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Chapter 84 caught up

 Chapter 84 caught up

Chu yun sheng and lan chao yin both headed towards the suburban, they were on the national highway which heads towards the west of the city. Because of broken cars and bodies on the highway, they can't drive very fast.

A lot of regular citizens started to come out of fog city, most of them do not have any transportation. But since they all know jin ling city is the safest city, so they all head west.

Some of them took clothes from dead bodies and use the petrol they found in the broken cars to make a fire torch. Soon one fire torch after another appeared in the dark. Chu yun shenng was very concerned with such massive crowd. they have so many fire touches, it would easily attract green shell insect in the sky!

But they can't tell them to put out the fire, it's very dark outside city, without light source they couldn't find the way.

All he could do is to ask lan chao yin to speed up the bike and stay away from the crowd.

6km isn't a long distance, if there isn't any problem with the road, they would get there very soon.

Since the dark age began, chu yun sheng noticed that no matter how he makes his plan, there would always be accidents to disrupt his whole plan. Before He was worried about the bike would attract green shell insect, just when he solved the bike problem, then the crowd become another problem.

Lan chao yin seemed to know what he was worried about, she immediately leant forward and said:"Sit tight!"

Just right after she said, the strange flame instantly lit up the bike, the bike rushed out left a track of fire on the highway.

Just when he is was slightly relieved because of increasing speed, he heard the sound made by rocket artillery firing and a massive amount of red shell insects came from the front!


"division commander! If we don't leave now we won't have any chance to escape later! We can't continue to wait like this." said political commissar, he was grasped division commander Yan's arm and his face is full of tears.

Division commanders face twitched then shouted:" wait!!!"

": just because of Du qi shang, how many of our brothers have died!?.... Those fucking insects is going to surround us! you are going to sacrifice whole division for him!" political commissar shouted with a hoarse voice.

:"It's an order, I said 23:00, then it will be 23:00, I'll not retreat one second earlier, or wait one second more!" Division commander clenched the gun said sternly while watching the soldiers fighting at the front.

Division commander yang was so determined. The political commissar's body started to tremble, suddenly he kneeled down, he was crying out loud:" lao yang, please, order them to retreat, please, i am begging you! They all haven't reached 19 years old yet. They all just kids!"

Commander Yang suddenly felt A sharp pain in his heart, he instantly holds up the politician commissar, his lips were twitching:"lao quan! Why are you doing this!? I Yang bai li is not a heartless bastard, they are all my soldiers! I am not just waiting for du qi shang that idiot! I am waiting for almost two truck of scientists! I am just a soldier, i don't know anything about science. But i still understand, without those scientists, we won't have any new weapon, if we just have the old weapon, don't even need to mention the whole army, the whole country will die! "

Political commissar shook his head, he seemed to disagree with commander's opinion. When he was about to argue, he suddenly heard the soldiers burst into cheers at front.

They were startled and instantly took out the infrared binoculars. at the front line just right behind the insect's swarm, a thin long tank gun slowly appeared in the dark. Then a group of awakening warriors quickly rushed out and started to attack the red shell insects from behind!

Some of the soldiers shouted:"£it's the 218 regiment, it's the 218 regiment!"

Yang bai li finally sighed with relief. He then shouted:"du qi shang you bastard!" and turned around shouted again:"staff officer Bao, take out all the Depleted uranium ammunition we got, let's help them and quickly get out of here! "


A few minutes later.

Chu yun sheng could see the gunfire spread across the sky and the ground is full of red shell insects. The insects were so crowded that it even made his soul starts to shake. He and lan chao yin could not get through this red shell insect's swarm!

He immediately told lan chao yin to turn around, if the insects noticed them, then it will be too late!

There is a lake at the North, if they head that way, the journey will be too long. they have to head to the south and find a way to go around the insect's swarm!

They are not far away from Gu Shu city, chu yun sheng was scared that Gu Shu city will be like fog city kun city, so he disagreed with Lan chao yin's idea which is to go through the Gu shu city.

Then They started to see more and more people. most of them came from shen cheng city, and most of them do not have any cars. They all just on their foot.

The crowd's only light source is the fire torches. although they are not very bright. but with the number of torches they had, it is already enough to light up the night at their front.

People tend to follow where the fire touches are going, they don't have a sense of direction nor they want to go into the dark alone!

They felt safe to be within the crowd and near the light, even Chu yun sheng has that feeling as well!

At least when they encountered the dangerous, the more people you have means higher chance to survive!

Lan chao yin has already stopped using her ability, she said she doesn't have much energy left, and she needs to keep some to protect herself. But who knows if she was saying the truth.

Once the fire disappeared, the bike became a regular bike. It needs to consume petrol, but Chu yun sheng wasn't worried. because he still has some in the storage yuan fu.

Lan chao yin's riding skill is undoubtedly very good. She used the every possible route in the crowd, but then it started to cause trouble.

Some groups tried to take their bike by force, some of them were the awakenings. luckily chu yun sheng has restored some of his strength. He simply used the enchanted gun to scared them away.

But it wasn't long until chu yun sheng started to hear the buzzing sound appear in the sky. It instantly struck fear into chu yun sheng's heart, that sound was made by green shell insects!

He turned around and instantly saw around 4 green shell insects were diving down. the crowds panicked, some of them ran into each, some of them were pushing each other. They all trying to find a place to hide.

Chu yun sheng held onto lan Chao yin and clench his legs to lock himself onto to the bike. He then instantly forced himself to lean to left. The bike immediately fell down and slid very far.

Then Green shell insects quickly flew over them!

At the same time, people at back shouted:" insect! They have caught up with us!:

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