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Chapter 54 a group of three

 Chapter 54 a group of three

"Why?" chu yun sheng said with no emotions.

Ding yan stood on the footpath between paddy fields, he pointed at a place not far from them. over there, There are a lot of men and women; young and old lying on the cold land, carefully digging the soil below trying to find the frozen earthworms and even the voles. each time they catch one, they will quickly stuff it into the mouth, or hidden in their waist.

He raised his voice and said, "The world has changed, the rules have changed, the order has changed, the world is full of reptiles, monsters, what can I do, if i want to live, i need to become strong, or i'll become the same as them!"

Everyone understands this, even including chu yun sheng.

Ding Yan turned around and laughed: "the things we saw back in the food factory, you probably still remember, now it is not just the insect that simple, there is something ahead of us, but god knows what it is. I and Xiaoyao just want to live, Want to become more powerful. The number of the Awakening human will increase, we are very lucky to be first one., I can guarantee that the world will belong to the awakening warriors, no matter how powerful the military was, they can not stop this fact. unless there is an incredible technology breakthrough.

Chu yun sheng said:" maybe you are right, but this is still not the reason you want to help me. "

Ding yan jumped off the footpath , said sternly:"you are the strangest awakening I've ever seen, and the most special one, I've never seen you use any other abilities than the sword until today, your sword can slice the insect's armor easily, your armour could stop long face man's deadly attack easily, But that's not important, the important thing is today, you can even use dark energy same s us! Also your friend yu xiao hai, when we fought with the tentacle monster, Only he was the least wounded, but he was not that strong, don't you think it's bit odd? Even the flying insect couldn't rip him apart!"

Chu yun sheng was instantly alerted, he looked at them coldly:" you were watching us?"

Ding yan calmly replied:" it's hard not to notice, it's Not surprising. I said you shocked us all with your powerful abilities, but to me, it is not just the things you had shown, it's more shocking that you just killed a tentacle monster, how could you recover your energy so fast, that's what I've never seen before! "

Chu yun sheng didn't know ding yuan could notice this much in secret, but since he had decided to join in the escort team, he had expected someone would notice his difference, so he didn't mind at all.

Ding yan carry on:"I and xiao yao don't want to know your secret, everyone got their secret, no one want to reveal everything to others, I just want to work with you, i will be your informant, and you can provide us with some of that stuff yu xiao hai had."

Chu yun sheng needs an informant, it's much easier for him to keep track where they are, especially if he encountered the insect on the road, he won't lost them.

But he kept a great wary of Ding Yan, if it is Yao Xiang, he may believe him, but Ding Yan, he always felt that this man isn't reliable.

Ding Yan laughed at himself: "Chu brothers, I know you do not trust me, but there is no other way to do it, I can not let Yao Xiang do it, he is a cultivation maniac, also an honest man. If he does it, it won't be long for them to find what he is doing, he may lose his life. By the way, Chu brothers, do you think I need to lie to you?"

Chu yun sheng thought for a second, yes, there is no need for him to lie, actually, ding yan doesn't need to come here, he could just join the military and set up a trap to catch him, he doesn't even need to bring Yao xiang with him.

Once chu yun sheng figured it out, he did not carry on question ding yan's motivations, two liu jia yuan fu won't consume him too much yuan qi, also he could even make yuan fu to stop working at any time.

But he still doesn't want to enchant ding yan's handgun, he wants to keep his doubt until he could trust him 100 percent.

Chu yun sheng smiled:" i hope we can make a great team!"

Ding yan tapped Yao xiang's shoulder and nodded his head:" I hope us three will get to jin ling city alive!"

Yao xiang has not said a single word since he came here. he seems to trust ding yan a lot, but Chu Yunsheng didn't want to ask about their past. because he doesn't think it will be a pleasant topic to talk.

Only until chu yun sheng and ding yan agreed to partner up, did yao xiang happily shouted:" brother chu, you are so strong, do you know how much I wanted to reach that level of strength!"

Chu yun sheng shook his head, and sat on the footpath :" since we are working together, I need to explain to you something, i can give you the energy shield like what red shell insect has, but there is a time limit, the resistance strength is correlated to your own strength, but it at least could withstand two red shell insects' attack at same time, it can be dangerous if you are facing three or more insects.

Even ding yan had already guessed chu yun sheng had this kind of stuff, but it still shocked him, so far he had never heard of any human could produce this kind of energy shield, everyone's defence mainly relies their abilities, it is either ice or fire, Usually ice element warrior has higher defence, and fire element warrior has higher damage,

Chu yun sheng ignored their reactions, time is ticking, he carry on: "you both know, i want to kill that long face man, i want to avenge my brother, but long face man is strong, ambush won't kill him, especially when he has a lot of people in his group, if i want to kill him, i need to clean those people first"

Ding yan was adjusting his gun, he said:"so what's your plan?"

Chu yun sheng snorted:"commander du is going to leave this place soon, it's few hundred miles from here to jin ling city, they will encounter countless monsters, people are going to die or injured, i am going to wait until their defence is weakened, then disrupt them in the dark while they are fighting the monsters, make them lose their mobility, so the monster will kill them for me! "

Ding yan nodded his head:"sounds good, but we need to choose a right place to do it, we can't do it when they near jin ling city, we can't do it too early as well. I'll find a way to give you the information, based on their overall strength, you can decide when you want to do it.

Chu yun sheng smiled. having an insider is so much easier now, in order to speed up, chu yun sheng took out some cans and bread gave them to ding yan and yao xiang, he asked them to eat some food before they leave. And while they were eating, he quickly took out the equipment to make two liu jia yuan fu.

They were shocked when chu yun sheng cast yuan fu onto their body, but he did not explain, just like what ding yan said everyone got their secrets.

"I need a crossbow or bow! Do you know there is any archery club in kun city?" chu yun sheng asked, he hoped they knew so it will save him a lot of time.

Ding yan thought for a second, then shook his head:"i know a lot of clubs in kun city, but i have never heard of archery club, if you definitely need it, you and yao xiang can try to find it when you get there. probably some people are still remaining in the city, they probably have not retreated yet, you can ask them. and also remember the marks, I'll leave it on the road, so you don't have to worried about losing us"

Chu yun sheng sighed:"i think that's the only way to do it, ok, it is a bit late now, we should get it started"

Ding yan brushed off the dirt from his clothes said:"i'm going back now, you both stay behind, be extremely careful, don't get too close"

Looking at ding yan slowly disappeared in the crowd, chu yunsheng thought. Is it really worth it for him to be an insider just for an extra protection?

Maybe he was confident at doing it, or maybe ding yan want something more! Who knows.