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Chapter 96 Melee

 Chapter 96 Melee

Forcing huang ren kuan to go inside the bus is really his last resort. he could not leave the bus's roof to deal those monster inside the car. Tian wei dai could not defend the bus just by himself. Once he got inside the bus, tian wei dai is definitely going to die, and once he died then everyone will be in danger.

The monster's defence is not really strong, as long as huang ren kuan calms down, he is definitely able to deal with it. But chu yun sheng did not expect huan ren kuan is that scared of monster!

When facing the insect, fear will only get yourself killed, only fight back will give you hope, this is the knowledge chu yun sheng learned through many combats with insects.

He kicked huang ren kuan off the roof then no longer ask him anything. because the situation just doesn't allow him to be distracted. He quickly reloaded one clip killed two monsters about to flew inside the bus.

The situation on the second bus was even worse. chu yun sheng doesn't need to turn around to see how many monsters are there. he has a rough idea just by hearing so many monsters hitting the glass and the bellow that zhao shan he made constantly.

Chu yun sheng and tian wei dai were forced to stay back to back against each other by the monster's attack. Hu Zai lied on its stomach next to them, it was using its roar to push away the monster.

This is all it could do. unless it fights the monster in close range, then it will rip them apart. But in the meantime, it could only use its wind element to push the monster away.

Chu yun sheng also noticed that Hu Zai also learned to use its claw to cast a claw shape shockwave, although it was not very effective.

Meanwhile, there were still around 20 monsters like green lanterns surrounded chu yun sheng and tian wei dai.

Tian wei dai was already injured, if chu yun sheng didn't save him on time, he would be dead by now.

Chu yun sheng's strong defence and attack ability shocked tian wei dai, he couldn't believe what he saw. Sometimes he was sure that monster's sharp mouthpart has stabbed chu yun sheng, but he doesn't know why it couldn't pierce through his old grey coat.

He knows chu yun sheng is a fire warrior, but since the battle began, he never saw Chu yun sheng use fire to defend himself.

However, it's not easy for chu yun sheng like what tian wei dai imagined, the yuan qi inside level two six armour yuan fu could not sustain attack for a long time, if the monsters keep spitting the green liquid and use their sharp mouthparts to attack him, he doesn't think energy shield will hold on much longer.

Also, he does not have many bullets left. Tian wei dai's ammunition is only used for the rifle. So once he finished his bullets, then he has to use the bow instead. compared to the pistol its firing rate is extremely slow.

The bus suddenly stopped, chu yun sheng could vaguely hear some people crying. although he did not go inside the bus to check. but he suspected that huang ren kuan is doing his job.

Luckily driver is ok. Otherwise, if the car crashes, all the people inside will be either dead or injured, not to mention they will be killed by those monsters.

"I'm going to check the back!" chu yun sheng quickly killed few monsters, it greatly reduced tian wei dai's pressure. Now he is able to handle it on his own.

There are not any new monsters appear towards the south, the resistance at the front is almost eliminated. However the situation at back is very bad, zhao shan he and other three people were almost surrounded by a great amount of the green monsters.

Chu yun sheng covered tian wei dai so he could replace his clip. Then he jumped into the bus through the big hole. Just when he landed, he heard a man shouted in pain.

Chu yun sheng took a close look, the man was huang ren kuan, he landed on his leg.

Huang ren kuan's face was twisted, he was sitting on the floor, there are many ice pieces scattered around the area he was sitting, and a monster's body was laying on the ground not far from him.

The monster was broken into pieces.

Lao chui was trying to help huang ren kuan to stand up. but his face was gloomy and a little bit distressed, it seemed like he was thinking something.

Chu yun sheng did not see any other monster inside the bus, he glanced at the people who are alive on the bus, some people were weeping over their family member's death in silence, some people who are injured gritted their teeth scared to make any sound. Kids were hidden underneath the seats by their parents, they were peeking the outside in fear.

When he just about to get off the bus, he suddenly heard a scream: "ah!"

