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Chapter 103 dark warriors

 Chapter 103 dark warriors

Chapter 103 dark warriors

At The second line of defence, the artilleries shoot out many light beams, then it comes with the sound of violent artillery shell travel through the air,

Boom! Boom! boom!

The artillery shells were constantly exploded on the ground behind chu yun sheng, the ground was covered with fire after the shell exploded. Chu yun sheng was not lucky, there was one shell landed just right behind him. The explosion caused a tremendous shock wave brought the monster's bodies, dirt and stones knocked over chu yun sheng. The shock wave also force tian wei dai and him to be separated. What chu yun sheng grasped in his hand was only a piece of tian wei dai's ripped cloth.


"Who the fuck gave the order to fire the artillery!? Is it Wang Da Pao(big cannon) again?" said the division commander Fù liáoyuán who was standing on the roof of a twenty-floor high building, using his binoculars to watch the situation of the front line. But he was not happy with the artillery fire.

"Commander, the east main defence force belongs to Division commander Wang. it is not under our jurisdiction. By the way, we are only responsible for the second line of defence, so stop worrying too much." said the staff officer Qín mín

"Bullshit, what time is it now........ah! Forget about it, Lao Qin, quickly take some people with you to get a person before they can! Take the security Battalions with you! Hurry up!" said Fù liáoyuán who was nervous and edgy.

"Get who?" asked Qín mín, Fù liáoyuán changed his topic all of sudden left Qin min puzzled.

"Look. there .....over there, i just saw a guy who can kill a golden shell insect just by himself, even the "steel beast' from the headquarter could not do it. Why are you still standing here? Hurry up before Big cannon Wang gets him!" Fù liáoyuán urged. Nowadays, it is not enough that just having soldiers and guns, he still needs to have powerful warriors to join him and new weapons from the research department!

"But, Commander, the headquarter has the orders, if those people don't want to join us, we cannot force them. Did you forget about what happened last time? Hundreds of people had died, that's why the headquarter prohibited us to use force!" Qin Min remind Fu liao yuan

"Why are you so stupid, Did i say i want to use force, you are the Chief of Staff, can you not Induce him? Tell him that we will get him whatever he wanted, tell him that i said so!" fu liao yuan was irritated by Qin Min's stubbornness which is the only bad thing about this guy. He just could not think outside the box. Whenever the headquarter gave the order, he will follow without any questions. But nowadays, almost all the divisions will find some ways to recruit people. If they don't do anything, one day the weaker divisions will be eventually Disbanded.

"OK, i'll try. But commander, tonight you will need to remind the Commander-in-chief about our supply, it has already been delayed for a few days now..........." Qin Min still wanted to say something, but he was kicked out of roof by Fu liao yuan..............


"cough ..... Cough" chu yun sheng spit out the dirt from his mouth, and slowly stood up, the bombardment had stopped, chu yun sheng does not know why the power of the artillery shell seems to be more powerful and effective than before.

The front line suddenly went quiet, presumably, the explosion made him temporarily lost hearing. He could only hear few ear-piercing sound of gunshots appeared from time to time, it seems that some soldiers were trying to clean the rest of monsters.

He looked around, there are even more craters, soil, blood, and insects bodies on the ground. A moment later, he restored his hearing. this time he could hear more sound, the sound of those who were injured, they were moaning and screaming in pain.

This is not the first time chu yun sheng saw such miserable scene. He still remembers what happened near Xi Cheng city, that was even worse than this. The only difference is, one is caused by the insect, the other was caused by human themselves.

Based on what he saw now, chu yun sheng bet that The numbers of people were killed by their own people is not less than the numbers that killed by the monsters.

Suddenly a shadow quickly flew into his arm. It was the little tiger, chu yun sheng immediately hugged it tightly. The little tiger was using its head to rub chu yun sheng's chin. It seems to worry about chu yun sheng's safety.

But when chu yun sheng pet the little tiger, he was startled. Because his hand was covered with blood. The blood came from the little tiger, there was a wound on its back. He immediately examined the wound, luckily the wound is not deep, the little tiger is ok.

"Brother chu? Brother chu? Where are you? Why i can't see anything, is it the sky going dark again?" the shivering voice belongs to tian wei dai. He was groping around looking for chu yun sheng

"I am here!" said chu yun sheng, he walked towards tian wei dai while holding the tiger in his arm.

Tian wei dai's face was injured, one of this eye ball was gone, his head was full of blood, there are also a lot of crushed stones stuck into his injured back,

"I........... am blind? Brother chu, i am blind!?" tian wei dai's voice was constantly shaking, he felt where chu yun sheng is and immediately grabbed him.

