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Chapter 48 problems with the bus seats

 Chapter 48 problems with the bus seats

Chu yun sheng shook his head, she was too fast, apparently, she doesn't want to have any contact with them.

"let's check the storage first!" Jiang ye thought for a second then told Qian de duo.

They left two people to guard outside, rest of 6 people started to search inside the storage facility, it's a mess inside, all the shelf; cardboard boxes fell on the floor, it's a sign that someone had searched here before.

However the messier it gets, the easier some area will be ignored. If it's completely empty inside, then don't expect to find anything.

Chu yun sheng also took out a flashlight, he started to search anything that is edible with the rest of group, the temperature is still very cold, so the food can be kept for a long time.

Qian de duo is familiar with this place, he found a box of bread from a hidden space, the packaging wasn't damaged, so the box of bread was still in a good condition, rest of people including chu yun sheng didn't find many stuff, mainly some small pieces of bread. apart from some parts has gone bad, most of them were still edible.

Now no one cares about if they were clean or not, as long as it can stuff their stomach.

Didn't find many things, expect that woman scared the shit out of everyone, it wasn't very dangerous, so this was relatively a successful loot.

Everyone got three pieces of bread, they left one for Zhou ting yun. No wonder why she wanted to come, according to them, the person stays behind will have less share.

They didn't encounter any danger on the way back as well, everyone was happy about it.

Just When they returned to the crowd, they saw qin heng with his two other team members were surreptitiously taking some women to a Iveco brand car.

Qian de duo curled his lips, said with the contempt:" the car they got on was used for prostitution, as long as you have food, they will get you any kind of woman or man.."

After he said it, he evilly stroke an area on his chest where he hid the bread and smiled stupidly.

When Chu yun sheng got back on the truck, he felt that he had wasted his time on just three pieces of bread. originally he thought he might be able to kill some more insects on the road, but things did not turn out as he expected, now it's also too late for him to regret.

Chu yun sheng sat on the truck, took some time to rest. when he woke up, the crowd already left the city, dong shen university's crowd had merged with another even bigger crowd.

Gazing afar, there were fire torches; flashlights; even some car lights, People were vastly crowded wherever the sight reaches. Perhaps even the greatest escape in the human history was better than this!

Chu yun sheng checked the people on the truck, noticed that qin heng and other people were back on the truck, but qian de duo and yu xiao hai disappeared, apart from Yao xiang that young man was non-stop practising his fire ring cut, everyone else looked sleepy on the truck.

He jumped off the truck and lit the cigarette, then he saw yu xiao hai was waving at him at bus no.1,. didn't know what he was trying to say so he walked over.

Qian de duo was there as well, he grinned:" brother chu, come here, quick, take a look at those people, if you find anyone you like, tell Tong Tong to put on the register, i almost forget, I promised you guys to get some pretty girl for you and yu xiao hai!"

Chu yun sheng dazed for a second, what promise? What do you mean pretty girl? He looked at Yu Xiaohai puzzled, but yu xiao hai only gave chu yun sheng a goofy smile, didn't say anything.

Qian de duo dragged over a middle aged man and introduced him to chu yun sheng:" this is lao fang, normally he does this kind of thing for us privately, brother chu, you two are now the most popular people in here, do you know how many people want to get on the bus no.1. And you two got so many vacancies"

Lao fang is a skinny and capable man, he waited until qian de duo finished then said with great respect:" take a look first, if you both don't like any of those people, I'll find a new one."

Then he waved his hand, a dozen of girls walked out from behind a car, some of them felt embarrassed, they were looking at the ground while walking, some of them were staring at them with their Eager eyes.

Chu yun sheng finally understood, he remembered last time qian de duo talked about it, he did promise chu yun sheng to find him a girl, so... he was talking about this!

Chu yun sheng suddenly remembered lin shui yao was still on the bus, he almost forgot about her, he wanted to see if she was ok; but didn't expect she was already sat next to the window looking at him nervously.

But he didn't expect Qian de duo suddenly said to him:"brother chu, yu xiao hai told me that, that girl isn't your girlfriend, if you don't like her you can change her. Just ask tong tong to amend the register.

the no.1 bus's windows were already broken during the violent rebellion earlier. so the people inside bus could hear everything from outside.

Lin shui yao heard qian de duo said this, she could not covered a trace a panic flashed in her eye.

"Chu, you choose first!" yu xiao hai felt a bit embarrassed.

"choose shit! Qian big mouth, take your team and follow me immediately, something happened at back! " zhong nan shouted at bus no.1. he seemed to be in a hurry, and a dozen of people was following him, it looked like the whole escort team was following him!

Chu yun sheng did not want to choose at all. if he settles down in jin ling city, he probably would, but now the first priority is to save himself, he immediately throw away the cigarette butt, started to follow zhong nan.

Qian de duo was a bit scared of the captain, he immediately dragged the yu xiao hai:"let's deal with the problem first. We'll talk about this later!"

Yu xiao hai was struggling, eventually, he forgets about his embarrassment and pointed at a comely looking girl said to lao fang" keep her for me......."

Lin shui yao sighed with relief on the bus.

Chu yun sheng finally catch up with zhong nan, he noticed that only the third team was assigned to protect the bus, every other team were here, looks like something terrible happened at back

Until they arrived at the bloody battlefield, chu yun sheng was terrified to discover that it was the tentacle monster they were dealing with, the only difference is, this one is even bigger than the one he seen at the hospital!

"Why the hell is this thing here?" chu yun sheng was shocked, this is already outside the city, it was just wasteland out here! Why is it here? Are they living under the ground?

This monster has already grown to over 10 meters high, it's tentacles and tubes were waving in the air. No one knew how many exactly they are, but by looking at the small tentacle monsters around her body, it not hard to tell, this is another queen! A powerful queen!

Not only this, this queen monster also controlled 7 or 8 naked women, lifted them in the mid-air, and constantly spit a sticky substance from their mouth. whoever got hit it will be like wrapped by the spider web, the more they struggle, the tighter it will get.

that is just one of those naked women's ability, they could even seize the weapons from the soldier and use it against the troops, a lot of soldiers were killed by their own weapons.

The more chu yun sheng saw, the more terrified he was, he had fought with this monster before, he knew how terrified this monster was, its tentacles have different type of abilities, some rely on its pure physical strength, some had sharp teeth, there are different sizes of tentacles, even you chop it off, they will quickly grow back.

The troops could not deal with it, the RPGs fired by the soldiers were knocked away by the tentacles, even the tank's bullets were stopped by a web made by multiple tentacles. the wounded tentacles soon grow back like nothing had happened,

"First team deal with those women, second team deal with small tentacles on the ground, fourth team and fifth use all your energy and focus on the energy shield, we need to break its energy shield, then let troops stonk it!" zhong nan quickly assigned the tasks to each team, at the end he looked at chu yun sheng said:"you are the fastest, and your sword attack is also the strongest, we are now leaving our safety to you, move around, whoever got caught by the tentacles, you need to use your sword to chop off the tentacles and save them! "

Chu yun sheng nodded his head ,he knew that at this moment, they could only kill this monster by working together. otherwise, they needed to run as early as they can!

But just when he about to lift the sword and join in the fight, Ding Yan from the fourth team suddenly stopped him.

Chu yun sheng looked at this man with surprise. since they joined the escort team, Ding Yan has not talked much, unless it's during the battle, chu yun sheng almost did not feel his existence.

It's very urgent now, why is he suddenly stopping me? Chu yun sheng wondered.