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Chapter 94 unknown monsters

 Chapter 94 unknown monsters

Chu yun sheng didn't care about what witch does. It's not his business either. Moreover, people are willing to believe, and witch is happy to preach. So he can't do anything about it.

After lao chui's had the food, they seemed to become full of energy, there is smile on everyone's face, and soon they had the broken car repaired. Human's potentials are truly limitless. desperation, hope just within a split second, it can create a magic like this.


In the silent night, the wind seems to have stopped.

Chi yun sheng's has been practise his cultivation method for quite a while now. Yuan tian stage two has 5 sub stages, he needs to complete those five sub stages in order to fully transform his body. And now he is barely completed the first sub-stage. He doesn't know how powerful he will be when he reaches the second sub stage. All he knows is more sub stages he completed the more powerful he will be.

In fact, not only just he knows this, the other awakening warriors also know this as well. Apart from the "witch" who was mainly focusing on preaching, rest of five people were trying all kinds of method to increase their strength. This is their only way of surviving. God has given them the abilities, now it is down to them self to find a way to increase the power of their individual ability.

All five people have different kinds of thoughts. since chu yun sheng solved the food crisis, huang ren Kuan once again changes his position to support zhao shan he. Even the "witch" and Tian wei Dai all turned their back on li yue. The chef is always staying quiet. All of the sudden li yue is on his own.

Meanwhile, seeing chu yun sheng still awake, tian wei dai secretly approached chu yun sheng. He took out a crumpled cigarette box from deep inside his coat and borrow the fire from chu yun sheng. He then took a deep drag. after that, he passed it to chu yun sheng. Chu yun sheng shook his head, didn't take it.

"brother chu, do you think there is an afterlife?" said tian wei dai.

"Maybe," said chu yun sheng. Everyone would ask themselves this question sometime in their lives. Chu yun sheng had also thought about it before, but at the end, he still could not find the answer.

"my presents died when i was a kid, I became a soldier when I was 18, our platoon leader was always looking after me, he treated me like his own brother." said tian wei dai, there was a gleam of light flashed in his empty eyes, but it quickly disappeared. He was dispirited:"when I was still defending shen cheng city, half the of soldiers in our company had already died. but the headquarter still told us they have not yet evacuated the entire city, they want us to hold the defence line at all cost!

In Those days, not a single day without soldiers dying. I'm a coward, i got scared. I tried to run away when the troops were in disarray. But I still got caught by the disciplinary patrol. The day after i was caught, all the deserter were asked to stand in a row in front of the whole regiment and wait for regiment Commander to execute us in person. It was the company commander who saved them, when he begged regiment commander to give the deserters another chance, the regiment commander pointed the gun at his head. Only when he used his own life to guarantee that those deserters will Redeem themselves by fight the insect, did the regiment commander let it go.

Tian wei dai was like talking to himself, did not check if chu yun sheng is still listening or not.

"That day, we were sent to the front line to fight the insect in order to redeem ourselves. Everyone lost their mind and clashed with the swarm. At the end, the swarm retreated, and i lived.

It was that night, i awakened, but it was too late to report my detail to the headquarter. Squad leader jokingly said that i was a lucky bastard, the whole company, just me awakened. He also said even though i had awakened, but i still need to fight like a man, die with the comrades. Never ever retreat, even just one step!

The second day, swarm came back with more number, and even more strong push from the both sky and ground. They are not scared of artillery fire at all. Our brothers died one after another. at the end, We still couldn't hold the defence line. Squad leader and rest of our brothers tied the bombs to themselves, died with the insects.... I was supposed to die with them, but I got scared again. I threw away the bomb... and hid underneath comrade's bodies....we said that we are going to be brothers in next life.... We said...."

Tian wei dai's voice became lower and lower until chu yun sheng couldn't hear it at all. He looked dull, didn't have any reaction even the cigarette burnt his fingers.

When he talked about the soldiers blow up themselves with the insect. chu yun sheng remembered the soldiers he saw at the village. how much courage do you need, in order to make that kind of decision

Chu yun sheng gradually understands what's torturing him. He hopes there is an afterlife, so he could meet his comrades who were treating him like a family member again. But he also scared there is an afterlife. He is scared that his comrades will despise him.