Chu yun sheng does not know how to answer him, his injury is very bad, he does not think he could make it.

His body suddenly started to shake violently. the struggle caused him bleeds even more.

"Ha.....ha.. It's ok, i am going to die soon, so it's ok!......." he stopped moving and started laugh, but the blood on his face made him look even worse.

"Ju.... just.....Brother, brother chu, do you think....there an.. Afterlife?............" his voice became weaker and weaker until he stopped completely. Chu yun sheng checked his breath... he is dead. But even when he was dying, he still doubts, he still worries...

"Cough..cough!" this time was the little girl, she is still alive, tian wei dai used his body to cover her during the bombardment. Chu yun sheng immediately moved her out and checked her injuries..

Little girl's eyes and nose were bleeding, but there is any wound on her body, presumably, the bleed was caused by the concussion after the shock wave.

At the same time, all other people also staggered to their feet, everyone was covered with dirt. Those who woke up from the concussion and who were injured, all started moaning and screaming.

Chu yun sheng gave the little girl back to her mom, they hold each other tightly and while crying loudly.

Chu yun sheng got back and plan to bury tian wei dai, but he was stopped by the soldier.

They wanted to move all the bodies together, and Cremate them to prevent a plague.

Chu yun sheng doesn't understand anything about those precautions, he does not want to have any conflict with the military either, especially when he just outside jin ling city. So he just let them do whatever they like.

He holds the little tiger and followed the crowd slowly retreat to the second defence line.

There are checkpoints after the second line of defence. The main city was surrounded by a barrier that made by abandoned cars and goods. Because of the limited time, they could not build a large-scale of military defensive position properly. But when chu yun sheng arrived the checkpoint, he had already seen numbers of people were organised to help to build the proper defensive position.

There was a song constantly being broadcasted at the checkpoints, it was a very famous song during the age of light:

" long as everyone contributes a little bit of their love, the world will become a better place!........... "

All chu yun sheng could feel is nothing but irony. just now, the military had killed a lot of people by a heartless artillery bombardment.

"Attention everyone! Attention everyone! Anyone has awakened, please come to the checkpoint number 0, everyone else please make their way to checkpoint 1- 10.

In order to prevent a plague, anyone who feel sick or any sort of discomfort, please say it. We will provide a treatment, we will provide a treatment............. " repeatedly said by a female soldier who was holding a megaphone standing on top of a truck next to the checkpoints. Her voice sounding rough and harsh, probably she has been shouting for quite a while now.

Everyone who is still alive, all crowded at the checkpoints, and almost everyone looked depressed.

The military wanted to check everyone's health before they can get into the city. Anyone who has symptoms of any infectious diseases will be isolated to other places in order to prevent the diseases spread inside the city.

"What document? Do you take the document with you when you run for your life!? I have been working for the government for almost twenty years now, and that is the document!" huan ren kuan shouted loudly.

"I am sorry, without any form of legalised document, we can not determine who you are, Please cooperate with us!" coldly said a soldier who was responsible for checking in.

Huang ren kuan still wants to argue, but when he saw the security guard pointed the gun at him with a stern face, he stopped. "Ok, ok! You win, just register me as an ice warrior!" huang ren kuan raised his both hand and waving in the air, he suddenly lost all his courage.

"Just want to remind you, According to the latest documents that released by the general command headquarter and the General Research Department, from now on, all the people who have awakened will be called dark warriors. It is used to distinguish between ordinary soldiers and the awakenings. Now please show us your ability, we will need to verify it. After this initial verification, you will need to go to the dark warrior management headquarter to process further tests, such as power, ranking..... " said the soldier, he raised his head and waiting for huan ren kuang to show this ability.

"How dare these people treat me like i am an animal in the zoo, i am a chief of development ..... " huang ren kuan was constantly moaning but he still unleashed his ability.

"Pass!" said the soldier, he then stamped on a piece of paper and said:"I'll repeat the detail,

Name: huang ren kuang

Gender: male


Occupation: dark warriors

Rank: blank and need to be tested.

Element: Ice

Skill: blank and need to be tested


if you don't have any other questions, please keep this document safe.


Huang ren kuan gave them a hollow smile and took the document.

"Oh, i forgot to tell you, there is a notice board behind the checkpoint, there are several rules issued temporarily by The general command headquarter, because of lacking in materials, we can not give out a copy to everyone. But please do read it before going into the city, in case you have any conflict with the security patrol!" the soldier turned around and said sternly.