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Chapter 60 dignity

 Chapter 60 dignity

Wan gu rong brought them to a three storey building. that place used to be a top club, the billboard outside the building on the second floor still has a word archery wrote on it, although it's broken, but Chu yun sheng could still recognise the words.

There are few half human bodies hanging at the front door, it's a ghastly sight that could easily make people palpitate with fear.

Wan gu rong was worried about those brutal people, so he took the rest of cookies from chu yun sheng then quickly left. Before he left he had reminded chu yun sheng again to be extra careful with the people inside.

Chu yun sheng and Yao xiang followed a plants' rattan which as thick as a bucket to the back of the building, in the fog they could not see things very clearly, not to mention that this club's windows were All in dark colour.

The club was surrounded by concrete walls, there is a door at back, in its back yard there is a carport, it's top was already torn open and reveal the sharp metal spikes underneath it.

He is definitely going to get a bow, chu yun sheng won't spend much time thinking about the pros and cons. because he needs to save time to consider other more important things.

He told yao xiang to wait outside. if he doesn't come back on time or yao xiang himself encountered any danger, just run. run through those fog back and forth few times they won't be able to catch him.

He activated the armour drew the sword and jumped over the wall from the giant plants. Just when he about to lurk into the building from the back door, he heard a noise came from the roof.

Chu yun sheng immediately leant against a bus and hid behind it, soon he saw a woman slowly appears on the edge of the roof, her hair was flying in the wind, her cloth was shredded, it could barely cover her body and her white underwear.

A man drew his voice out and said it in a mocking tone:" run, why don't you run now? Bitch, why are you ruining the chance of saving yourself from the disgrace. if you choose to serve us well, I will keep you. you know, keeping you just as simple as keeping a pet! But if you pissed me off, then we will rape you. not only that, we will kill you and eat you!"

After he said, few people burst out sly laughs. chu yun sheng couldn't see the woman's face, but he could see the woman's body suddenly trembled, then she slowly climbs over the fence and said resolutely": not every woman will disrespect themselves, I'd rather die!"

Just right after she said it, she gently hopped off the roof, she was like a kite with broken string fell off the sky and slumped onto the sharp spikes, her body was instantly pierced through, the blood burst out and spread on the ground.

The woman's head was twisted and faced chu yun sheng, she was one meter away from him. chu yun sheng could see her delicate face and eyes, she was staring at Chu Yunsheng didn't close her eye as if she tries to show him that her determination is unshakeable even after her death.

Chu yun sheng was astonished, There is such a dignified woman in the world!

The man on the roof was furious, he cursed:" fuck!........ Quick ...Take back that bitch's body....."

Then people started to slide down along the water pipe from the third floor. their actions are so fast, Chu Yunsheng suspected that those people most likely are the awakened warriors.

He did not believe Wan Gu Rong's word, he thought that eating people just a horror story, people still has boundaries, how could they eat human flesh? But now, it made him reconsider if what he thought was right, he clenched the sword. the woman is not far from him. if they come down to collect the body they would definitely notice him.

Chu yun sheng did not have a second thought. with such ferocious people, negotiation is only a waste of time. the quickest way to get the bow is to kill all the way inside then take the bow!

He could still clearly remember the things the bold man and Si Mei did. That kind of people would start to fight straight away if they are not happy with anything he said. and they would not show mercy once they start the fight. unless he is dead, otherwise, they would not let it go.

It's dark age, people's hearts are fragile, once you hesitate, you can get killed. there is not a particular reason for it, zhu yun sheng does not want to fall into a passive situation that he was forced to react to what other people did to him again!

He held his breath, there are two people slid down, and one person still standing on the roof, he was not moving

He held qian bi sword behind his back waited silently like a cheetah. Two people were cursing while walking towards the woman, they did not know the danger is near them at all.

the man at the front slightly moved to one side, he immediately noticed chu yun sheng. Frost instantly emerged from his body.

But chu yun sheng's speed was even faster, he was moving like a bullet dashed forward with the sword, as a beam of red light flashed, the man's head and a half steel bar fell on the ground!

The man's eyes were filled with shock even after he died.

The sword had lost its momentum after the first cut, While chu yun sheng was still in the air and has not touched the ground, he threw a kick, hit the second man's chest.


Even the man had already started to use fire to defend himself, chu yun sheng's high-speed fly-kick still made him flew backwards and smashed into the wall, it caused a huge dent on the wall!

Just when Chu yun sheng touched the ground, he bends both of his legs dashed out again. He lifted his left foot kick at the man's neck and lock him onto the wall!

He was worried his kick wasn't powerful enough, so while he locked him on the wall, he also pushed the sword into his body until it pierced through the wall!

Just within a moment, he killed two people, the man on the roof panicked, he was shouting and running back into the building.

Chu yun sheng pulled the sword, his left foot stepped on the dead body and jumped up, his right foot kicked on the water pipe, it instantly increased his ascending speed.

When he almost reaches the roof, his left hands grabbed the handle on the roof edge, "ha" as he burst out a sharp shout, he quickly climbed over the railing. the man who was running away earlier heard his sharp shout become even more panic, he was tripped over and fell on the floor.

