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Chapter 100 bandit

 Chapter 100 bandit

Duan da nian was an 183cm tall fat man. Although there was a shortage of food for a short period of time. but his shape did not seem to lose a bit. He was originally from Southern Wan, Wu city. since the dark age began, he escaped from the city and came to Jin ling. On the way, he had unexpectedly awakened his ability and made a bunch of friends.

He had his glorious time when he just came to Jin ling, he did not need to do a lot of stuff himself, he did not even need to go out of the city to risk his life. However since a guy called "13th master" came to jin ling with one of his associate who is very good at the fight a few days ago, his life becomes less easy than before. they had gathered a group of people inside the city to fight this man's group, but eventually, he still lost. he even lost two of his men in the fight.

And the most detestable thing is, this guy even had a relationship with both the military and government. few underground awakening organisations are also secretly supporting his man. Duan da nian doesn't have anyone to help him, nor does he had somewhere to complain to. He had no other choice but to see his territory was taken away by this man.

after spending a whole afternoon thinking, he finally decided to become a bandit and robbing people in this green dragon mountain.

speaking of this green dragon mountain, it is really a good place. the Shen Ling highway just at the bottom of the mountains. It is a road a lot of people used to escape from different cities in the east to jin ling city. The north and south of high way are the endless mountain range. That's why the majority of people used this highway. it is also the reason why he chose this place to rob people.

If he needs to survive then he will need to gather a lot of food, the government did provide him with some way to exchange food. But those tasks are very risky, so he did not go for those options. But robbing those refugees is much easier.

"Bo... bob... boss, people.... People!" said a skinny man with a pronounced stutter who was also holding the binoculars.

"Huh!? How many people? " said duan da nian, he took his hand out from inside a woman's cloth who was sitting on his lap. But his mind was thinking about the girl he caught yesterday. The girl was roughly 18 years old, white skin, very cute, the only thing he does not like is the girl was too emaciated.

"Three, three, four, five... five .. six.. Sixty!" the skinny guy stuttered.

"Fucking off, you stupid fuck!" duan da nian kicked away the skinny man and grabbed the binoculars. "Good! Good! Old, weak, women and kids, looked at them can't even walk properly. They even have people moving the fucking stretcher. Easy. definitely an easy target. Brothers get your weapons, it is the show time! " said Du da nian after he saw what kind of people in the group.


the mountains are seemingly close but actually they are very far away. This is how chu yun sheng's group felt now.

Since Huang ren kuan knows jin ling city is near, he became more and more enthusiastic, his steps become stronger and quicker. Those people at back could not even catch up with his pace.

Even when the helicopters which they saw before flew over them once again to return to jin ling. Huang ren kuan did not shout or curse them at all. He just secretly happy about they seemed to lost one of their helicopters.

"We are almost there! Everyone Keep it up! we will definitely able to get into the city before the night comes!"zhao shan he did not care about his injuries. he was constantly shouting in the group trying to encourage the group.

People in lao chui's group were still very weak, the meat that chu yun sheng provided only helped them to solve the hunger problem, not their physical strength. They have been walking for 5-6 Km now, everyone was puffing and blowing.

Chu yun sheng still walks at the end of the group, this place is very close to jin ling city, they started to see more and more red shell insect's bodies, although the monster's energies were completely dissipated. but as long as the shell still there, he could use them to make the armour.

He estimated the bodies he collected is definitely enough to make an Er Pin armour.(refer chapter 88, or DBA wiki)

Those green fluorescent monsters bodies, he had already used level three absorption yuan fu to absorb all the energy from them. As he expected, those monsters' energies are even weaker than the red eye monsters, one green monster's energy just filled up less than ⅙ of one yuan qi unit space on the absorption yuan fu.

The absorption yuan fu chu yun sheng used to use was the level two absorption yuan fu., after he reached yuan tian stage two, he had a decent amount of low-level absorption yuan fu, so he took some time to make a level three absorption yu.

Level three yuan fu could be repeatedly used as long as the fu's body isn't damaged.