That's why he often shouts I'm not a deserter during sleep!

In fact, the timid tian wei dai didn't tell anyone including Zhao Shan He he was a deserter. But every time he wakes up shouting those words. It wasn't long until everyone figured out he was a deserter.

Cars were bumping up and down and slowly drove towards Jin lin city. Drivers had already been changed. The driver at first shift was already exhausted, it was time for them to take a short break.

Tian wei dai fall asleep after he vented all the stress. Only Hu Zai is awake, it twitches its ears from time to time seems to listen to something. Chu yun sheng was in a state of trance, he doesn't know how long he was like this.

Suddenly he felt that Hu Zai which was in his arm suddenly stretched his body tightly, it was restless. Chu yun sheng was startled and instantly woke up.

Normal if Hu Zai detects the danger and if it doesn't know where does the danger come from, it will act like this. The mysterious wind element plus the animal's instinct made Hu Zai's detection very accurate.

"Stop the car!" chu yun sheng suddenly shouted, it was like a thunder appeared in the car.

"Stop the car!" chu yun sheng nervously stood up, he didn't care about everyone was sleeping. He shouted once again.

The car instantly stopped, two buses which were closely following behind them also stopped. Everyone started to become anxious after they woke up.

"what's going on?" huang ren Kuan immediately asked.

"Shut the engine! turn off the lights!" chu yun sheng didn't answer him, instead he bent over and quickly approached the driver urged him.

:" what's happening?" said zhao shan he when he opened the car's door. he was on watch on the top of the car earlier.

Chu yun sheng took out the gun, and started to check the bullets, he said quietly:"There are monsters nearby!"

"What monster?" said huang ren kuan, he was very worried.

"I don't know!" through the glasses windows, chu yun sheng was staring at dark outside the car. Two buses behind them also shut the engine and turned off the lights.

"Which direction?" li yue immediately asked.

"I don't know!" chu yun sheng still gave them the same answer, because he does not really know where does the danger come from, also he has yet to feel yuan qi' wave.

"Then, how do you know, there are monsters nearby?"

"Xiao Chu, you are not joking right?" said Zhao shan he and huang ren kuan, they almost responded at the same time.

Chu yun sheng ignored their questions, started to harness the yuan qi inside his body. he is on the extremely high alert status and prepared himself for the worst.

Everyone was affected by his tense behaviour, they lowered breath noise, stopped talking, and stared at outside through the windows.

After a while, nothing happened.

If it wasn't that he know Hu zai's instinct is very accurate, chu yun sheng would definitely doubt it as well.

"Mr. chu, don't you think, you are a little bit exaggerated? " li yue's said with a weird tone. He was not happy about chu yun sheng helping zhao shan he to solve the food problem. However, he also got a share, so at that time, he can't say anything about him.

"Yes, it was very scary." huang ren kuan nodded his head and relaxed his body. He then leant back on the seat.

"Look, what is that!" tian dai wei suddenly shouted, he was at the back of the car.

Chu yun sheng's speed is very fast, in a split second, he rushed to the back of the car. It was completely dark inside the car, no one can see anything. But everyone was still shocked because they could still feel the sharp wind caused by chu yun sheng's high-speed movement.

There are three green light dots slowly appeared in the dark at right rear side of the car. They were swaying roughly two meters above the ground, but no one knows what that is.

"There are also some here!" huang ren kuan's voice was trembling in the dark.

"Chief Huang and witch protect the rear side of the bus, everyone, get ready for the battle. " Zhao shan he immediately assigned the task to them.

At the same time, more and more green Fluorescent light dots start to appear in the dark, some of them are high above the ground, some of them stayed very close to the ground. And chu yun sheng's group was completed surrounded by them!

Chu yun sheng was always relying on Hu zai's instinct to detect the danger before they approached him. He often had enough time to switch off the light and find somewhere to hide before the red shell insects arrived. He then usually just waits until monsters left.

However, those green Fluorescent light monsters seem to have much stronger detection ability, they had already surrounded them.

At this time, hiding becomes useless.