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Chapter 81 kill the flame monster

 Chapter 81 kill the flame monster

Meat worm's suction ability is very strange. when Chu yun sheng was still at yuan tian stage one, he needed to rely on the strength of giant rattan to stop himself from moving.

When he reached yuan tian stage two, things does change a little bit. however, it's only because chu yun sheng became stronger which allows him to kill meat worms faster. The meat worm's powerful suction ability still ha an effect on him.

According to the ancient book, the meat worm he caught still has not fully recovered yet, it still needs to be feed with yuan qi for awhile.

However, it is a critical moment for him now, that why he needs to release it early.

Just when Chu yun sheng about to turn around and run, he saw the meat worm swallowed all the fireballs that were supposed to fly towards him and spit it out from the other mouth! It changed the fireball's directions and hit the buildings next to them!

What surprised Chu yun sheng even more was the flame monster was being slowly dragged down, it was struggling!

Chu yun sheng immediately realised that this flame monster was also exhausted, it was just a little bit better than chu yun sheng, it could still throw some fireballs!

However, the power of its fireballs have greatly decreased, otherwise, the meat worm would not be able to change its directions. Normally if meat worm just swallowed one flame monster's fireball, it would severely damage its internal organ.

Chu yun sheng was shocked when he saw what this meat worm did. He was trying to figure out what to do. He doesn't know how fast will the flame monster recover itself. And the meat worm seemed to reach its limit. If he leaves the meat worm, it will definitely be dead. And if the monster recovers itself after absorbing the energy from the meat worm, then he will be dead as well. So why not take this chance try to kill the monster!

Eventually, he gritted his teeth and made up his mind.

Chu yun sheng took out two absorb yuan fu, he plants to use it while the flame bird still focuses on the meat worm, once he fully recovered, he will definitely be able to kill the flame bird.

Some area of its body armour were still on fire, but he did not have time to put it out. When he was busy trying to recover his energy, the meat worm was trying its best to pull the flame bird down, and the flame bird still could not get away but slowly being dragged down a bit by bit.

The flame bird was enraged, it should be the predator, not the other way around!? It was furiously flapping its wing to throw out some fireballs. But they all got sucked into the meat worms body, and spit out from the other side!

Times fly, chu yun sheng uses every single second he could to absorb yuan qi from the absorption yuan fu!

Soon he smelled a pungent smell of burned flesh. It was the meat worm, it had already reached its limit, if his conscious wasn't sealed by the incantations, it would probably already run away!

suddenly flame bird gave up flaps its wings, it dived down like a ballistic missile head straight towards the meat worms giant mouth.

The meat worms felt the danger, it instantly expanded its body and mouth to a size that twice as bigger than its original size,

Within a split second, chu yun sheng suddenly felt the area suddenly went dark, the flame bird shrank its body and flew into the meat worms mouth. The white meat worm's body suddenly glowed in a red light like a hot stove. It suffered from huge burning pain. however, it could not do anything else but twisted its body and rolled around on the ground.

Its body was under flame birds attack, some area suddenly swelled up and some area suddenly shrank down, it's the moment of life and death for the both monsters!

Chu yun sheng could see the victory in sight!

He immediately speeds up his absorption speed without thinking about if his body could handle it! Yuan fu flooded into his body, the sudden change almost made him pass out! The Visceral and blood vessels were all expanded to its limit, his skins starts to crack, he felt like his muscles were all tore apart! He was bleeding everywhere!

At the same time, the meat worm finally lost the battle, the flame bird burned a hole on its body and about to fly out! Chu yun sheng suppresses his painful feeling, he pulled out the sword which was stabbed on the ground earlier, charged towards the flame bird. He forced himself to activate the sword fighting technique. He wanted to kill flame bird while it is still in the meant worm's body

Instantly sword qi burst out from the sword and shredded everything on its way.

Meat worm no longer exists, it only left flame birds struggling to fight with sword qi.

And chu yun sheng once again exhausted with his energy. He was exhausted and he felt sharp pain everywhere in his body. He could no longer stand up but cling his body onto the sword and kneel down.

Soon the flame bird finally fell on the ground and stopped moving, its body flame also slowly disappeared. chu yun sheng has never seen a flame bird die before. If he could, he would rather seal the flame bird into the yuan fu than let it die. This monster's very strong, it is much stronger than the meat worm.

Unfortunately, he is injured and exhausted with yuan qi, he does not have spare yuan qi to make extra monster seal yuan fu. He could not do anything but see a powerful monster die in front of him.

After the flame bird died, its fire energy slowly shrank and formed a red seedlike object, it is as big as an apple. But the surface is as rough as a nut.

Chu yun sheng was curious, he did not know what that thing is. So he staggered towards the object, uses the sword to move it. It did not seem to have any reaction. So he kneels down and tries to pick it up. But he did not expect that object is extremely hot. even though he throw it away immediately. but still His hand armour was melted a layer.

Just a touch, chu yun sheng could clearly feel a tremendous amount of fire element yuan qi contained in this strange "seed".

Since he can't touch it, he recited the incantation and control the storage yuan fu to stored this strange seed inside the yuan fu.

Chu yun sheng stumbled towards the west, he was walking slowly while using one absorption yuan fu to recover his energy.

This place is extremely dangerous, he needs to leave as soon as possible! Now just one meat worm or a few red eye monsters would instantly kill him, don't even need to mention the flame bird!

he is scared to use the motorbike, monsters are extremely sensitive to the sound, what if he attracts one, then he will be 100% dead this time.