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Chapter 49 fight with tentacle monster again

 Chapter 49 fight with tentacle monster again

Ding yan didn't avoid the eye contact, he looked at Chu yun sheng said sternly:" if you do as the captain says, I'll leave, and leave as far as I can, because you will be all dead!"

Chu yun sheng's eye pupils instantly became smaller, he didn't know why he said this, especially at this moment, it's not the time for group's internal conflict.

Ding yan pointed at the tentacles carry on saying:" you are fast, and your sword indeed is very sharp, but just our escort team, we has 13 people, not including the awakening warriors from the military, how many can you save! Until they all died, you will be the next!"

Chu yun sheng's heart sank, he didn't think that much before, now he is having a second thought.

he remembered that when the first time he encountered the tentacles monster, that never ending tentacles attacks still make his hair stand! Not to mention that this monster is twice bigger than the other one, even with the smaller one, he still is not sure if he could save that many people.

Ding yan looked at his gun and then looked at Chu yun sheng said Categorically:" all the captain could think of is the army's artilleries, but you know that artillery can't kill this thing! If he wants to destroy its energy layer, we will all die! this is the only way to save everyone here, you need to ignore whoever is calling for help, use your sword, your speed, attack its body!

Your attack is the most powerful in this group, speed is the fastest, when we distract it, only you have the chance to reach it and kill it!"

Chu yun sheng was trying to process all the information, the method ding yan mentioned is very bold., attack its body? Just leave the question if he has the ability to kill this monster aside, the first thing he needs to consider is to give up helping his team members.

Chu yun sheng knit his eyebrow;" then why don't you leave now?:

Ding yan smiled;"unless it means definitely death, otherwise, everyone stays together better than facing.this world alone, don't you think so?"

Chu yun sheng was staring at him for a few second, then lifted the sword, he made few steps forward and took a deep breath:" I'll follow your method, let's go!"

Ding yan followed him added one more sentence:"the faster you get, and more powerful your attack is, the less dangerous we are!:

Looking at people had already started to join the fight one by one, Chu yun sheng waved his hand and bent over his body, he started to gather all his strength.

Everyone including Ding yan all had joined the fight, the battlefield was very chaotic. Slowly the number of injuries and casualties started to raise, even including the awakenings from the military.

Chu yun sheng was still outside tentacle monster's attack range, he squinted his eye looking for best opportunity to attack! He only has one chance, if he got trapped by the monster, then not only he will die, rest of people will die as well.

The tentacles started to use more and more its tentacles, more and more people got entangled by the tentacles, the captain zhong nan started to shout chu yun sheng's name, then more and more people started to call for help.

At this moment, the tentacle monster only got two tentacles freely waving in the mid-air, but not many people left on the ground, ding yan was shooting at tentacle monster while slowly moving close to the other female team member who was also using a gun.

Just when Chu yun sheng about to take the risk of starting to attack the monster, ding yan suddenly lift the female team member and throw her towards one of the monster's tentacles which were freely waving in the air, he also jumped up and tightly clung to the other one while shouting:" now!!!! Ki..l.l .... It!!"

Chu yun sheng instantly charged out like a bullet, he was running as fast as he can, that moment, he felt that the whole world seemed to stop moving.

"help me!"

"chu yun sheng!!!"

"brother chu...."

"you motherfucker...."

Chu yun sheng ignored all the noise, everyone seemed to stop in the mid-air, only he was running, and running as fast as he can.

" quick!!! Kill- it!" his mind was filled up with these words!

he rushed all the way to the front of the tentacles monster, when reached the monster he roared loudly and jumped up while holding the qian bi jian up high, all the yuan qi gashed out his body and infused into the sword, the crimson red qian bi sword made a streak of red light and followed his arm hack down the monster. He seemed unstoppable!

puff! puff! puff! .....

The tentacles dark body was sliced open a huge wound by the invincible qian bi sword!

"woo.... Woo..."

While the monster screamed in pain, it's body gushed out a lot of liquid. all its tentacles were rapidly waving in the mid-air.

Chu yun sheng didn't care about his body was covered with the sticky substance, he was using all his yuan qi to stab the tentacle monster.

" fire! Fire! Fire the god damn artilleries!" zhong nan was still trapped by the tentacle, but he shouted in a hoarse voice at the troops on the ground.

Boom ! Boom ! Boom !

Artillery fire cause tinnitus in everyone's ear.

At the same time two thick tentacles lashed at him, he didn't have time to resist. all he could see was fire, he felt like he was lashed heavily by a whip, his body couldn't help but flew backwards, then smashed onto the ground very hard, he wanted to groan with pain, but when he open his mouth the blood instantly burst out.

He was injured but not heavy, however, he was exhausted, he could barely stand up by using the help of qian bi sword, in front of him was a towering inferno, the military fired the bombs contained Napalm!

The fire was reflected on his blurred face, looks very warm.

In front of Raging fire, zhong nan, escort team members and other awakening warriors from the military slowly appeared.

Monster's tentacle already fell on the ground, those naked women were also burned in this fire.

Ding yan limped heavily as he moved towards chu yun sheng, he smiled grimly:" jiang ye died!"

Chu yun sheng's whole body trembled a bit.

He had thought of some people would die, but if let him choose, he would secretly choose the people he did not like, such as qin heng those people.

Jiang ye the fourth team leader, although he did not have many conversations with him, but chu yun sheng still felt he was a good person.

He silently sat on the ground, took out a cigarette and lit it up.

"Still got some give me one!" ding yan sat next to him, said calmly

Chu yun sheng threw the whole pack to him. looking at zhong nan and other people slowly carried jiang ye out, he had an indescribable feeling of irritation.

Zhong nan walked over with a scowl on his face. did not wait he talks, ding yan said:" it was my idea." he did not seem to want to hide anything.

Chu yun sheng did not say anything still smoke his cigarette.

Zhong nan stared at ding yan for a while then snorted:"jiang ye died, from now on, you are the fourth team, team leader!"

Ding yan nodded his head, did not say anything.

Chu yun sheng raised his head and looked at zhong nan, he took back the sword, and threw away the cigarette buts, walked over to check yu xiao hai's injury.

Because of liu jia yuan fu's protection, yu xiao hai had a minor injury, but liu jia yuan fu was broken.

Chu Yunsheng looked at jiang ye's body felt that one day he may inexplicably die just like Jiang ye.

But in this dark world, who knows?

"Let's bury him!"

Although jiang ye's death, was not his fault or can be even described as nothing to do with him, in this dark world,Life and death are decreed by fate, if you died, just consider yourself an unlucky one.

But chu yun sheng still wanted to bury him, he always thought that everyone would feel happy to be buried after they died. he knew it's ridiculous thoughts, but he still thinks that way.

At the beginning, it was just chu yun sheng and yu xiao hai who were digging the hole, but slowly, qian de duo, ding yan, yao xiang all came to help, even qin heng also came to dig the hole, as if they were not burying jiang ye, they were burying themselves.

After they buried jiang ye, the fire on the tentacles monster became smaller than before. its body was not burned much, it's Fatal injuries came from chu yun sheng's sword, the artilleries fire only speed up his death.

Tentacle monster contains a tremendous amount of yuan qi, of course, chu yun sheng would not want to waste it.