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chapter 104 checking in

 chapter 104 checking in

chapter 104 checking in

Under the military's searchlight, the checkpoints seem to be extremely busy.

"Take this form with you and fill it, after you done with it, please give it to the comrade opposite us." said a female soldier who did not even raise her head, as if She did it countless times. Although the dark warriors are very special. but the military is not scared of normal awakenings.

Huang RenKuan was in a hurry, so he did everything very quickly, Chu YunSheng and Zhao Shan He was left behind. they both were holding the form and making a queue next to a line of tables. There are still few more people ahead of them.

"Li Yue died?"Zhao Shan He suddenly said after a long silence.

"En." Chu YunSheng nodded his head.

"Lao Chui's group only survived less than 30 people. Rest of them all died." Zhao Shan He let out a long sigh, then he asked Chu Yun sheng:"you got any plan after you get into the city?"

"Me?" Chu Yun Sheng was looking at the skyscrapers in the centre of the city. His thoughts started to drift away.

He had never really thought about this. he was always busy running for his life, he doesn't mind where he goes, as long as he can survive. He had a plan before, which is to find aunt's family first then settle down and concentrate on studying the ancient book and cultivating yuan qi. But this world is full of unexpected changes, who knows when the long leg monster will come to destroy Jin ling city!

Even though Jin ling city might be safe at the moment, but the city is still lacking in food, goods and material. There will be violent conflicts, it will only become even more acute. There is only one thing happened as expected which is the rise of the awakenings or the dark warriors. The rule will be rewritten, it's just a matter of time. So in the meantime, only the power is the most important.

Anything further than that, he won't have any clue, just like other people. unless he could learn everything inside the ancient book and find out what causes the apocalypse.

"if you two don't want to fill the form, can you stand aside?" said in a dissatisfied tone by the person who is behind them in the queue.

Zhao Shan He had an embarrassed smiled on his face, he then quickly filled the form and handed to the soldier on the opposite side. Then they went through the simple health check and ability check just like Huang Ren kuan.

"Can I borrow a bullet!" said Chu Yun sheng, he plans to just use his enchanted gun. The warriors that need to use a weapon to unleash their power is very common, they are either fire or ice. For the convenience, he decided to use a gun instead.

His QSZ-92 pistol is a standard pistol, even the military is using it as well, so they gave him one bullet straight away.


Name: chu yun sheng

Gender: male


Occupation: dark warrior

Rank: blank need to be tested

Element: fire

Skill: requires a weapon to unleash the power, need a further test to determine the power......


The soldier stamped on the document and told chu yun sheng about the rules and regulations as what they told the other people as well.

Just when Chu yun sheng about to leave, the soldier suddenly stopped him and pointed at the tiger on the ground, the little tiger was closely following him all the time:"wait, that's tiger, how did you get it?"

"I got it when I was on the way here, it has been following me since. Can you let it in?" chu yun sheng knit his brows and explained. before he entered the city he had thought about it. because the little one was growing too fast, he was worried if they won't let it in.

"according to the latest《earth Species protection plan》issued by the general command headquarter, Tiger is list as the first class national protected animal. You will need to give it to us!" the soldier instantly stood up when he finished talking, as if he is treating it very seriously.

"No, I won't give it to you, and it will not go with you either!" chu yun sheng rejected. to hell with the earth animal protection plan, he doesn't believe any of their shit, the human couldn't even protect themselves, how are they going to protect those animals? Once they are hungry, who knows when they are going to kill the little one!

"Please obey the order, this is the highest order!" said the soldier, two other security guards already surround chu yun sheng and pointed the gun at him.

" if this is the case, I'm leaving now!" chu yun sheng snorted. He doesn't want to argue with them, this place is controlled by the military, it will only cause harm to himself if he started to fight with them. Also, he just killed one golden shell monster, he doesn't have much energy to support him fighting them.

