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Chapter 101 outside Jin ling city

 Chapter 101 outside Jin ling city

Chapter 101 outside Jin ling city

Duan da nian was hesitant, what he is doing involves a lot of risks. He comes outside the city only when there is a hazy shimmer in the sky and he will go back to the city before the sky gone completely dark.

Monster is the thing he is scared of the most. Although this place is very close to the city. But those monsters don't really care where they are.

Then the other thing he is scared of is the group they are robbing has powerful awakenings. Once those people start to fight back, he will suffer huge losses. It is not really worth it to fight those people.

"Boss, we need to leave quickly, I'll tell you in detail when we get back." sun qian clenched Duan da nian's arm and urged him to make a decision. Chu yun sheng's armour and sword skill hit him hard back in kun city, not to mention that this guy never hesitant to kill people. Sun qian doesn't want to risk his own life to test this guy's temper.

"hey... hey!.. Sun.. you... coward.. Coward. B. Bo.. oss... don't .....listen to.. him.. We got .....10 .... Brothers..... How co... come ... we ....can not not.. Kill him!!" said the skinny stammer, since sun qian joined his group, the stammer's position in the bandit was gradually degraded. So he didn't like this guy at all.

When Duan da nan was hesitant to make a decision, one of his guy who was watching out for everyone suddenly shouted:" boss, troops is here!"

"retreat!" Duan da nian immediately made a decision. The people in the military do not like others causing troubles, especially robbery this type of activity. Their punishment is very heavy. So Duan da nian don't want to be caught by them. :" you guys are lucky this time! Otherwise. huh!" he snorted, pretend that it was because of the troops, not because of he is scared of chu yun sheng.

Sun qian's face was twitching when he heard what Duan da nian said. Duan da nian should be the one who felt lucky, those people have never seen this guy fight before, no matter how he tries to convince them, they still would not believe him. : maybe It's time to quit this group, I don't know if the 13th master is still recruiting people. Sun qian thought secretly.

Zhao shan he sighed with relief, he was finally at ease after seeing the bandit retreated. Although there are 6 awakenings in his group. but almost everyone more or less has injuries.

But he was surprised about a person in the bandit knows chu yun sheng. In just a few words, everyone could feel that the person was scared of chu yun sheng.

Huang ren Kuan, on the other hand, felt so bummed, how come the name of a government official is less useful than chu yun sheng's name!

"Did not expect you have such high reputation, it even scared that Bandit away" li yue had a weird expression on his face. Just now, he was about to betray this group and join the other side. before he relied on zhao shan he to help him to get to jin ling city, but now he is almost there, so he does not have that concern anymore. He did not want to be killed by those bandits just because of some stupid reason. So the best option for him is to join them. But he didn't expect those bandits, who are not scared of killing people, would be scared of chu yun sheng.

Chu yun sheng took back the sword, he didn't answer him. :" we need to hurry up, it is getting darker now." chu yun sheng knit his brow and tapped chui yu quan's shoulder who was still shocked and was not able to react.

Chu yun sheng doesn't know why he was very anxious. This place is very close to jin ling city. Why there are bandits killing and robbing people. Does it mean that Jin ling city's situation is not very good? He doesn't know if the government could still control the city or not.

What about aunty's situation? Since the telecommunications had broken down, he lost contact with them. Before the dark age begun, he tried to explain everything to aunty, but not only they argued so many times, aunty and his friend also try to destroy the ancient book, and sent him to see the psychiatrist. If it wasn't that something happened to his uncle, she had to go back to Jin ling city, chu yun sheng probably lost the book already.

Many times Chu yun sheng regrets about the decision he made. Why did he not arrived Jin ling city earlier, why did he not prepare everything in Jin ling city instead of in Shen Cheng city.

But, he is not a god, the ancient book didn't tell him Jin ling city will be safe. Originally he thought the government would protect Shen Cheng city, which is one of the most important city in the country at the east coast. He even tried to convince his auntie to move over. He didn't expect it is completely opposite.

Although he did see the military action, and it did show that the government tried to do their best to protect the city. However, there were too many monsters! They couldn't defeat them.

No one knew the outcome would be that bad, monsters would be that strong.

Now, he is almost there. But he is not at ease at all. Instead, he is even more scared. He is scared of losing his family.

There are dozens of military tanks roared past them. Huang Ren Kuan learned his lesson this time, he didn't try to use his job title to stop the tanks. There are probably many other state officials in Jin ling city, his job title is useless right now.

Finally, the Jin ling city's first defence line appeared in their sight. The defence line was made by metal wire and a lot of broken cars. The ground was covered with artillery craters, monster's bodies and human bodies. Some areas are still on fire, And they could see the soldiers screamed in pain. It seemed like they just had a fierce fight.

There are some new built concrete cylindrical defence towers, it spread across the ground about 1km away from each other. many of them have been destroyed, chu yun sheng could vaguely see the military is organizing the soldiers to repair them.

At the same time, the hazy shimmer in the sky is slowing disappearing. All the refugees came from everywhere around the country speed up their pace to pass the first defence line.

The military has a division specially assigned to guide those people how to go around the barriers and head towards the second line of defence.

When chu yun sheng's group approached the first line of defence, they suddenly felt the ground started to move violently! Chu yun sheng was startled. with this magnitude of shake, if it wasn't the earthquake, then it left only one possibility. It couldn't be the golden shell monster!

The shake starts to become more and more violent, lao chui and other people were stunned and stopped moving. Chu yun sheng immediately shouted:" run! Quick, run!......."

His shout immediately woke up everyone, and everyone starts to push forward. The group lost their order.