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Chapter 93 witch

 Chapter 93 witch

"I was hired by Lao chui, what zhao shan he wants to do is his business." chu yun sheng was not fazed, the reason why he joined this group is completed different to Li yue, so he is not interested in their little argument at all.

Li yue's expression instantly changed. although chu yun sheng did not say it directly that he is with zhao shan he, but when he said that he was hired lao chui, it means that he is going to stay with them.

" I think you have misunderstood us, we are not going to abandon them, of course, we will still take them with us. If we are moving fast enough, we can get to jin ling city within one day. People won't die within just a day because of the hunger. But if zhao shan he wants to spend more time on finding the food, we will have a higher possibility to encounter the insect. If we really encounter the insect, we are all going to die!" li yue's suggestion is not all wrong, there are too many uncertainties, maybe if they could bear a little bit longer, they could all get to jin ling city. At that time they could get all the help they needed.

Be chi yun sheng just smiled, he didn't say anything.

"ok, chu, as long as you stay neutral like huang ren kuan!" li yue reluctantly smiled. In fact, he didn't expect much from chu yun sheng. The first reason is that he is new to the group, they are not that close. The second reason is that chu yun sheng claimed he is a fire warrior and his weapon is a gun. To him, chu yun sheng's ability is so weak that he won't influence the decision making. The key is to get chef and witch those two people join him.

Chu yun sheng got up, he wants to take the little tiger for a short walk. He didn't answer li yue because he doesn't need to.

Maybe li yue will think he agreed with him silently, but whatever he thinks is his business.

While he takes Hu Zai( little tiger) for a short walk, he also wants to spend a short time to talk to zhao shan he. If their problem is the food, he thinks he is able to help them. if zhao shan he insisted on finding food, it will also delay his plan. Because the reason why he joined the group is to get to jin ling city sooner.

Inside storage yuan fu, chu yun sheng has stored a large amount of meat worm's body. Time seems to stop Inside storage yuan fu, so there is no such thing as expiry date once he stores the meat inside. He can store them as long as he wants. Those meat worms will only make chu yun sheng lose his appetite, so he never had it before. Only the little tiger likes to eat it. But compares to human life, chu yun sheng knows which one is much more important. Not to mention that red shell insect's meat is more than enough what it actually needed.

"you want to talk to me?" zhuo shan he puzzled when Chu yun sheng asked him to follow him to the back of the broken car. Earlier he was rushing lao chui's man get the vehicle repaired as soon as possible. To him, chu yun sheng is much better than the chef, because the chef doesn't talk often. Although chu yun she's ability doesn't seem to be very strong, but at least he didn't take advantage of ordinary people. He could even give the whole bowl of rice porridge back. This is something zhao shan he himself couldn't even do.

"don't take anymore detour, head straight towards jin lin......" chu yun sheng prepared to make it short, but he was interrupted by impatient zhao shan he.

"did li yue ask you to talk to me? Chu, i know what they are thinking, I can't do it. you can go to lao chui's car and take a look yourself, they haven't eaten anything for three days! All they had is just water! They gave us all their food, and now they are dying!"

Zhao shan he clenched his fists and carried on:" chu, you just joined us, you don't know lao chui, I get it. But i can't do it. It's his food saved my life..... Helped by others, repay them back 10 times more. It doesn't matter if it's age of light or the age of dark. This is the rule I live by...."

Chu yun sheng knows zhao shan he is a man lives by his belief. But he doesn't know he could talk so much, he could even let him finish his sentence.

So he simply throws a big rucksack bag he prepared earlier in front of him. Inside was stuffed with meat worm.

"what is this?" asked zhao shan he, he dazed for a second then curious.

Chu yun sheng opened the bag to reveal the white meat inside the bag. The meat reflected the creepy light in the car light.

: "this! This ...... is human flesh!!!" zhao shan he instantly jumped up, he almost shouted it out.

He can't blame zhao shan he, even now when chu yun sheng looked at, he will still think of human flesh.

"It's the monster meat!" calmly said chu yun sheng , he then took out the meat worm's whole body and showed It to zhao shan he.

"what kind of monster is this, I've never seen it before!?" zhao shan he slowly calms down after he saw the monster. Earlier he was so scared that he had broken out into a cold sweat. Everyone had seen the dead body before, it's not really a big deal, but they could never imagine of eating the human flesh.

