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Chapter 66 Plan

 Chapter 66 Plan

Chu yun sheng had already come back from the state of trance. he just realised what he has done. it's not that he was worried about exposing some secret, that is just one simple rule amongst other rules in the ancient book, and it is still a primitive model. he was worried that he had constructed something that even the professors couldn't construct, someone is definitely going to question him!

Professor Fang suddenly shouted. he grasped Lao sun's hand said with full of excitement:"Lao sun, isn't this the subject I deduced and eventually scrapped yesterday!? Who changed! Quick, tell me who changed it!"

Professor sun just remembered the person who caused all this mess after being questioned by him. he immediately dragged chu yun sheng who was about to leave said:" It's him! Young man, don't go! Quick, tell us how did you construct it?"

Chu yun sheng tried to calm himself down, he was trying to think of an excuse he could use:"professor sun, do you think a person who graduated from a small university like me could construct things like that? I don't even know what I was doing. it was just a coincidence. it doesn't matter if you believe it or not, that's the only answer I can give to you.

He very regrets the thing he just did, he almost hates himself for being so concentrated and why he didn't pay attention to the surrounding.

Professor sun looked at him like looking at the endangered animals. one moment he shook his head, next moment he clicks his tongue, however, chu yun sheng insisted it was a coincidence. but this reason was farfetched, no one believed him.

Professor Fang didn't give up, he still tried to make him talk. but he got coldly refused by chu yun sheng, at the end he got no choice but went back to deduce the graph again.

Even the Miss zhao who was always keeping her distance from him, now also got closer to look at him with both curiosity and vigilance.

What Chu yun sheng did, caused a great shock in their group. he had already heard from Professor sun that Professor Fang had been constructed this energy field for a very long time. when he could not deduce any further, he thought he headed to a wrong research direction, so he reluctantly gave up.

The significance of this graph to their research work is like the cornerstone of the building. since the discovery of a large amount of dark energy, it has the major role in establishing the new physics system, according to Professor Sun, if Chu Yun Sheng can explain the meaning of those strange symbols and what do they do in those equations. he could even apply for the Nobel Prize in Physics during the age of light!

Chu yun sheng smiled, at this time, they were still thinking of novel prize. all those academic people in Norwegian probably already left their institution and hid somewhere, they probably could not even control their body from shivering right now.

He did not want to carry on this topic, immediately reminded Du qishan who also seemed to be getting curious:"Commander du, we need to hurry up, please arrange them to show me how to break the fog wall"

Commander du nodded his head, if they could not escape from Kun city, any research results just words on the pieces of paper. so he said loudly:"everyone, everyone, we need to discuss how to break the fog wall, it's very dangerous outside, we need to leave here as soon as possible, so if you have any method, please tell us now!"

His words just like a bucket of freezing water poured on of everyone's head, the crowd instantly became silent

Professor Fang Zi Weng stood up and said sternly:" magic square's model has been constructed. the sequence has also been solved. now the only problem is how to destroy the 9 fog cores and the operation time has to be controlled within 12 hours. otherwise the fog cores will be reborn and the fog wall will be re-activeated. in terms of the specific method, Lao Sun knows better than me, Lao sun please."

Professor Sun explained:"Commander du, based on our assumption. all the giant plants in kun city are all actually connected together. and the fog cores exist on the top of giant plants in each 9 sections. according to our observation recently, those fog cores not only have some strange ability to protect themselves, there are some vicious monsters often appeared around them. so the main objective should be just focusing on destroying the cores a disable the fog walls. In terms of how you going to destroy it. commander du needs to decide it carefully. but I have to remind you, with our ability right now, we probably can not destroy all the fog cores."

His last sentence made all the people in the meeting room even more depressed.

Commander Du thought for a second then spoke to staff officer Tao:"I am giving you two tanks, you take Zhou Wei with you start to search all the awakenings warriors that still alive in this city. tell them we need their help to destroy the fog walls, try to recruit them as many as possible, also....... "

He turned around ask Professor Sun:"is it the flame monster you are worried about? Do you have any information about them how many people do you think we need, I need more information in order to deploy my soldiers."