Because he was in a hurry with his journey, and also because a single green fluorescent monster doesn't provide much yuan qi. it took him quite a while to absorb all the green monster's energy from the storage yuan fu. eventually, he filled up one level three absorption yuan fu with 18 water patterns. it could absorb a lot more energy than a level two absorption yuan fu.

When he reached the mountain pass, chu yun sheng was shocked to see a dead golden shell insect's body, it was laying on the ground surrounded by many big artillery craters. Presumably, it was killed by the massive artillery strike.

He didn't have time to study it. he just quickly stored the body in one of storage yuan fu, original he had three storage yuan fu, one for food water and other necessity. One for monsters bodies. And the last one for the backup. This golden shell monster is very big and special, so he decided to individually store it.

all of Sudden, he heard huang ren Kuan screamed, it startled chu yun sheng. They haven't encountered any others monsters since the last one. He thought it was the monster, so he immediately rushed towards the front.

" how dare you! I am working for the government!" cursed huang ren Kuan to a group of people suddenly attacked him. He spat out blood, barely stood up.

"Who are you trying to scare, ha...ha..., hey! look at the body next to you, he was probably a mayor!" duan da nian laughed out loud, he didn't expect there are awakenings in this group, this guy also claimed himself work for the government. But he wasn't scared, there are too many people work for the government. even he did kill them, no one will find out he did it.

"bo... bo.... Boss, stop wasting time talking to th... th.. Them. Just killed... killed... killed them!" stuttered the skinny guy.

Duan da nian glanced at them:" leave all the food, I'll let you go. Otherwise, don't blame me for being ruthless!"

To him, those people are already dead. He doesn't know how many people he had killed recently. but he didn't care anymore.

"Oh, so what are you going to do." said chu yun sheng who just arrived. he pulled zhao shan he back and whispered to him:" if we start the fight, you take care of everyone, leave the fight to me."

" you motherfucker......, brothers........" even though duan da nian didn't see clearly how exactly chu yun sheng appeared in front of the group. But since he has a dozen of awakenings subordinates, he is sure that this guy is dead meat. However just when he about to give an order, one of his men suddenly stopped him.

"Boss, don't mess with this guy. I think it would be better just let it go."

Duan da nian squinted his eye to take a close look at the person who stopped him. It was a fire warrior who just joined his group recently. His name is Sun qian, he is quite strong compared to the other people in the group.

"Your friend?" said Duan da nian with a long face, he wasn't happy about this guy stopped him, but because of this man's ability, he couldn't do anything.

"Boss, I can tell you, even all of us fight him together, he could still easily kill us all using just one hand!" sun qian was a short guy, he can't reach duan da nian's ear, so he tried to say it as quiet as possible.

Duan da nian gasped with mouth wide open, although he didn't quite believe what he said. but he knows this guy isn't a big talker, so he hesitated.

Chu yun sheng's five senses are very sensitive, he could clearly hear their conversation. It is definitely the best solution if they are not going to start the fight. But if they really want the fight, even he could kill them all, lao chui's group definitely will lose few people's lives as well.

If it was just him alone, he will definitely kill those bandits without a second thought.

Chu yun sheng held the sword, the sword was pointed at the ground, it was the standard posture for getting ready for the fight. once the enemy starts to move, he will immediately swing the sword try to kill as many people as possible.

"Mr. Chu, it was totally a misunderstanding, a misunderstanding, we are going to leave now!" immediately said sun qian when he saw Chu yun sheng was doing his sword fight posture. He was smiling and said with a respect and cautious tone, he tried to calm the things down and not to offend chu yun sheng any further.

"you know me?" said chu yun sheng, he was surprised. Originally he thought this guy could tell his strength by looking at his running speed. But apparently, he knows more than that.

"everyone knows Mr.Chu's powerful sword skill at kun city. I was one of the recruited awakenings." sun qian nervously explained, Duan da nian doesn't know how powerful this man is, but he knows. A man could even withstand flame bird's attack, a man could kill a meat worm in one sword strike. How can he afford to offend this man?

------Volume 2 end------

next volume will be very interesting.... a city that is full of awakenings, all kinds of abilities, let's see what will happen to MC chu yun sheng......