"kun city, they only exist there." chu yun sheng said calmly.

" is it the fog city? I've heard people saying that whoever got inside never come out from there again. It took us very long to go around the fog city, because we didn't dare to get in to take the shortcut." zhao shan he was curious, he didn't quite believe chu yun sheng came from there. Everyone was saying that all the people inside are dead, no one is alive. And chu yun sheng has never mentioned it before.

Meanwhile, the terrifying and powerful flame bird constant appears in chu yun sheng's mind, that horrifying period of time when he was chased by the monster and he had to play dead to avoid monster's attack.. then When he finally gave up the hope and green shell appeared.... Everything flashed back in that moment. He shook his head, tried to get rid of those memories. When he finally calms down, he noticed that his back was already wet.

" you can give lao chui this bag of monster's meat, but use it sparingly,at least it has to be enough to support us to get to jin ling city!" said chu yun sheng, he doesn't want to talk about his past, so he sticks to the point.

Zhao shan he opened his mouth, but he doesn't know what to say. He did everything he could trying to find more food, but at the end, he still struggled to find any. He didn't expect chu yun sheng a fire warrior with a little tiger who was supposed to be hired by them would provide them with a large amount of food. He was shocked, at the same time he was also confused because he never saw chu yun yun carry any bag.

Chu Yun sheng was scared if he is going to talk non-stop. he still needs to go back to cultivate yuan qi. so he immediately interrupted zhao shan he:" meat is not free. There are several conditions, first, after the car was repaired, we need to start moving straight away. No more devour and food search. We need to be on the road 24 hours a day. Second, I just have this one bag, use it wisely, if we finish it before we got to jin ling city then I'll leave. Third, it must be equally split between everyone, not just 6 awakening warriors."

"chu, is it really edible? Many people have died of eating red shell insect's meat." zhuo shan he touched the meat, he still could believe it.

Although chu yun sheng didn't see boss jiang's man eat it. but when he was with Du qi shang, he saw a lot of people were eating it. And they were completely fine.

Red shell insect's meat contains a lot of corrosive substance, it would corrode human internal organ, that why almost all the people who ate insect's meat have died after they ate insects meat. However, hu Zai is different, chu yun sheng guessed it probably has something to do with the metal element.

Chu yun sheng picked up Hu Zai and turned around, he just simply said:"yes!"

Zhao shan he's hand suddenly trembled, this is a huge bag of meat, if it's really edible, then it could save a lot of people's lives!

:"chu! Thank you!" said zhao shan he after he paused there for a long time.

"remember what i said." said Chu yun sheng before he returned back to the car.

Despite such big bag, chu yun sheng could only squeeze in one meat worm. So just one meat worm chu yun sheng doesn't think he contributed a lot. also, he and little tiger took the free ride. It is also the time to repay them.

But he already told them the requirements, if they are still going to take a detour, then he will leave. He can't just follow them blindly. Also, he is more and more concerned about the safety of aunt's family.

When zhao shan he got back to the car. He could not stop smile. It also shocked li yue and other people who were about to take over control of the group.

When zhao shan he suddenly announced that they are going to Jin ling straightway, and they are not going to take anymore detour to find food, li yue and other people's face instantly froze.

Their plan was also destroyed by the announcement. But then when they smell the food fragrance, they forget everything completely. The meat was already given to lao chui to prepare for the meal, and zhao shan he had to explain to everyone where he got the meat and what meat is it. It was actually quite obvious because everyone can see the monster.

Chu yun sheng didn't ask zhao shan he not to mention his name, he doesn't think it was necessary. It's too tired for him to hide everything he did.

But chu yun sheng didn't expect the "witch" would claim that it is because of everyone has faith in her, that why the food appeared. and it seemed like she already has some royal followers!

"witch"'s every word become their bibles, she even claimed that: whoever has faith in her will eventually awaken.

To ordinary people, become awakening is their dream, as long as they become awakening they will be able to survive, they can even save their family and friends.

"witch" just uses this to deceive them, when they are emotionally not stable.

Chu yun sheng doesn't know if "witch" really has this kind of power or not. But he knows [tian di yuan fu] has this kind of power to forcibly awaken an ordinary people.

But that is the one of highest level yuan fu, it is not a kind of yuan fu he is able to make right now.