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Chapter 92 hijack

 Chapter 92 hijack

The little girl was wearing an adult size down jacket, it is silver grey which is fairly common. There are few holes on the jacket, the grey stuff inside almost pop out.

The jacket'ss zip was broken, it was tied up by a small string, but it is not really secure. The cloth was very long, it went all the way down to the little girl's knee. One of her feet was wearing an old broken grey sneaker, the other one was wearing a red shoe but the size was a little bit bigger.

Probably the size of both shoes are different, so when the little girl walks, it looks very strange.

She felt nervous when standing in front of Chu yun sheng, it was like she was being caught for doing something bad.

But her eyes didn't leave chu yun sheng's bowl, she was staring at it.

"en, try it." chu yun sheng thought of the little girl that died underneath her mother in the car. He couldn't help but pass the bowl to the little girl. The girl was extremely hungry, she was not interested in talking, she just wants the food.

She didn't seem to hear what chu yun sheng said, she was not moving.

"try it....." said chu yun sheng, he was trying his best to give her a friendly smile.

"ah!" little girl was startled, once she realised what chu yun sheng was saying. She lifts her hands that hid in the long sleeves earlier and about to take the bowl, but then those little hands slowly moved back.

"Uncle, you eat first, just leave a tiny bit for me. I just need to taste it." said the little girl, she was hesitant and a little bit sacred.

"Uncle is not hungry, you can have it." chu yun sheng took her hands and put the bowl in her hands.

"I'll just taste it." the little girl promised

She slowly moved the bowl close to her mouth, but both of her arms were trembling when moving the bow. It seems like she was trying her best to control her hunger. But at the end, she still took a big sip then she reluctantly moved the bowl away. before she gave it back, she also used her tongue to lick the edge.

" is it good?" said chu yun sheng, he put little tiger on the ground and lit the cigarette. He does not know why he felt something stuck in his heart when he saw the little girl trying the porridge.

"en, tasty!" said the little girl, she was constantly nodding her head, then slowly give back the bowl to chu yun sheng.

"you can have it all, uncle doesn't need it." chu yun sheng pushed the bowl back to her.

The little was stunned, she just looked that chu yun sheng. A moment later, she nervously asked:"but, you haven't eaten yet, are you not hungry?"

Chu yun sheng shook his head, didn't say anything.

The Little girl probably thought chu yun sheng wasn't lying, so she nervously asked him again:" thank you uncle, can i let my mom try it, she has not eaten for days."

Chu yun sheng waved his hand, he felt something stuck in heart and it made him find everything is irritating, so he replied in a slightly annoyed tone:" up to you."

The Little girl was startled by the sudden change of his tone, she didn't dare to carry on asking chu yun sheng. She held the bowl of porridge and slowly walked back to lao chui's small group with her uneven shoes. on the way back to her group, she also turned around and looked at Chu yun sheng for few times.

Chu yun sheng was not annoyed by her behaviour. The little girl just reminds him the period of time he was trying to forget. The period of time when he walked on the ground that made of human bodies, the period of time when the whole world was covered with blood and when he lost his hope completely. When he finally came back from the deep unpleasant memory, The little girl already got scared away. He could only give himself a hollow laugh.

But it was not long until Lao chui hold that bowl of porridge and came back to chu yun sheng with a woman and the little girl. chu yun sheng did not even finish his cigarette yet. They came in hurry, Lao chui walked very fast and the women followed closely behind, the little girl was being dragged and stumbled all the way to chu yun sheng.

"Mr. Chu, the kid is too hungry, she doesn't know anything, i am taking the food back, please don't leave us!" Lao chui begged, he then put the porridge in front of chu yun sheng, it did not reduce a single drop.

They just had a dispute with those awakenings, now the only thing they don't want is to offend anyone of those people. They are too powerful for them to compete, even though they were hired by them, but everyone knows they can't command them to do anything.

Lao chui was very concerned when he heard little girl said the uncle who just joined group gave her the food. He guessed that chu yun sheng was not satisfied with the food and wants to leave. That's why he did not touch it at all. Even Zhao shan he who he trusted the most had half of porridge. If he is not eating, how is he going to fight for them?

"What do you mean? Leave?" chu yun sheng does not know what he was talking about.

Lao chui dazed for a second then said:"you are not leaving?"

