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chapter 97 Death and Newborn

 chapter 97 Death and Newborn

"let li yue go into the bus!" said chu yun sheng when he returned to the roof. Li yue has already stopped bleeding, he was healed by the witch. But his face was still pale. He couldn't help much on the roof. It is much better for him to stay inside the bus doing some defend stuff.

Once the buses were stopped, the attack started to become more aggressive. the Monster's speed is extremely fast, soon they already surrounded two buses.

Apart from huang ren kuan in the first bus and li yue at the second bus, everyone else was gathered together once again. No matter what kind of secret plan they have in their mind before, for now, they had to work together to defeat those monsters. Otherwise, they will die.

the Monsters had changed their attack method. They were forming a row after another to constantly spitting the liquid at them. From this chu yun sheng can tell those monsters are not stupid at all.

Soon there are holes and dents slowly appear everywhere on your bus roof. luckily those liquid isn't as corrosive ad red shell insect's liquid. Otherwise, they would be dead already.

Chu yun sheng had seen how those monster killed a person before, he had seen the whole scene completely. Those monster used their sharp mouthparts to pierce through the human body to inject the poison liquid inside the human body. when the poison melts all the organs inside the human body, it will then suck it dry.

the Stuffed monster has retreated and flown away. However, those have not suck anything became more aggressive.

at this time, apart from chu yun sheng was not injured, everyone else more or less had wound on them. There was a huge wound on zhao shan he's shoulder, chef's stomach was almost sliced open, tian wei dai's back was heavily burned by the poison liquid, even the witch had an injury as well. Her foot was stuck on to the bus roof by a dead monster's sharp mouthpart.

There were at least one hundred monsters bodies scattered around the bus, but the number of monster flying above their head didn't seem to reduce any!

Chu yun sheng reloaded his last clip, he still has his emotion under the control. Even though it was just few month in the dark, but he had experienced so many dangerous situations, each time he survived he gained more control of his emotions.

Tian wei dai was the first one used up his energy. the deep wound at his back has revealed his bones. Zhao shan he was also on the verge of collapsing, he is the strongest amongst six people, but he was also the one fought the hardest.


"Push, i can see the head!"

Death and newborn all happened in the same place same time in the dark.

the Witch has finally passed out on the roof of the bus, chu yun sheng kicked her and tian wei dai into the hole on the top of bus roof. they fell inside the bus.

the Chef and zhao shan he were still struggling, but the fire and the ice energy they cast out became very weak. Chef's injury became worse, every time when he cast the ice blades, his stomach wound would tear open, all the organ seemed like it could be fall out at any time!

Only chu yun sheng stood on the top of the bus without any injury, but only he knows that he only has ¼ of yuan qi left. If he carries on like this, he will be eventually exhausted with yuan qi as well.

zhao shan he and other people were first surprised to see what chu yun sheng could do, then they were puzzled, and then they were shocked until they could not even believe what they saw, but at the end, chu yun sheng became their only hope.

the Monsters seemed to lost their patience. they have stopped spitting the poison liquid and started to shirk the encirclement. the chef was stabbed several holes by the monster and lying on the roof, no one knows if he was still alive or not.

Chu yun sheng has finished his bullets, he put back the gun and drew the sword, immediately uses his sword skill qian jun bi yi!

Six sword qi instantly burst out from the blade! it blasted the first wave of dozens of green monsters into pieces when they flew towards them!

The six word qi didn't stop there, it is still ascending until it reaches the monster's crowd. Sword qi sweep over the monster's crowd like a storm. it made the monsters lost their pace and stop attacking.

Zhao shan he gasped with his mouth wide open, he tried to recall if this was the man he recruited. A fire warrior that uses pistol, a man has a strange little tiger as a pet, a man that gave them meat worm and a man seemed to have unlimited energy..... All sort of images merged together, but he still doesn't know the answer.

"get the chef inside!" chu yun sheng said sternly, just one wave it has consumed half of his remaining yuan qi.