Professor sun shook his head:" flame monster's ability is beyond our prediction, you can not use a number of soldiers or the awakenings warriors to make up the power gap. if you really want to use force, then we will suffer a tremendous loss, all our people could die!"

Commander Du heard what he said, his eyebrows were moved together. it is still far away from jin ling city. if all the soldiers and the awakening warriors died, they could not get to jin ling city alive.

The meeting room fell silent, everyone was having different thoughts, and everyone was deeply worried about if the mission will be successful or not.

Suddenly chu yun sheng opened his mouth:" Commander Du, maybe I can help you to distract the flame monster! but..... "

He did not even get to finish the sentence, everyone in the room shifted their eyes and staring at him with all kinds of expression.

Chu yun sheng did not avoid their eye contact. at this moment, he does not want to hide his ability any more. because he knew that if he wants to leave this city, he has to rely on others as well. of course, if it's a suicidal mission then he would prefer to stay in this city.

Commander du looked at him in shock, he wanted to recruit chu yun sheng because he thought chu yun sheng's ability is better than Gan zi qiang, but he did not expect that chu yun sheng could even deal with a flame monster. so he dazed for a minute then said:"Mr. Chu, you know that it is not the time for a joke!"

Chu yun sheng nodded his head:"Commander Du, we need to talk privately!"

They walked into another meeting room. chu yun sheng habitually took out the cigarette started to lit it up:"Commander Du, let's make it short. first, let me explain what I can do. before you initiate the attack I can distract the flame monster. but I can not kill it, so you only got less than 1 minute time, if you can not destroy fog core in one minute, I can not help you any further. I will run away."

Commander du said sternly:"one minute is enough, but Mr. Chu are you sure that you can divert the flame monster? I don't want any mistake during the operation "

Chu yun sheng smiled:" at the moment, I can not. that why i need to tell you the second thing, I need three days to increase my power, during these three days, i need some cooperation from your men,"

Commander Du puzzled, he did not believe chu yun sheng:"you just need three days to reach to a level that allows you to deal with the flame monster?........."

Chu yun sheng interrupted him"commander Du, this is my condition. i can assure you I just need three days, and I can distract the flame monster for one minute. if you carry on doubting my ability, i don't think we need to talk anymore! "

Commander Du thought for a second:"what do you want us to do?"

Chu yun sheng flicked the cigarette ash away:"first, in these three days, I need your soldiers to collect as many red shell insect's bodies as possible. there are many of them in this city, and they all dead, so it is not dangerous, don't ask me why, just do it.

Second, i need your awakening warriors to kill as many red eye monster as possible. And it is the same, i still need the monster's body, as many as possible! This is directly related to how long i can distract the flame monster.

Third, if we are lucky enough to escape this city and get to jin ling city alive, I need the military's power to help me find some people.

I know I probably can not force you to do anything in the future, because i understand you are a soldier To the backbone. so it is useless to threaten you with your life. but i know you are a smart man, you understand the benefits of having a friend rather than the enemy.

But i can tell you, the people i am looking for do not any conflict with the military."

Chu yun sheng mentioned his condition in one go, he needs these three days to break through yuan tian stage two's barriers and to make a level three offensive yuan fu in order to deal with the flame monster.

He has never fought with flame monster directly before, and he still has not reach yuan tian stage two yet. so he does not know for sure how long he could drag the time for. that is why he just mentioned less than one minute.

The red shell insect's bodies those soldiers collected could be used to increase his combat armour's defence and the sharpness of qian bi sword. the red eye monsters could be used to increase the blue ripples inside his sword. When dealing with the type of monster that solely made of energy like the flame monster, having The red-eye monster's blue gas is very important. because its blue gas is very effective at corroding the energy.

As for the last condition. chu yun sheng wants to use Du qishang's resource to find the man Lin Shui Yao mentioned, it does not matter it is really or not, he needs to see for himself,


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