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Chapter 85 surrounded

 Chapter 85 surrounded

Chu yun sheng doesn't know when he and lan chao yin were separated, his only thought now is to constantly wave the sword.

Insects continuously appear, run past them started to slaughter human, slowly one after another fire torches were put out. You could only hear the constant blood-curdling scream in the dark!

Chu yun sheng's night vision goggles were already broken by the flame monster, he only relies on his sense to detect the yuan qi moments around his area. because it went completely dark, so he didn't know how many insects there are. All he could hear is the noises that insects made.

Bang! Chu yun sheng pulls the trigger, a giant fireball shoots out his gun and lit up the insects around him, with the help of fire he could barely recognise the direction.

The gun's damage to red shell insect is way less effective than the sword. most of the time it just used as a light source to help chu yun sheng find a way.

Just right before the insects arrived. he had used his fastest speed to make one six armour yuan fu and cast to his body. Before he even had time to make one for lan chao yin he was quickly swallowed up by the insect's swarm.

With the yuan tian stage two's strength, combined with qian bi sword. If the combat armour is not broken, he would definitely be able to break out from here.

However, his combat armour is already broken, not only it reduced his defensive ability, but also he lost the additional physical strength that combat armour provides to him.

One thing that didn't disappoint chu yun sheng is after qian bi sword absorbed the strange blue gases from the red eye monsters. Now he didn't need to infuse yuan qi into the sword to kill the red shell insects!

He didn't know how many he has killed, and he also doesn't know how many times red she insects have attacked him. he already lost the count. He kept telling himself that even the flame monster couldn't kill him. so those small time bugs won't kill him.

I'll definitely get out here alive! Chu yun sheng is determined

Chu yun sheng kept breaking out the insect's swarm, but every time he got surrounded again! There were too many of them as if he fell into an ocean of insects.

The human screams and cries around him seemed to disappeared as if he is the only man still standing, still fighting!

He was not scared to be pinched by the red shell insect. because whenever he was pinched by the claws he could quickly cut the claws off.

He also was not scared to be stabbed by the insect's sharp legs. although every hit made an unbearable pain to his body. but every hit would push him forward, pushes him far away from the insect's crowd.

The only thing he was scared of was to be surrounded by the insect and the corrosive liquid they spit out. It is fine when he still has the combat armour, but if he just has six armour yuan fu then it's very dangerous!

Every time he got surrounded, he has to use the sword fighting technique to make a way for him to escape! Only now did he realise how powerful the sword fighting techniques "ward off thousand armies" is. Six sword qi smash every single insect on its way into pieces. Every time when he uses it, the insects would stop attacking him, they seemed to be scared to approach him, and all stood at a place far away from him! But each time they would start to surround him again, when they see chu yun sheng couldn't unleash the strange light beam continually.

However, this strength is just a tip of the iceberg.

Since he reached yuan tian stage two, he didn't even have time to study new abilities. He spent all his time seeking for a safer place.

if he could make a higher level six armour yuan fu, if the combat armour reached another level, if he could understand more about the sword fighting techniques, there are so many if could make his life much easier.

But now all he could do is to only focus on escaping from red shell insects army. Sword fighting techniques would consume a lot of his yuan qi, so he mainly uses his three sword forms.


A military flare Suddenly appeared in the sky at the front, a place not far from him. chu yun sheng got excited, that means he is not far from the army. But then his excitement was replaced by chill, a chill down to his spine. With the help of the flare rocket he saw the ground was covered with insects, there isn't any space between insects, there is no end, it stretched into a distance as far as the eye can see!!!

Chu yun sheng was stunned by the scene. suddenly he was caught off guard by a red shell insect attacking from behind, even though he has six armour yuan fu to protect him, but it still made him spit out blood. He was knocked on the ground and he was stuck on the ground by insect's sharp leg. The insects around him immediately started to shrink the circle, he was about to run over by a uncountable amount of red shell insects!!!!

He panicked and instantly waved the sword cut off the insect's leg. At the same time, his immediately jumped up while left hand pulled the trigger. The gun that filled with yuan qi instantly shoot out a giant fireball hit a red shell insect next to him, with the help of recoil force, he flew up high!

While he is still in the air, the place he was at earlier already covered with insects, if he is not going to do anything, he will definitely fall into the insect's crowd and never be able to come out again! He immediately unleashes another (ward off thousand armies) sword fighting technique. Six sword qi kills all the insect right below him and made an empty area for him to land.

