son started to have a good luck and got into the GRD, they are not worried about the food anymore. his family finally settled down after they moved into the house that his son exchanged using the food.

Apart from paying the security fee to the boss bai, sometimes there were some thieves broke into the building to steal stuff, and few dark warriors broke into the building to rape some girls. There were not anything bad happens to them.

Originally he thought this young man who broke into his house with two dark warriors were there to have some fun, that's why he locked all the female family members in the bedroom.

But he didn't expect this guy is just here to look for his relatives.

However, when he saw boss bai also couldn't do anything to this guy, he knew that he was in A big trouble. If this guy wants to get the flat back, they can't do anything.

Having a house in Jin ling city is extremely important to them, although, you can use food to buy a house. but it does not mean that house is worthless. Before they have this flat, they were sleeping on the street.

And the danger of sleeping on the street is, the cold could take your life away at any time. During the night time who knows what else could happen to you, some people even woke up discovered that their kids disappeared.

They had no way to store the food as well, no matter how many they were getting, they had to finish it quickly, otherwise those starving people would kill you for those foods.

Only the flat would make them feel safer, only the flat would make them warm. Although the flat is not very big. But still, there is a roof to shelter them. And they don't have to worry about the food being taken away. At least, at least weak people won't be able to break in to harm his family.

The old man was extremely anxious, he did not know what to do. In his mind, he was having two Contradictory thoughts at the same time. On one hand, he was hoping that this guy won't be able to find his relatives. so they won't get the flat back from him. On the other hand, he was worried that if this guy could not find his relatives, he might take it out on them. he might even kill all of his family members to vent his anger.

But chu yun sheng did not give the old man too much time to think. Soon, they have arrived at the general research department. Before they drove near the GRD They were stopped by the Patrol that made of regular soldiers who was holding the assault rifles and a group of dark warriors. If they want to carry on driving forwards, they will need to show them the pass, otherwise, they will be killed if they want to break in.

"what 's your son's name? What position? And which department?" chu yun sheng turned around and said sternly.

"Ah!" the old man was startled, his anxious thoughts were suddenly interrupted by chu yun sheng.

"His name is Chéng bǐngwén, he is an information collector working under new food research department. This is all i know," the old man mumbled reluctantly.

"Lao duan, you are familiar with the people here, take those stuff with you, see if you can bribe someone to pass a message for us!" said chu yun sheng, he was worried that those guards will not be inserted in regular food, since they have enough food supply from the GRD. so he had already prepared a bag of cigarette, chocolate and candies, he even got them a bottle of expensive alcohols. Those are all luxury products. Everyone inside the van was shocked when he took them out.

That bottle of alcohol has already become an extremely rare stuff in jin ling! Any one of those kinds of stuff is worth several human lives.

"Ok, I'll try, but just cigarette and candy is more than enough, you can take back other things" duan da nian swallowed very hard. God knows how long He has not taste any alcohol. Those kinds of stuff were usually taken away by the general command headquarters(GCH) in the name of strategic materials.

Duan da nian took the cigarette and candy circumambulated the GRD then came back to them, "I'm sorry brother chu, they have three people in a group, and three groups in a squad. They are always switching the position. so i can not talk to them privately."

Chu yun sheng gazed at the heavily guarded security started to think for a solution, he can not use force, because he does not have that ability to fight the entire army, he can't talk to them either. What can he do now?

"Brother chu, I got an idea, it would be better if you can get your rank test done first, with your ability, you can totally get the highest rank. Until you get the document from dark warrior headquarters(DWH), you can easily get into this place, DWH opens 24 hours, we can go there now. " sun qian suggested.

This is also a way, but it will delay for some time, chu yun sheng is very worried right now, so he asked the old man:"normally, what time does your son finish his work?"

"I am not sure, sometimes, if he is busy, he won't come home 3-4 days, so i don't really know. because he is working for the GRD, so we are not allowed to ask him about the job details. " the old man nervously replied.

"It seems that going to DWH is the only way now!" chu yun sheng said quietly, but just when he about to get back into the van, he saw two military SUVs drove by and stopped next his van, one of the SUV has a plate written "general research department - special rank" on it. An officer got off the SUV and showed the guard the pass.

After The guard did the routine check, he then saluted him. a few other soldiers immediately came out to move the arm barriers.

Through the SUV windows chu yun sheng noticed a familiar shadow, he could not help but approached the SUV.

"Please stop there!" the window rolled down, inside there was a security guard who was wearing a helmet and pointed a gun at him. Nowadays, everyone is extremely vigilant. if it were not that a group of dark warriors behind chu yun sheng, that security guard would not even say please.

The arm barriers were opened already, the cars slowly drove inside, chu yun sheng finally saw who that man is. He is the professor sun who was protected by Du qi shan's 218 regiments. "Professor Sun! Professor Sun, wait!" within that split second, chu yun sheng shouted out loud.

Duan da nian and other people were shocked to see the SUV which has a special rank plate really stopped. It was slowly driving back.

Then an old man got off the SUV, he was also wearing a badge which is similar to the dark warrior's, the only difference is his symbol is a galaxy and it was written GRD special rank!!!!!

Duan da nian almost stopped breathing, he only heard of those special rank people, but never actually get to see one, those people are the most influential people in jin ling.

At the same time, the old man Cheng's face instantly went as pale as a ghost:"it's over...this guy even knows the person from the top level! What his son is doing could even talk those people!.... It's over......"