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Chapter 51 conflict

 Chapter 51 conflict

Zhong nan scowled and said coldly:" Mr. Gan, if you want to take those supplies, it won't be easy."

The man laughed out loud:" take a look at our brothers, do we look like cowards, captain zhong, let me tell you something, indeed we were robbing everyone, but we are also working for the government, the government don't have enough people to work for them, luckily we have special abilities, so they asked us to protect few important people, so we aren't just the bandit!"

He saw zhong nan snorted, but he didn't really care, he carried on saying:"if it's not that those important officials have some power at jin ling city, and they will give us something in return, who the fuck cares about their lives!

The government asked us to escort those people, but they didn't provide us cars nor food, but our brothers want to live, so we just take from others, in this world, only the strongest is the king!

Our Brothers think you are a competent man, so we don't want to have a conflict with you, you got two choices, either give us the half of you supplies, or join us, when we get to jin ling city, we can enjoy the fortune together, we give you one minute to think."

He paused a second then added:" oh, also, I've heard those students had attacked you guys before, but you guys are still protecting them! What for? Think carefully!"

The long face shape man lit a cigarette, and smiled at zhong nan, he didn't seem to care about the other people.

But he did not expect chu yun immediately replied him:"i am a student from dong shen university, the people behind me, most of them are also studied at dong shen university, our friends, classmates, they are all here, no matter how mess it was, that is our own business, the things you said, we can't do it, if you want to take it, we will fight to the end! "

The man's face instantly fell, when he was about to say something, an old man came out from his back, the old man's face was filled with smiled, he said to zhong nan :"Captain, my name is zhu du lin, some of you might have heard my name before, i can assure you, if you escort us to jin ling city, i'll definitely heavily reward you, at least you will never worry about hunger or cold anymore."

Qian de duo shouted at back:"old man, i know you, just a filthy rich man. Stop bragging about it, do you think money is still useful now, the number you had just a number now, there is no way you can exchange it for the food."

The old man did not get mad, he laughed:"young man, you have underestimated me, not only i have many friends who are the higher officials at jin ling city, just my younger son is also working for the government at jin ling city"

Qian de duo laughed:"ha ha ... if you are really that important, instead of asking those bandits, why don't you ask the military to escort you,?"

The old man shook his head sighed:" who doesn't want to be escorted by the military, do you know how many important people in shen cheng city? It was already fortunate enough to have someone escort us!"

Zhu du lin's words made the brawny brute not happy, he picked him up, and glared at him:" hey! the old man, if it wasn't me, you'd be already dead, and you are still fucking complaining, fuck you!"

The old man reluctantly smiled:"my bad, my bad!"

The brawny brute threw the old man aside then shouted:" boss, let's fight them, I am running out of patient!" He was so arrogant that he has absolutely no regard for any other people here.

Suddenly everyone heard a stern voice" I dare you!"

Chu yun sheng raised his head to take a close look, it was commander du, a group of heavily armed soldiers and the awakening warriors, there were holding different kinds of weapons coming this way

The long face man dazed for a second then laughed:"officer, it's a misunderstanding, we are Just discussing how to cooperate with each other."

Commander du glanced at zhong nan, then snorted at long face man:" I don't care what you are discussing, but don't cause any trouble, dong shen university is our key protected organisation, whoever causing the trouble to them, the military will not let them get away easily."

Long face man gave a hollow laugh:" of course! of course!"

Then he changed his tone, said with a helpless tone:" officer, the government told us to escort those people to jin ling, but we also need supplies to carry on our mission, you see.....with the situation we are in now, probably we can't finish our mission, so those people, I'm now giving them back to you."

Commander du didn't reply him directly, he suggested:" I got a solution, i don't know if you want to hear it."

Long face man was curious:" please!"


:"we are recruiting the awakening warriors at the moment,you could join us, the regiment will supply the food and other necessities, we are going to the same place, stay together is much safer, what do you think?" commander du said.

Long face man waved his hands, then two people came from his back, they were whispering to each other, seemed to discuss the commander's suggestion.

After a while, the long face man turned around said:" it sounds good, but we need one more thing, we need a bus just like this one, what do you think?"

Commander du thought for a second, then looked at Zhong nan said:"captain Zhong, please do everyone a favour!"

Zhong nan reluctantly nodded his head, agreed to give them one bus.

Qin heng, on the other hand, spat on the floor, and turned around and faced long face man said:"fuck."

Long face man's face instantly fell, he waved his right hand, yuan qi instantly stirred up in the area, less than a second, an Icicle Spear as big as a fist quickly thrust to qin heng.。

Icicle Spear was very fast, they also stood very close to each other, qin heng immediately summoned the fire tried to defend himself. But he still couldn't stop the icicle spear, he was hit and thrown backwards by the Icicle and smashed onto the truck, the blood burst out and ran down from his mouth.

Long face man said with a helpless tone again:" officer, captain Zhong, this garbage dares to provoke me, for the sake of you two, I'll leave him alive, but please teach him how to respect other people."

The members of the first team were instantly enraged by his action, everyone started to gather their energy, but Zhong nan stopped them:"don't get yourself killed!" he said coldly.

Just one move, he could injure the first team team-leader, this guy is at different level!?

Commander du instantly shouted:" no more fight, it stops now......."

He hasn't even finished his sentence, a soldier shouted:" commander! Flying insect! Flying insect! They are coming!:


Just right after he shouted, the buzzing sound started to arose in the air, they were flying fast, one of biggest one seemed to lock on to the rich old man, it quickly dived at him!

Chu yun sheng drew the sword, there are too many people here, he couldn't lie down on the floor.

But no one expected that long face man lifted one person up and threw towards the green shell insect!.

Green shell insect saw a man flew towards it instantly changed its direction and bit the man, it's long foot also fiercely stabbed into the man's body. Everyone could hear a loud scream came from that man.

This painful scream made chu yun sheng heart sunk!

It was yu xiao hai!

He was standing in front of groups, but Chu yun sheng was at back.

He was shocked, but he knew he needs to act quickly, so he immediately jumped up, stepped on the people's head, leaped onto the top of the bus, took out the pistol he hadn't use for a long time, infused his yuan qi inside and started to repeatedly shoot at flying insect!

One magazine is emptied, then another one, and another one, until he used up all his bullets, but insect was flying higher and higher, he couldn't stop it but only saw yu xiao hai being taken away!

Probably because chu yun sheng cast a new liu jia yuan fu onto him, so you xiao hai didn't get torn into pieces instantly, he was taken away until disappeared from everyone's eyesight.

at that moment Chu Yunsheng was like falling into a bottomless ice cave, he was falling deeper and deeper, he knew liu jia yuan fu couldn't hold much longer. unless the miracle appears, otherwise there is no chance yu xiao hai could be alive.

Yu xiao hai was his best friend, when everyone thought he was mad in the age of light, he still came to talk to him. He was the only one chu yun sheng could trust in the dark age.

Chu yun sheng threw away the empty gun, lifted the sword that he stabbed on top of the bus earlier, his eyes were as cold as ice, he jumped down while hacking his sword, the target was that long face man.