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Chapter 52 killing People

 Chapter 52 killing People

The long face man nervously cursed:"fuck!". frost instantly emerged around him and turned into three icicle spears!

Chu yun sheng hacked down one of them, other two smashed onto his armour. the freezing air penetrated the armour but instantly stopped by liu jia yuan fu.

Not only did Three icicle spears not injured him but also they just slowed him down a little bit.

Long face man was shocked to see Chu yun sheng just slow down a bit then still lunged towards him, his face expression already changed from arrogance to sternness, and he instantly gathered all the frost around him and formed an ice barrier in front of him.

Chu Yunsheng has already arrived in front of him, just one swing, the ice barriers was broken!

The man's expression changed again, he quickly dashed backwards!

But he didn't know chu yun sheng's sword was even quicker, whoosh, the yuan qi that released from the sword instantly ripped the man's jackets, he was hit and flew backwards.

The long face man's arm was trembling and bleeding, his face was filled horror or shock, but when he saw Chu yun sheng continued to lift the sword and lunged towards him, he couldn't hide his fear anymore, he shouted:" brothers, this man is crazy! Let's fight him together!"

Just right after he shouted, he immediately got up, and backed off quickly, he didn't dare to block chu yun sheng's sword attack the second time.

At the same time, the long face man's team members started to gather their energy, all kinds of ice and fire ability instantly emerged in the area.

chu yun sheng suddenly felt a huge chaotic energy was pushing towards him.

He burst out a loud shout, then gathered all his strength, the qian bi sword had been infused yuan qi to its limit!

Bang! Two type of energy violently collided with each other

The impact created the shock wave instantly pushed both sides backwards.

Chu yun sheng forced to stop himself by stabbing his sword into the ground while he was flipped backwards by the impact,

However the long face man's team members weren't that lucky, they all fell on the ground!

Zhong nan and other people gasped with their mouth wide open!

Yao Xiang mumbled: just a sword could have this kind of power, when can i reach to that level of power?

Chu yun sheng sneered, lifted the sword about to charge again!

A man suddenly jumped out from the crowd, it was that brawny brute who was holding the broadsword, he cursed:"you bastard!don't be so cocky, eat my sword! "

The long face man was shocked, he quickly shouted:"Kui zi, come back!"

Chu yun sheng was holding the sword using both hands, yuan qi once again infused into the sword, with help of armour he was moving incredibly fast, he held the sword horizontally and flashed past the brawny brute.

The man only got chance to murmured:" you motherf....." then he and his broadsword both split in half and fell onto the floor!

The blood was dripping from The crimson red sword, chu yun sheng swung the sword, the cold ground was instantly sprinkled with blood.

The people from the long face man's group were all moving back for several steps, their faces were as pale as a bed sheet, they looked terrified!

Commander du knit his brows, he thought for a few second then came out and stopped chu yun sheng:"Mr. Chu, Wait a second!"

"Commander Du, are you trying to stop me!?" chu yun sheng said coldly

The soldiers immediately raise their gun and pointed at chu yun sheng, all other military awakening warriors also surrounded chu yun sheng, the heavy machine guns were turned around and pointed at chu yun sheng, even few soldiers released the safety for the RPG and ready to fire.

Chu yun sheng heart sunk, this commander du just had an agreement with them, he wanted to protect them, if Chu yun sheng insisted killing those people, not only those awakening warriors from the military would be able to kill him, just those firearm could easily send him to hell!

The face man finally saw someone stopped him, he begged": officer, we are now your subordinate, you need to help us, this guy is crazy, totally crazy!"

Commander du stared at Chu yun sheng said sternly:" mr. Chu, would you care to explain?"

Chu yun sheng hasn't said anything, but qian de duo said ironically:" he kill his brother, of course, he wants revenge!"

Commander du dazed for a second. because he didn't know what he was talking about, so he looked at long face man.

Long face man thought for a second then burst out:" that man was your brother?"

Commander du puzzled:"what man?"

The long face man pulled a long face and explained:" i was trying to save the old man Zhu, when the flying insect trying to catch him, I threw a man at the flying insect, it was that man!"

:" commander du, now you know why. do you still want to protect them?" said chu yun sheng while he was trying to suppress his anger.

Commander du knit his brows, he thought for another few second then said:" mr.Chu, I understand your feeling, but have you thought about they have more 20 people, all of them are awakenings, even you are strong, you can't kill them all! But the more you kill, the more people I'll lose, I'm a soldier, I don't like to beat around the bush, they are in the escort plan, I have to stop you for the sake of the bigger picture, it's the Exceptional times and needs for exceptional measures. So the whole regiment is standing on their side!"

Chu yun sheng sneered at them, commander du made himself every clear, he would only choose the side that benefit regiment the most, in his mind, no matter how strong a man is , he can never compare to more than twenty other awakening warriors, otherwise he would've asked him to join them, commander du was worried if Chu yun sheng would kill too many people, and reduce their overall strength

If commander du insisted on protecting those people. He can't just fight recklessly, otherwise, it's not a revenge, it's a suicide. He had almost died several times, so he knew he needs to stay calm and think of another way.

Chu yun sheng sneered: do they think i will forgive they killed my friend? Those people i could kill them 10 times and it still would not release the anger from my mind! They are so naive! Do they think i won't find another way to do it? i was living by ambushing the insect since the dark age began!

He does not want to waste time to talk to them. because he knows they would not listen to him as well, he was glaring at everyone coldly while holding the sword did not say a single word, then slowly stepped back, everyone could feel the tension in the air.

After he backed off for a distance, he jumped on the top of the bus, picked up the gun he threw away earlier, and jumped into the crowd on the other side of the bus and quickly left in the dark.

Actually, he did not leave very far, he deactivated the armour and hid in the crowd. He put back on the grey coast and covered himself with a wool hat, only leave the eyes uncovered.

He had already calmed down, if he wants to assassinate long face man and other awakening warriors, he could never reveal himself. otherwise, once they are alerted, they will seek help from the military, and at that time, he would never be able to kill them again.

The only chance is when they are fighting with the insect, he could cause some trouble for them. so they will be killed by the insect, and everyone will think it is just an accident.

So he need to find a suitable weapon, qian bi sword is not going to help him, it is only useful for a close range combat, once he approached them, he will be noticed by them, then everything will fail; gun is useful, but there is a flaw, it can create a loud noise, and the awakening warriors' hearing is much more sensitive than the ordinary people, so he could only use it when they are using it. In that case, all the noise will be cancelled out, no one would know it was him.

The best option is, of course, the crossbow, the frost arrow could still be triggered without the actual arrow, although the power is greatly reduced, but first; he does not need to have powerful freeze ability, he just need to disrupt their pace during the fight, or even reduce their defence; secondly, after the ambush/sneak attack, there is no way to find anything that could trace back to him. Unlike the gun, it will leave the bullet.

However, there is no way to find the crossbow now, he only hopes that when he gets to Kun city, he will be able to find another archery club, and get one bow!

But for the meantime, he still could not take a break, he needs to hunt red shell insect and trying his best to increase his power as fast as he can while observing those people secretly. he needs to know each of their strength levels and weakness, it is going to be very helpful when he encountered them in the future.