He didn't have time to restore his energy, if he couldn't get out of this place as soon as possible, he will be dead. So when he just landed, he instantly charges out while waving his sword to kill anything that is on his way!

Soon chu yun sheng encountered the first group of human who is still resisting, they were a group made of around 20 awakening warriors. They formed a tight circle and slowly move backwards while withstanding red shell insect's attack.

The insects didn't seem to be able to break their formation, they only try to consume their energy by constantly attacking their defensive formation.

Chu yun sheng wanted to join them, he can't stand fighting alone any longer. Suddenly the whole ground starts to shake, he quickly killed the two insects which were blocking his way and back away for a distance.

The ground started to shake even more intensely, bang ..... Crack....... one fire warrior unleash his energy to check what is going on. Then everyone saw a giant insect's head as big as a bus dug its way out of the ground, its neck is as big as its head covers with many sections of golden shell. The fire cast by the awakenings made its shell shine a bright golden light in the dark!

The sudden appearance of the giant monster made all the awakenings lost their pace. a few red shell insects took the chance and quickly kill the two awakenings!

The giant golden shell monster raises its head and made a loud roar, then it spits out the long line of blistering fire instantly swallowed up all the awakenings, even some of red shell insects were caught on fire.

That line of fire was like a dragon breath, although its fire element was not as pure as a flame bird, But the power is not much difference. Two awakening warriors that closest to the monster were instantly burned into ashes. Rest of them were caught on fire and scream in pain!

Chu yun sheng was scared, at this point, he already forgets about he wanted to join them earlier. Now the monster is concentrating on the group, he must use this opportunity to escape. He immediately killed few insects which were blocking his way and leave the place.

Gunfire, gunfire!

Chu yun sheng desperately tries to get to the place where the sound of gunfire came from, but all he could see is the insects, insect, nothing, but the insects!

Time is slowly ticking away, his each sword swing become weaker and weaker. His yuan qi has declined rapidly, he knows once he is exhausted with yuan qi. It is time for his death.

Originally he could split an insect into half just by one swing, slowly he needs to swing two times to kill the insect, and now it become three, he couldn't feel his strength anymore! And his body was covered with sticky liquid, he didn't even have time to wipe of off. Those liquids make him hard to keep his eye open!

The sound of gunfire became louder and clear. Chu yun sheng kept telling himself that he is near the army!

In the light that came from few scattered fire, chu yun sheng could barely recognise the houses in the small villages.

With just the slightest hope, Chu Yun Sheng used all his strength to get to the village. But he was too exhausted, he has been fighting since the fog city, he used every last bit of his potential energy. His eyesight started to get blurry, but his hand still swings the sword unconsciously.

Chu yun sheng could even hear the soldier's screaming, he is very close to them. but just this short distance made him feel like it is even further than the distance between Kun city and sheng chen city.

The closer he gets to the place where the sound of gunfire came from, denser the insect crowd is, when finally gets into the village he realised that he could not get through there. The village is already blocked by the massive amount of insect. There is not any space he could use to get through!

He can't fight anymore but he could not retreat or push forward either. He headed into a three-storey village house and killed the one red shell insect which was following him.

the light caused by the Gunfire and artillery fire flickering in the village, chu yun sheng does not care if the insect chasing him or not, with the help of flickering light, chu yun sheng used his final strength got to the second floor, and used his sword to destroy the staircases. He could not stand anymore, he just slumps himself onto the floor and breathes heavily on the ground.

He has already finished all the absorption yuan fu, even the six armour yuan fu is nearly broken. Luckily insects were attracted by the gunfire, they did not chase him.

Chu yun sheng was struggling to move to the window, he wiped off the blood on his face. What he saw next made him laugh. He was laughing how stupid he was. With the help of gunfire outside, he finally saw the "army" he has been looking for. It was a just group of soldiers one the roof of a building. And they were surrounded by the insect. The main military force probably has already retreated. Those soldiers were left behind to delay the insect's army.


Meanwhile the soldiers on the roof

"major, we are out of ammo!"

"me too!"

"I'm out of grenade!"


The bottom of the building was covered with insect's bodies. The Live insects were crawling on the dead one try to get to the roof and kill those soldiers. They almost reached them.

The major gave them the last order, everyone was gathered around formed a tight circle, some people were laughing, some were crying......


Suddenly the ground was shaking. It was those soldiers detonated the explosives in the building below then.