Chu yun sheng knows he couldn't stop it now, he had to finish this battle as soon as possible, he lifted the sword and rushed towards the man, the man was shouting in panic:" no. No .. Don't kill me. My brother was in charge of ......"

Chu yun sheng's sword sliced his neck before he could finish the sentence, the blood instantly burst out!

He is not an awakening, but Chu yun sheng doesn't care, Diao Ding guo, bold man, and the cripple guy's boss, they are all just ordinary people.

But they were threats to his safety, so as long as they are posing dangers to him. once he drew the sword, that means blood must be shed

Within a moment, there are 6 people ran out of the door, their faces were filled with anger!

Looking at the person chu yun sheng killed, One of the middle-aged men suddenly shouted: " brother!" the man has a beard on his face and his face was slightly twitching.

He shouted while running towards chu yun sheng. Chu yun sheng immediately lifted the sword And hack down, this is the sword form he uses most often!

The middle age man punched out both of his hands, two lines of fire instantly came out of his hands as if they were two whips made of fire and hit chu yun sheng's qian bi sword.

Yuan qi inside qian bi sword exploded, even the blue ripples started to glow a bright light. the fire element was instantly pushed back by the force.

Chu yun sheng was also pushed back two steps by the force, he pulls the sword back and hid it behind his back.

The middle age man was also pushed back several steps, luckily there were people at his back so he could be stopped.

The man's face immediately changed, he grit his teeth:" brothers, this man is vicious and merciless, if we don't kill him, he will kill everyone here, let's do it together!". when he just finished the sentence, he took the lead and charged towards chu yun sheng again.

Everyone started to move after they heard what he said.

This is the moment chu yun sheng has been waiting for. if he moves first, all his movement will be exposed to them. so he would be easily locked down by them. But If he moves later. not only he will get to know where they are moving to and what are their abilities. so he could also easily use that information to dodge the attack, may even kill one guy.

It only took him less a second to think, chu yun sheng immediately dashed towards their left side, he swung the sword from his back to the front, the sharp sword filled with yuan qi instantly took a life with it.

Killed one, now left five, chu yun sheng is much more confident now, he still has Yao xiang who can provide support in the dark!

Those people seem to have combat experience. they know their speed is slower than chu Yun sheng after they failed the first wave of attack. They immediately backed off and formed a defensive formation with the ice element warriors outside and the fire element warriors inside the formation. they were slowly pushing towards chu yun sheng! They didn't seem to give up!

Chu yun sheng started to quickly move around, but the roof doesn't have many spaces for him to move. eventually, he was trapped in a corner!

He decided to break their formation. but it means that he will need to ignore their attack, he needs to rely on combat armour and armour yuan fu to withstand the attack. he must kill at least one person!

Strong Defence is also one of his secrets, he could use it to against them. even if he did injured, but if he could kill one more person to reduce their strength, it is still worth it!

Chu yun sheng slowly stepped back and started to gather his strength secretly, until he reaches the railing, he burst out a loud shout and used all his strength to kick the railing. the force made him flew towards the formation, he raised the sword and pointed it at a fire elements warrior.

One hit, two hits .....

The armour had received attack almost 10 times, Chu yun sheng finally breaks into the formation, the sword unleashed the yuan qi break through all the defence and pierced through the fire element warrior's throat!

The rest four people's attack once again arrived. when chu yun sheng killed the guy he also couldn't withstand any more of their attack. he was hit and flew backwards.

He was thrown outside the railings. this is a third story high building. he doesn't want to be penetrated by the metal spikes. so he immediately uses his feet to hook the railings and use the strength from his legs tried to pull himself back to roof. the force instantly made the metal railing to bend into an arch shape, finally, he pulled himself back to the roof.

but there are four people were still standing on the roof, chu yun sheng immediately hacks down the sword when he just returned to the edge of the roof. the sword hit one person's shoulder, he holds the sword down very hard, his feet kick the railings again. he did a front flipped on the top of their head then steadily fell on the roof at their back.

There are cracks in the combat armour, but they aren't severe, it could still withstand some attacks.

The ice element warrior who was hacked by chu yun sheng was almost pushed off the roof when chu yun sheng did the front flip.

Now, it's one versus four, and one of them is heavily injured!

As the old saying goes: kill the enemy when he is at his weakest. now it's the chance, chu yun sheng already knows when he started to kill the first guy. he knows the only way to end this battle is either he dies, or kill everyone here. there is no time for mercy, especially to those Brutal people.

Speed, he still relies on his speed. he immediately charged towards the injured warrior without taking a break to recover his strength. he kicked him off the building and shouted:"Yo xiang, kill that man!"

They were already engaged in the fight for some time now. but there aren't any new awakening warriors showing up. it means that they only have those people. So it only left three people on the roof, he could easily deal with them. chu yun sheng was worried the impact won't kill the warrior fell off the roof, that's why he called yao xiang for help.

a Severely injured ice element warrior plus he fell off the roof fight with a fire element warrior who was hiding in the dark. if there aren't any accidents, the ice element warrior is dead for sure. so he did not worried about yao xiang.

He lifted the sword again charge towards rest of three people.