"No! I can still fight!" Zhao Shan He was surprising stubborn. The monsters were scared of chu yun sheng's sword attack, they immediately flew higher and started to spit poison liquid again.

Zhao shan he ripped off his cloth and wrapped his wound around while enduring the pain.

Chu yun sheng respects him, this man could fight for someone he barely knows. This is something chu yun sheng could never do unless his auntie's family was inside the bus.

What chu yun sheng did was more than enough to fulfil his duty. with his speed right now, he could easily get away from those monster's chase. but whenever he saw the kids couldn't stop their tiny bodies from trembling underneath the seat, he just couldn't do it. Especially the little girl who he gave the porridge to. She was staring at Chu yun sheng and her eye was filled with panic and anxiety. Chu yun sheng was even scared to have eye contact her.

Since Zhao shan he isn't scared of dying, chu yun sheng doesn't want to waste time on talking, he took out the bow, started to use yuan qi to form the frost arrow.


"Push, it's almost there! Almost! The head is out !" the doctor was shouting inside the bus. Chu yun sheng's energy was rapidly decreasing and the number of the monster also seemed to has reduced a lot.

the Poison liquid couldn't hurt chu yun sheng. those monsters gradually forget about the powerful sword attack chu yun sheng unleashed, they quickly dive down once again. this time the push was even crazier.

Zhao shan he was pushed off the roof with one of the monsters, chu yun sheng couldn't save him on time. himself was already surrounded by three monsters, and they were tightly attached to his body.

He was finally exhausted with yuan qi. So he has no other choice but took out the sword and use the sharp sword to slice each one of the monsters that attached to his body.

There are still 10 more!

Chu yun sheng force himself to focused, without yuan qi's support, six armour yuan fu won't last long, so he has to kill them all as soon as possible.

Little Tiger was exhausted as well, he was kicked off the roof by chu yun sheng and fell inside the bus, it was too dangerous for it to stay on top of the bus now, but chu yun sheng did not expect that no matter how many times he kicked the little tiger off the roof, it would still find a way to get back to the roof. Only until chu yun sheng shouted in anger, did it finally stay inside the bus.

8 monsters left, 7 monster left.... 6 .......

Chu yun sheng was waving the sword and also doing the countdown at the same time.

Every time he was knocked over by the monsters dive, everyone inside the bus will hold their breath. their hearts were struck with fear. Chu yun sheng was the only one awakening warrior left standing, if he falls, then it is over.

Six armour yuan fu finally broke. at the same time, chu yun sheng's sword also pierces through one of last two monsters, the last monster's attack has also arrived at his left.

Chuyun sheng reached out his hand and grabbed the monster's mouthpart, the powerful impact and sharp mouthpart instantly made his hand bleed.

He could not stop it pushing forward, the sharp mouth still stabs his left shoulder. but because he used all his strength to stop the monster, so it did not pierce through his left shoulder.

Chu yun sheng shouted and swung the sword up to cut off the monster's mouthpart. The monster instantly lost its balance and fell on the roof of the bus with its wing still flapping in a high speed.

Chu yun sheng lifted the sword, his face was twisted, he stabbed the monster more than dozen times as if he wanted to vent all the anger.

At this time, the sky was free of green lanterns, but the ground, the buses were covered in green.

Chu yun sheng collapsed on the bus roof, he was exhausted.

He tried his best to look around. he does not know if the chef is still alive, but zhao shan he has crawled out from the pile of monsters body, he was bleeding a lot. the Witch has lost her consciousness, tian wei dai was groaning in pain. Li yue, lao chui, little girl, and all other people who are still alive were all staring at chu yun sheng.

"Wa.... ah! ..." A loud crying resounded through the air


"It's a boy!" the doctor said loudly!

Chu yun sheng's lips moved....he smiled, he took out a cigarette with his trembling hands. but no matter how he many time he tried, his trembling hands just could not light up the cigarette.