"Push! Push more!" "don't give up! Push! It's coming out!"



Chu Yun sheng was startled. at the back of the bus, there is a pregnant woman, she was held down by several people, it was her who screamed in pain. her trousers were already removed, the only male Doctor in the Lao chui's group is currently grasped her both legs tightly.

She is giving birth at this time!

Chu yun sheng suspected it is a premature birth, it was caused by the fear of the fight and chaos, or maybe she was bumped into something and caused she has to deliver the baby early.

"Quick! Give her cloth to bite." lao chui instantly stood up and said. Everyone was scared to make any sound, because it may attract more monsters.

"Hum! ...............Hum!" the struggling screams immediately become quite groan.

Chu yun sheng could not help them anything, there is more urgent thing needs him to do. After he checked the bus is completely safe, he immediately held the edge of the hole and went back on the roof again.

There are around three monsters left at the front, little one and tian wei dai could deal with them easily, so chu yun sheng quickly rushed to the second bus. The second bus was quite far from the first one, so it took chu yun sheng sometime to reach the second one. Then he immediately jumped up, kicked on the edge of the windshield and got on the roof of the second bus which was still driving at a high speed.

The situation was very bad on the second bus. Zhao shan he and other three people have formed a circle, witch was in the middle. The monsters were constantly diving down at them, some even attached to their body did not leave. Zhao shan he and li yue constantly cast their fire power to knock the monster away. The chef was covered with solid ice and cast sharp ice pieces around them. The sharp ice pieces were revolving around their little circle and slicing all the monsters.

All people were injured, among them, li yue's injury was the most severe, his leg was pierced through by the insect, the wound led to constantly bleeding, and blood was dripping from his trousers to the bus roof. Probably the monster had pierced through his arteries. He leant his body against other three people, he could barely stand up. the witch who was at his back was using her strange ability to heal his injury.

"Bang! Bang ! bang!...." chu yun sheng fired several shots, cleaned the half of monsters that attached to their bodies.

They were startled when they saw chu yun sheng. They thought that chu yun sheng had lost his bus, then when they noticed the monsters at the front were almost eliminated, they were shocked again. Within this short amount of time, he and tian wei dai killed all the monsters?

Chu yun sheng did not approach them straight away. He stood at the middle part of the bus using his gun constantly shooting the monsters. He had already wasted half of his yuan qi, and he does not have many bullets left.

"Quick,! Chu, get into the bus, the monster got inside! Quick" zhao shan he shouted.

The bus starts to shake violently before chu yun sheng even has a chance to respond, the driver seems to have lost control of the bus and started to change its direction aggressively and clumsily.

Chu yun sheng immediately used the gun to open the hole on the bus and got inside. A green monster immediately rushed towards him before he lands the floor. He did not have time to use the gun, the monster's 3 pairs of hairy legs have already clung onto him and used its sharp mouthparts stabbed at chu yun sheng's skull.

Chu yun sheng immediately pointed his gun against the monster's body while enduring the sharp pain. "Bang!" one shot, the monster exploded, the green liquid mixed with human blood spread everywhere inside the bus.

There are still two more inside the bus, several people had died already! The space inside the bus was very narrow, and there are too many people inside the bus, but monster's speed was very fast, so chu yun sheng is scared to fire the shot.

He immediately rushed towards another monster. With the help of six armour's protection, he used the force to hold a monster down on the floor and fired another shot!

When he about to do the same thing to the last monster, the first bus's tire exploded and hit the utility pole on the side of the road.

The second bus's driver was already injured, he could not control the bus. So the second bus rear ended the first one. Both bus completely crashed!

Chui yu quan used all his strength to press his body against the door to stop people from getting off the bus, some people already got off the bus, but they did not know, there are even more monsters outside, once they got off the bus, they are going to die.

Only when chu yun sheng killed the last monster, did the situation inside the second bus calmed down.

at the same time, two buses were already crashed into each other, the pregnant woman's painful scream appeared in the dark once again, it seemed like she could not hold on any longer.