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chapter 65 a sense of realisation

 chapter 65 a sense of realisation

Commander's Du's face was livid. he could not afford the risk. if he did pull the pin, the awakenings do not have any problems, but half of important people in the meeting room will be injured or even died.

Gan zi qiang grin hideously:"Du qishan. Now. order your man to kill that guy. everyone will be safe, otherwise, none of those important people will live!. "

It struck a chill into Chu yun sheng's heart. this man even wants his life. originally he was hesitant because of those scientists. after all, if he wants to leave this city he needs to rely on them.

But now Gan zi qiang is threatening the commander Du. it forces chu yun sheng to make choice immediately.

He instantly made up a bold decision. he took out an arrow and pulled the string, infused the yuan qi inside arrow and aimed at gan zi qiang. Chu yun sheng was hiding behind the pillar and Gan zi qiang was not facing him. so he has a great advantage. the only thing he needs to worry is accuracy.

As long as the arrow hit him, chu yun sheng is confident that the arrow will instantly freeze him, He knows the speed of his frost arrow, it is even faster than the speed of the bullet. once he shot, Gan Ziqiang will have no chance to detonate grenades.

Time flashes by, when Commander Du about to say something, Chu Yunsheng's frost arrow was breaking the law of physic's constraints like a white light beam pierced Gan zi qiang's body within a blink of an eye and Tightly nailed him onto the wall. the frost instantly surging out and freeze him, even his grenades are still stuck in a fix position.

Hit! Chu yun sheng shouted inside his mind secretly.

The sudden change shocked everyone on the scene. then both side started to join the fight.

Chu yun sheng took back the bow, drew the sword and walked out from behind the pillars. when he reaches the fight in the middle, he quickly killed the two people and then cut off long face man's head. Finally, he avenged yu xiao hai! And finally, a weight was lifted off his shoulder.

The awakenings from the military also killed rest of two Insurgents, the hall went back to quiet again.

The whole situation lasts less than three minutes!

Commander du's face was stern. he waved his hand single the soldier to move the bodies and spoke to chu yun sheng on the side:"Mr. Chu, do you know how dangerous it was? how could you act presumptuously on your own!"

Chu yun sheng sheathed the sword and gave him a disdainful smile:"Commander Du, did you forget the things you tell me? You said you can sacrifice anyone to protect the people inside. i did not doubt you will give your troops an order to kill me! I am just eliminating my threat that is all!"

Commander du was angry but he could not do anything. he let out a deep sigh and said:"you follow me, professor sun will explain everything to you, breaking the fog wall is both important to you and me."

He pushed the door in. everyone inside was looking at him. they looked like they were scared. doing the research is one thing, scare to die is another thing.

Commander Du could barely give them a smile, he said:"Everything is fine now, the danger has been eliminated."

Everyone sighed with relief. it was chaotic outside, even the wall was frozen into ice. that was chu yun sheng's work. before Commander du came in they were all very scared.

:"i heard from staff officer Tao saying that you have solved the equations, it that true?" commander du intentionally avoid the topic and asked about the progress.

Everyone instantly changed their face when they heard commander du talking about equations. some were exciting, some were still thinking, some puzzled, some were shaking their head.....

Chu yun sheng already deactivated his armour. he was still wearing his grey cotton coat and quietly stood behind Commander Du.

He saw ding yan earlier, but he just gave him a look, he did not talk to him. he guessed that ding yan probably got other plans, but he did not ask. speaking of him, he did not seem to have a good relationship with Commander Du, he even had a violent conflict with Commander du's Subordinates Gu li ming.

It was not too long for Professor sun to realise who chu yun sheng is. When chu yun sheng was at the roof with professor sun, he did not pull up his mask; Miss zhao also recognised him. the only difference is professor sun's face was filled with excitement, but Miss zhao was shocked and with a little bit of anger.

In the dangerous dark world. people could die anywhere at anytime. it is an incredible thing to have two groups of people alive to meet each other once again after they were separated.

Chu yun sheng had a good impression on Professor sun. not only this old man did not keep the things he did in mind, but also shared his knowledge with chu yun sheng. the food he got from chu yun sheng also shared with the people in his group.

So he does mind to see this old man again. when the old man recognised him, it put a smile on his face.

Professor Sun was holding the draft. he walked around the table and laughed:"young man, i did not expect to see you again! Huh? where is your .... Your ... your .. body armour?"

Chu yun sheng just smiled at him, did not answer, if he knew chu yun sheng could freely put on the armour, who knows what would those people do to him?

Professor saw chu yun sheng just smiled but not answering him, he just shook his head:" the awakenings warriors like you always thought that we would cut you into pieces and study you., but there is no such thing! If you don't want to talk about it that's fine. everyone got their own secret. we won't force you, won't force you! come, come, let me show you our research results. it was truly astonishing, truly amazing. young man, Do you know If we could use those equations to build a spaceship in the future, we could perform the warp in space!?"

Commander du gave chu yun sheng a sympathetic look when chu yun sheng was being dragged away, probably he have had enough "knowledge" from those professors. Chu Yunsheng soon started to understand that feeling. It was a feeling of mental torture. because he could not understand the formulas and Graphs on the draft at all, it was like reading a book written in double Dutch

But when he glanced through the drafts, he noticed a graph. a graph that he is very familiar with. he had seen the graph from the ancient book before, it was one of yuan qi rule's description, chu yun sheng would usually skip the description about the principle of something. but he had studied this graph for s short period of time. Because it is related to a problem about the space in fu's body in one of level three Yuan Fu. however, chu yun sheng couldn't figure it out at all.

The graph on the drafts paper was not exactly the same as the one in the ancient book. it could only be described as a Preliminary model and it is with mistakes. The graph was constructed from the most primitive form. there are five steps, each step were deduced from the previous one, but the last one was written in a big cross, it seems like they gave up deducing.

The longer chu yun sheng looked, the more chu yun sheng gets into it. He felt like he was about to open a door of something. he instantly fell into a Trance state. his hand unconsciously picked up a pencil next to him and started to reconstruct the graph based on the part of description he could understand in the ancient book.

His strange behaviour immediately attracted professor sun's attention. when he saw chu yun sheng was drawing on the scrapped draft and he could not understand the symbol chu yun sheng was drawing he laughed:"young man, did not expect you got potential in science......."

before he even finished the sentence, a new Geometric graph appeared on the paper. chu yun sheng finished reconstructing the graph, it was the Preliminary model about that rule without any mistakes. Although it is still very different than a completed graph in the book. but chu yun sheng has reached his limit to deduce.

After reconstructing, chu yun sheng felt that he had a sense of realisation.

before, when he was making yuan fu, he was just trying to copy the shape. he did not understand its rules. when he failed, he just thought it was because the shape wasn't' exactly the same as the one in the ancient book. Now he had sensed the principles inside the rules, it means that the barriers to making the high-level yuan fu are slowly breaking down. it was a truly wonderful experience!

Chu yun sheng dazed at the graph he drew. Professor Sun first glanced at the graph without paying attention to it, then he looked at again, and then he could not help but look at the graph third time. this time, his eye did not leave the graph.

Professor sun was shocked and immediately grabbed the draft. his lips were twitching:" no way, no way, this is impossible! The coupling inside this kind of energy field should not be stable! But why it is stable now? Why is it not collapsing, how do you control the Decay process? Lao fang, lao fang, quick, come here, you are the physicist, take a look this!"

A regular draft paper immediately became professors argument. everyone wants to take a look at the graph. it was very chaotic. even the staff officer tao anxiously rushed inside the meeting room with a group of soldiers.