He turned around and plans to leaves, just in that short moment, he already had an idea. He plants to go around the city to find a weak point to sneak in. He doesn't believe that the military will be watching every corner of such big city. the sky is completely dark now, with his speed, even though there might be soldiers patrolling the outside city, he has the confidence to get in without being noticed by them.

"you can leave, but you must hand in the tiger, it's a strict order, please cooperate with us." the soldier said sternly

Chu yun sheng ignored him and carried on walking, he had already mentioned that he is not going to get into the city, so he doesn't have right to tell him to do anything.

"Please stop! Otherwise, we will use force to take away the tiger!" the soldier was glaring at Chu yun sheng and warning him. Although the headquarter repeatedly stressing to avoid a conflict with dark warriors. but everything has priorities. For instance, this little tiger, if they can hand it in, they will have a huge reward, such as food and other supplies in return.

Chu Yun sheng was furious when he heard they want to use force. He had already given in. But those guys are still insisting to take the tiger.

He was furious, but he didn't lose his mind, he knew that it's not the time to fight with them. So he immediately took out absorption yuan fu to restore his energy secretly. At the same time, he needs to find a way to drag the time. If he could drag the time until he restored ⅓ of his energy, then even if their gun might have some special mechanism, but he is confident that he will be able to get away.

Both parties were silent and staring at each other. It immediately caused a commotion amongst other dark warriors in the queue.

Zhao shan he stepped forward to stand next to chu yun sheng. His action clearly showed his position in this conflict. Rest of crowd saw what he did, immediately moved back one step. The people in checkpoint instantly split into three groups. Outsiders, the military and chu yun sheng.

Even the little tiger could sense their hostility, it was constantly Growling. chu yun sheng could feel that it was about to use its ability. He immediately picks up the tiger and slowly pets it's back to calm it down.

He doesn't want to make thing worse, if the military sees the little tigers ability, then they will definitely report it to the higher level straight away. At that time, he won't be able to leave with the tiger at all.

" Don't be so impetuous, everyone could sit down and talk, isn't it? And this comrade, please don't try to use force to solve the problem, it will detriment troops images and reputations. Isn't it?" huang ren kuan just came back from the notice board. He stood next to chu yun sheng and try to calm both parties down.

The soldier's face was cold as Ice. :" it's my duty to execute the order!" said the soldier, with the situation like this, it's not easy for him to use force as well.

Huang ren kuan just came back on time. with his non-stop talking skill, he could drag the time very long.

"it's a misunderstanding, completely a misunderstanding!" suddenly a man came out of the crowd which was surrounding them. Chu yun sheng squinted his eyes to take a close look. It was the bandit leader from the green dragon mountain!

Duan da nian is a big muscular guy who is over 180cm tall, it took him some time to squeeze through the crowd.

When he took his men back to the city, he was actually not far from chu yun sheng.

When he saw Chu yun sheng killed on golden shell insect just by himself he almost shit himself. His legs were still shaking at this moment. Luckily sun qian stopped him, otherwise, he is already dead.

He couldn't praise sun qian enough that day. Then he secretly followed chu yun sheng always here.

Although he is a muscular guy. but he is not stupid. He sees the opportunity when he saw Chu yun sheng had a conflict with the soldier. If he helped this guy to solve the problem. It won't be difficult to ask for a favour in return later. The 13th master's man is strong, but is that person going to be stronger than this guy who single-handedly killed golden shell insect? He could feel that all his territories will return to him soon.

He had lost two of his men again today. The robbery is getting tougher and tougher, not only just the target, but the monsters are also one of the reasons. He knew that he can't do this for a long time, that is why he followed chu yun sheng.

He has been in and out of quite frequently recently. Because of his secret activities, he has to give those checkpoints' soldiers something every time. So he is already familiar with those soldiers. Especially the soldier Xiao Zhang who Chu yun sheng had the conflict with. He is one of those soldiers he is familiar with.