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chapter 76 fight the flame monster

 chapter 76 fight the flame monster

The Flame monster dived once again like a giant flame bird, the fire constantly burst out from its body, and slowly disappeared into the air.

Chu yun sheng calmed himself down then used the sword fighting technique - ward off thousands army. the beam instantly shot out from the blade and flew towards the monster.

This Sword fighting technique is a long range attack skill and it is the only weapon he was able to use to fight the flame monster. He couldn't use gun and arrow because the monster is very fast and agile. so he has no other choices.

With his ability right now, he could only unleash 6 sword qi, which will form 6 blades.

Those sword qi are only powerful when dealing with meat worm. but when dealing with the flame monster, it is still not powerful enough.

If he keeps practising the skill, at the end he will be able to unleash 60 sword qi and kill the monster on the spot. But for now, his 6 sword qi only causes the monster to slow down a little bit.

Chu yun sheng doesn't want to use this sword fighting technique 10 times. It's not a just addition that simple. Not only because his yuan qi is not enough, the power level of sword qi is completely different compared to 60 sword qi done by just one swing. It is much weaker and it would only waste his energy.

His plan is not to fight the flame monster with force, his task is to distract it until all the awakening warriors retreat.

The way to get rid of the flame monster is simple. The fog walls will still exist as long as it's 9 cores are not destroyed completely. all he needs to do is to use the fastest speed he has to cross the same fog wall back and forth several times, then the flame monster will eventually lose him.

The flame monster was enraged by the sword qi. It was probably the first time someone could hit it, or maybe it was enraged by the blue ripple's special ability inside sword qi which is the most effective on consuming its energy.

It flapped its long and spiky wings, once again flew towards Chu yun sheng who was now running at his fastest speed.

Just in this short amount of time, chu yun sheng has already run 50 meters. he speeds up once again. yuan tian stage two has transformed his body to rong yuan body, it gave him an unprecedented power, he was like a flying arrow, dashing through all the rattans!

But even he was fast, his running speed still cannot compete with flying speed. A few seconds later, chu yun sheng could feel a hot wave was pushing towards him. he did not have time to dodge the waves and just relied on his armour protection. he tried to withstand the flame monsters fire attack, but when he was hit, it almost caused him to spit out blood.

The only thing that made him feel lucky is that the impact of the attack pushed him forwards, it results in the distance between them once again widened.

right now, In section 7, there is a very bizarre scene happening. an enraged flame monster was chasing a person who was wearing the red armour, every time when flame monster throws fire at the red armour person, that person would withstand the attack, and the impact of instantly pushes him forward. it was like this for a very long time.

One the way, all the meat worms and red eye monsters, not matter how many of them, they were all scared away. none of them even dare to approach them!

Chu yun sheng felt like he was almost cooked by the fire attack. he could even smell a burning human flesh smell. The armour was extremely hot, when it touches the fog around him, it instantly made a sizzling sound. even the six armour yuan fu is on the verge of a breakdown. All of his defence methods will be collapsed at any moment.

It is time to use the bing beng fu(Glacier), chu yun sheng thought.

He immediately took out the bing beng fu(Glacier), he whispered the incantation to activate the yuan fu, it instantly shot out and projected a word "beng" in the air.

The word then broke apart, the incarnation was complete.

Shortly a giant Glacier was formed and freeze the flame monster inside.

Chu yun sheng seized the opportunity and immediately ran away as fast as he can, he almost hates himself for being a human that not able to fly.

Of course, to a powerful monster like the flame monster bing beng fu(Glacier) won't trap him for long. However, the bing beng fu's(Glacier) most powerful attack it not to trap the monster, it is when it breaks.

Crack! Crack! Crack! Bang bang bang !!!

A three continuous loud crack sound.

Chu yun sheng was startled, he could not help himself but turned around to look what was happening behind him.

The giant Glacier collapsed and broke into many ice pieces, the collapsed started from outside spread to a central point where the flame monster was, the power of bing beng fu(Glacier) was trying to crash the flame monster.

"Screeeeeeech" The flame monster screamed in pain!

Chu yun sheng has never seen a flame monster screams like this, heart instantly skipped a beat:" it was injured, it was actually injured!!!!!!"

When the first time he used one of the level three yuan fu, he was still at yuan tian stage one, at that time, he could only unleash less than ⅕ of its power. Now he is at yuan tian stage two, he is still only able to unleash half of its power.

One bing beng fu(Glacier) could injure a flame monster. it is totally not what he expected. He was more expecting the bing beng fu(Glacier) to slow down the flame monster.

When he was still deciding whether to use another bing beng fu(Glacier) to kill it. The Glacier exploded and The flame monster broke out. It locked on chu yun sheng straightway and started to dive at him.

"Fuck!" chu yun sheng cured, it just had a minor injury! This monster is too strong!

Run, have to run as fast as you can. This is all he could think of right now.

Chu yun sheng did not dare to turn around again, when he reaches the fog wall, he almost could feel the monster just right behind him, he could feel the fire was melting his body, and even his hairs were probably already on fire!

He uses his last bit of energy to cross the fog wall back and forth several times. the scenery was changing rapidly in his eyes, only until chu yun sheng felt dizzy did he finally stopped. It looks like he had successfully get rid of the flame monster!

He found a hidden house, then instantly slumped himself onto the ground. his breath was quick and short, he wanted to breathe as much oxygen as possible.

Until now, he can still feel the heart jumping rapidly because of fear and extreme movement. The combat armour was scary hot, it could even light a cigarette! If it is not because of six armour yuan fu, he suspected that his coat would catch fire already!

however, the six armour yuan fu was already broken, so he immediately restored his yuan qi made a new one. He hates himself could not understand the description of level three "six armour yuan fu ", otherwise he would have been this distressed!

He took a long drag of a cigarette, the smoke went into his lung and starts to have an effect on his mind and body. He felt an inexplicable sense of pleasure, and started stretching his body trying to relax.

He was thinking that he had always been struggling to escape. he really needs to find some time to study the book now. especially in recent, he almost did not have time to touch the book at all! He relies on this book, if the just leave the book aside not study it, he had strange sense that he won't be able to survive for long!