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chapter 83 Ghost rider?

 chapter 83 Ghost rider?

The woman starts to quickly check the bike. she seemed to be very familiar with the bike. some part of the bike were disassembled then she was using her fire ability to burn those parts, she was very fast at repairing the bike. it made chu yun sheng suspected that she definitely used to work in a bike repair shop before.

Soon, she stood up, tied her hair behind her head, then she quickly get on the bike without asking chu yun sheng.

Chu yun sheng was startled, he was exhausted, but this woman could still unleash the fire energy, that means she still has the ability to fight. If she really wants to run away with the bike, chu yun sheng won't be able to stop her!

He also immediately got on the bike and held on tightly to her waist. He purchased three bikes during the age of light, this is the last one he has, so he couldn't afford to lose it. This woman helps him to fix the bike, there is no reason to ask her t get off the bike as well. Moreover, she seemed to be familiar with the bike, then she must be good at riding the bike as well. With his riding skill and terrible road conditions, he won't be able to drive fast in this city. So he needs on her.

Chu yun sheng sat behind her didn't say anything. The woman probably knew chu yun sheng agreed what she did, so she just said:" sit tight!" the bike made a loud noise and instantly rushed out at a full throttle speed.

Only now did he realised that how good this woman is at riding the bike! It is not just better than his driving skill. What was more surprising was she could still ride the bike fast while avoid hitting the large rattans that spread on the ground. She even used her ability on the bike, the bike's wheels were on fire and they were spinning fast, it Cut through all the small rattans on the way! The bike even made a line of fire track on the ground! It was like the movie ghost rider!

Chu yun sheng was curious why the tires did not explode, he could not ask her now, so he guessed that was probably because of her ability. The whole bike and even the woman was surrounded by the fire element! She was driving very fast even when the bike was turning, sometimes she lifts up the front wheel to avoid giant rattan and make a jump.

Chu yun sheng has no choice but bear the heat with broken armour and cling onto her. he could not use absorption yuan fu to restore his yuan qi. He is afraid that once he moved, he would fall off the bike!

It surprises chu yun sheng that The woman could continuously use her fire ability. Her fire ability is very strong, no wonder why she dares to lay on the ground and play dead to avoid monster's chase!

The woman is concentrating riding and chu yun sheng is concentrating hold onto woman tightly. Both of them did not have time to talk to each other. Although the bike's speed is slower than a flame bird, but compared to meat worm and red eye monster it is a lot faster!

Chu yun sheng heard from Commander Du before, The defence line was formed by his division, Their suffered huge loss during the retreat. When they had finally managed to get out shen cheng city and go around the fog city Kun through Su Shen highway, they encountered most of 218 regiment's ordinary soldiers in Dong shen university. those soldiers were originally asked to stay and help escort the Dong shen university's crowd by Commander Du.

it was those soldiers told the division commander the elite troops, a group of scientists and commander Du were attempting to cross the fog city to get to Jin Ling city sooner. However, they never heard information or saw anyone came out of fog city.

In order to wait for those scientists, the division commander decided to wait for them for 6 hours, they also send people into the fog looking for Commander Du.

Although he really hates commander Du, but he knows that in order to protect himself from the insect army he has to stay with the military.

That's why he told the woman to head straight to Qing Deng (green light) town, luckily this woman seems to know where it is, so he finally relieved, otherwise he has to get the map out, but with his condition right now, how can he check the map!?.

20 minutes later, they finally rushed out the fog city, and once again disappeared in the dark.

The green light illuminates the fog city behind them in the dark, it looks like the Elf forest in the fairy tail!

It is roughly 23 o'clock now, the soft and slightly wavering light in the sky had already disappeared. Compare to the fog city, the bike become very bright in the dark!

If they continue to ride like this, they will easily expose themselves to other monsters. The woman seemed to have the same concern, so she stopped using her ability. the fire instantly disappeared on the bike as if they did not exist at all!

Finally, chu yun sheng has time to restore his yuan qi, although when he reaches yuan tian stage two, his body would automatically absorb yuan qi in the air. However, he used every bit yuan qi he gathered to withstand the heat came from the woman's fire ability.

The woman got off the bike. her hair had already fallen down and scattered all over her face when they were riding the bike. So she got off the bike and tried to tie her hair up again. Then she noticed chu yun sheng was still on the bike, she said:"Mr. Chu you are really a cautious man, with your ability, are you still scared i am going to run away with the bike!?"

Chu yun sheng thought: of course i am scared, but he did not actually say that. he asked her:"how do you know my name?"

She looked at his armour:"who doesn't!?"

Chu yun sheng's armour and the sword have already become his signature, so it is not strange for her to know his name. He smiled but did not say anything. He just grasped the absorption yuan fu in his hand and tried to recover as fast as he can.

The woman reached out her hand and said:"I am Lan Chao Yin, a fire warrior!"

Chu Yun sheng hasn't had a handshake with someone for a very long time, this basic manner is almost disappeared since the dark age began. He paused a second, then reached out his hand, but he just shakes once and immediately pulled back his hand. He pointed himself said:"chu yun sheng" then he stopped talking, he could not explain his ability so he kept quiet.

Lan chao yin did not seem to mind, she turned around took out a flat water bottle from her inside of her clothe and started to slowly drink it.

After a while, chu yun sheng finally absorbs one absorption yuan fu. Then he immediately took out a bottle of liquid from storage yuan fu, he did not even look at the label. he just downed it. He was also thirsty as well!

Then he took out a piece of cloth, covered the bike's front light. They have to move now, they can't stay here very long. Lan chao yin also can't use her ability otherwise they would attract a lot of things in the dark. With the help of hazy bike's front light, they slowly disappeared in the dark again.