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Chapter 73 power of the sword fighting technique

 Chapter 73 power of the sword fighting technique

when Chu yun sheng appeared in the hall with full body armour, the hall instantly went silent, everyone was looking at him.

Chu yun sheng raised his hand to stop commander du who was about to speak to him, he jumped on the service counter in the hall:" i am just going to say few simple things. everyone was gathered here because we all wanted to escape from here. I understand what you are worried about, but if you think I am going to fight flame monster right now just because I need to prove my ability, then you are wrong. because it is a suicide! Everyone was working hard to make this day happen, not just you guys, those ordinary soldiers, those scientists.... Follow me later, I will let you see something to increase your confidence. But I have to mention this, no matter what you choose, there is only one chance here. if you choose to quit, then you will die here, it is just a matter of time. We do not have other choices!"

He rushes outside just right after he finished the sentence, did not even give those people who were still thinking a chance to ask questions. it is only less than a half hour from fog wall change its sequence again. professor's new map is not ready yet. So he needs to find meat worm in section 9.

If it is not that he wants to test the power of sword fighting technique, he does not really care about what those people are thinking. Believe him or not. the most dangerous task in this entire mission was assigned to him, those people are only responsible for destroying the fog wall. Who do they think they are?! they are in no position to judge him!

But then again, he slowly realised why they were so worried. they have been living in this city so long, of course, they have to take care of their life first. they did not care if chu yun sheng could survive from flame monster's attack, all they wanted to know is, will they be alive to leave the city, or are they just simply the baits or cannon fodders.

To them, chu yun sheng's ability is the key to determine if they are the scapegoat or they are the comrade.

Chu yun sheng slowed down his speed, there are at least 70 awakening warriors were following him, those people are the ones that still doubt his capability. After he went past several streets. Suddenly his face fell. on a giant rattan not far from him, there are two meat worms seemed to be mating.

He immediately made up his mind, he does not have other choices。 because he does not have enough time to search the further areas. After the test, he still needs to go back and hurry up making high-level yuan fu.

Normally if a group has less than 10 awakening warriors,when they encountered one meat worms they would dare to attack it directly. If there are two they would usually run as fast as they can!

This time they have more than 70 people, plus red armour warrior which is chu yun sheng, so they are not scared. but they still didn't dare to get very close to those monsters, if they are not cautious enough, they can be easily sucked into meat worms mouth. it really isn't worth it, if they die that way. That's why they all stopped and stood at a place for away from chu yun sheng.

The startled meat worms furiously charged towards chu yun shen.

Chu yun sheng took a deep breath, started to recall the incantations for the sword fight techniques.

Ben ti Yuan qi was agitated and started to surge from his body into the sword. He suddenly jumped up while holding the sword above his head. he then hacked down the sword before the meat worm could reach him.

Within a split second, the bright beams made of sword qi shot out from the sword. then they were formed into several swords shaped beams while they are still in the air. Those swords beams were rotated at each other while flying towards the meat worms. the beams ripped everything into pieces that are on its way.

The first meat worm was blasted into pieces, the second one only got a chance to save half of its body. the monster was terrified And trying to climb up the rattan in panic.

One wave, just one wave! One dead, one heavily injured!

No one expected to see this, especially those people who had seen chu yun sheng's fight before. their impression of chu yun sheng's combat was only trying to drag the time until the meat worm exhausted with its energy. Almost everyone was thinking chu yun sheng was going to do the same thing again this time. maybe he will kill the monster quicker this time. But still not one expect this.

Everyone was stunned by his attack, all of them were thinking:"is this his real ability!"

At the same time, chu yun sheng's mind also went blank!

This is the first time he used[ qian jun bi yi ]sword fighting technique. Originally he thought that he is not familiar with the sword fighting technique, and he just reached yuan tian stage two, so he will probably just able to injure one meat worm. based on the experience he gained from hunting the meat worm when he was still at yuan tian stage one, that was already a bold estimation.

however, even with the bold estimation, he still could not imagine that he could blast it into pieces and heavily wounded the other one!

[ qian jun bi yi ]was originally created by the senior practitioners. based on books description, it's power could be spread out and used to against thousands of army, or the power could be focused on one point and blast one object into pieces.

However, that level of [qian jun bi yi] is beyond anything he could reach.

Just with a moment of pause that half meat worm had already escaped a distance. chu yun sheng would never show mercy to those monster, frost arrow instantly emerged on his hand, and became several cold light beams shoot towards half meat worm, it instantly freezes it into an ice sculpture.

Chu yun sheng did not care about almost 80 people was watching him. he used storage yuan fu to collect monster's pieces and half of meat worm. Those meat worms did not waste much of their energy, of course, chu yun sheng would not leave it abandoned.

the Sudden disappearance of meat worms once again shocked almost 80 awakenings warriors, everyone gasped with their mouth wide open. Only until chu yun sheng disappeared in silent, did they just came back from the shock. And everyone started to look for chu yun sheng.

When they returned to the hall, the hall area instantly becomes very noisy again, those people who had seen the fight started to spiced the scene up and tell everyone who has not seen the fight. After they heard the story, People who had not been there, all wished that they could be there to see the fight in person.

Commander Du does not even know how to react anymore, those people were originally against chu yun sheng, now most of them became his supporter.

Although there were people who were still concerned about if they can succeed. but at the end, they still stayed in the building. after all, they had nowhere to go, just like what chu yun sheng said, if they choose to stay in this city, they will die, it is just matter of time. if they want to leave the city, they had to listen to Commander Du's order.

Meanwhile, Chu yun sheng was struggling to make a decision in the room, he does not know which high-level yuan fu he should make, in order to deal with flame monster.