Chu yun sheng shook his head, the reason he joined lao chui's group is not for the food they provided. He has storage yuan fu which could supply enough food for his need. It is because he suddenly has an Inexplicable feeling that makes him wants to see people around him, be part of a group. that feeling came out of nowhere and made him accepted their offer without even think about it. When he realised, he was already in the group. Later on, he had actually thought about the benefit of joining a group, and it is actually not a bad idea at all. because he and the little tiger can not travel 24 hours non-stop, they need time to sleep and recover their strength. And Lao chui has vehicles, they can change drivers, and travel 24 hours non-stop.

Because he did not know how far they will need to travel in order to bypass the radiation zone, and what else could happen to the 150km journey in front of them. But as long as he could get to jin ling city sooner, that is still not a bad deal.

After Lao chui got it every clear, he finally relieved. If they don't have awakenings warriors' protection, they can't even defeat one insect.

Since chu yun sheng said he already gave it to the little girl. The rice porridge went back the little girl again. But then the little girl wants to give it to her mother. so after her mom took a small sip, she gave it to Lao chui. But lao chui did not eat it, he took it back and gave it to the pregnant woman.

The girl's mom could not thank chu yun sheng enough. She finally stopped until Zhao shan he shouted loudly to ask everyone to get back to the car.

the group started to move again.

They are very lucky when they drive along the radiation zone, they did not encounter any monsters. Instead, they saw three helicopters!

When they saw the military helicopters, everyone ran out of the vehicles, some even stood on top of the vehicles and shouted loudly for help.

Huang ren kuan was the most excited one, he even took the Tian Wei Dai's gun and fired several shots, he hoped it could attract their attention.

However, those people on helicopters did not seem to slow down at all. They quickly flew over them and flew straight into the vast radiation zone, then slowly disappeared in everyone's sights..

Huang ren kuan did not care about his calm and superior image anymore, he stood on top of the vehicle and cursed loudly. he claimed that once he gets to jin ling city, he will definitely find out those guys, and punish them heavily.

Chu yun sheng sat inside the vehicle, he did not move. Because he knows that military risked soldiers' lives to send out the helicopters is not to perform a search and rescue mission. They are definitely on an important mission, and there is no chance they will try to change their direction because of a group of survivors.

They have to rely on themselves.

Chu yun sheng was trying to spend all his time to speed up Ron Yuan Ti's transformation. His sword fighting technique was limited by his strength, that's why it could only unleash six sword qi. it is still very weak.

It is ok if he encounters a few monsters, but if he encountered the swarm or that golden shell insect. Then he will be dead for sure.

Also, he had used all his offensive yuan fu, and his Ben ti yuan qi is not fully restored yet. He still has so many stuff to do.

If he could reach yuan tian stage three, then he will be able to make a lot of monster seal yuan fu to seal a lot of monsters, then use them as the cannon fodders.

At the same night, one of the vehicles broke down unexpectedly, Lao chui was trying to repair it with other people, chu yun sheng knows he can't help them in any way. So he just leans against the seat to take a nap. He has been cultivated yuan qi for the whole day. He really needs some rest.

Li yue and zhao shan he had another argument for the route they need to travel, zhao shan he thinks they are in need of food supply, so while they travel alone the radiation zone, they can go to the nearest town to find some food. But Li yue thinks even they are hungry, but they still need to speed up, if they could not find any food in the nearest town, it will only waste more time. So he prefers to carry on their journey without any delay.

This time huang ren kuan did not say anything. But he secretly supports li yue.

Li yue criticised Zhao shan has excessive sympathy towards other. in this is the dark age, it is the

Troubled times, survive should be the main goal.

But zhao shan he objected him, he said li yue has already lost his humanity, the people in lao chui's group has not eaten for three days, people are dying if they could not find any more food! How could he just eat their food and abandon them when they need him. It is the act only animal would do.

They had the unpleasant dispute and broke up in discord. later that night. when zhao shan he went out, li yue secretly approached chu yun sheng and said:"chu, the situation is very clear now, we can not listen to zhao shan he anymore, otherwise we all gonna die. Now, amongst 7 people, huang ren kuan is neutral, witch and chef already told me they will be on my side. As long as you agree with me, the fence-sitter Tian wei dai won't say anything. "