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chapter 82 play dead

 chapter 82 play dead

However, he did not get far until he heard some quick and shuffled footsteps appeared at his back, he was alerted and slightly turned around to looks what's behind. But what he saw next almost scared him to death!!!!

He saw 7 or 8 people was running fast toward him from the other end of the street, and another flame bird was chasing them!

Probably that flame bird had killed all other awakening warriors that why it kept chasing those people who escape to the west!

Chu yun sheng heart jumped rapidly, he couldn't control it. He is so weak right now that he couldn't even beat a meat worm, let alone this flame bird.

His legs started to shake uncontrollably, and could no longer control his emotions!

His subconscious made him took out the motorbike. He would rather encounter the meat worm now than flame bird now. he knows that even bike's speed still can't compete with the flame monster, But he still has a slight hope that he will get away.

However, it was just a wishful thinking! What made him felt even more desperate was no matter how he tried to start the bike, the bike just won't start.

With the flame bird getting closer and closer, chu yun sheng finally had a mental breakdown. he kicked the bike. but he didn't realise he was weak right now. he couldn't even stand properly. one kick didn't do anything to the bike, but instead, he was pushed backwards and fell on the ground!

Chu yun sheng lay on the ground, his heart as cold as ice: is this how I am going to die!?

At the same time, two words suddenly appeared in his mind, those two words are: play dead.

He has no other choice but gave it a try! So he just lay there didn't move!

Rapid footsteps finally reached him. The two people who fell behind were killed by the flame bird. The person who Runs the fastest directly stepped on Chu Yunsheng's body. That person uses Chu yun sheng's body as jump pad to make a jump. the armour has already broken, so as energy shield. The man stepped on chu yun sheng's body very hard, it almost made chu yun sheng spit out blood again!

The flame bird flew over everyone's head, stepped on the first person's back and pressed that person down very hard. The person instantly lost conscious, then the body was burned and the energy was absorbed by the flame bird.

Meanwhile, another three people just run past chu yun sheng, one of them lost their balance when jumped over chu yun sheng stepped on his body by accident. Then the fifth person stepped on his hand, chu yun sheng couldn't bare the pain but slightly shook his hand.

The person who stepped his hand was scared to death seeing a dead man suddenly moved.

But then that person immediately noticed what's happening. He threw himself on the ground and play dead just like chu yun sheng.

And the other person who is the slowest among them, and who is also supposed to be dead but luckily the flame monster decided to fly over them and catch the person at the front. When that person saw two people were playing dead on the ground that person immediately followed them!

Chu yun sheng really wants to kill those two idiots and dump them in a place far away from him. Can they not choose somewhere else to play dead. There is roughly 4 meters distance to each other. If the flame monster notices any one of them, they will all be dead. Since chu yun sheng got ambushed by the red shell insect before, he never doubts any monster's intelligence!

As he expected, the flame bird killed four people at the front, but it didn't leave, it was still wheeling in the sky and looking for few people that are missing.

Chu yun sheng was watching the flame bird secretly. when he saw the monster eventually locked on them, he knows it's game over!

The monster flapped its wing and started to dive down. chu yun sheng has no other choice but kept playing dead. He knows he couldn't run away, he just hoping other people couldn't bear the heat would get up and run away. Maybe the monster would chase the person run away, or maybe it will just kill two more people and leave.

All three people were having the same thought, but probably only one person will have a chance to survive!

It is a time to test their courage, chu yun sheng still has his broken armour, so he decides whatever happened he will have to stay to the last!

As he expected, the other two people do not have anything to protect them. One person seemed to hold it very well, but the other one could not bear the heat immediately got up and run away.

However, how can he run away from the flame bird's chase? Soon he was burned into ashes.

Now it is only left him and the other person. the Flame bird flew back and once again dived down, chu yun sheng knows he can't get away now, this monster definitely knows what is going on!

In that moment, chu yun sheng gave up all the hope, he knows his life will end here. His mind just went blank and then all the old memories flashed backed, he remembers his parents which had passed away long time ago ... he sighed. it is time to see them in the heaven.

Suddenly he heard a familiar loud screech, it sounds like red shell insect, no.... Should be green shell insect!!

Chu yun sheng squinted his eye to take a close look. The flame bird had already given up flew towards them, it ascended to the sky! And flew towards three green shell insects!

They are like the mortal enemies for many years, both sides ignored Chu yun sheng and the other person, headed straight to each other and crashed into each other,

Although the flame bird is very strong. but there are three green shell insects. So it is hard to tell who is going to win at that moment!

Chu yun sheng immediately came back from the shock, he did not expect he could survive this time! And What is more surprising is the things that saved him is not the ancient book. But it's his enemy green shell insect!

Then another thought instantly emerged in his mind, if the green shell insects are here, that means the red shell insect's main force is very close.

He did not know where he got the strength, but he instantly jumped up and tried to pick up the bike he kicked over earlier. It is the only way he can get away from here quickly.

But the truth is you can never depend on luck, the bike still won't start. Chu yun sheng was so frustrated that he even want to use the sword to cut the bike in half.

"Let me try it!" a voice came from his back, it was the person who was playing dead with him. From the voice and the body shape, chu yun sheng could tell she is a woman.

Since the dark age began, no one would have time to clean themselves, including those women, everyone has a messy hair and their faces are usually covered with dirt. If she did not talk and chu yun sheng did not look carefully, he would not recognise she is a woman. Of course, there are some other reasons for women to make themselves look ugly as well, just like the female teacher he saw in shen cheng city.

Chu yun sheng does not know anything about the motorbike, so he stood aside to let the woman try it, but his hand was tightly grasped the bike's back seat. He needs to make sure this woman is not going to run away with the bike.

The battle above their head is getting more and more fierce. One of green shell insect had already been killed by the flame bird and fell on the ground. the flame bird was also heavily injured, it's fireball attack is getting weaker and weaker.

Time is pressing!