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Chapter 46 drastic change

 Chapter 46 drastic change

But things didn't progress well as Qian de duo expected.

"Qian de duo!!!!" a loud shout burst out from the back of bus no.1.

The sound hasn't faded out yet, the man had already jumped on the truck, it was the captain Zhong nan, he kicked over Qian de duo when he just got on the truck and stared at him furiously:" Qian de duo! Qian big mouth! can you not fucking settle down once for all, don't you think we had enough trouble?"

Qian de duo stood up and smiled ingratiatingly, he rubbed his hands:" well... captain.. Don't get angry, I am just doing a test, don't be so nervous, no one will die!"

Zhong nan snorted with anger:" no one will die? I'm warning you, take a fucking look outside!"

Qian de duo glanced outside, then said:" damn, captain, can't blame me, your fly-kick made me drop the sausage!"

Chu yun sheng had seen many people had blood fight over a shop, but he had never seen such huge crowd fought over a half sausage, even it's already dropped on the ground.

He couldn't see where the sausage was, but he could hear someone shouted:" she got it!" then everyone rushed over towards that direction, the poor suspect instantly got swallowed up in the crowd!

the Chaotic crowd got even crazier, and chaos started to spread, some people just blindly join in the fight, a lot of people were tripped over and stepped over by other people, people were shouting for help, screams were everywhere!

Zhong nan's face was livid, even Qian de duo this type of slow reaction person's face went pale as well, if they don't stop this now, people will die! Although life doesn't worth much now, but it will have an effect on the school policy in the future, people will lose trust on them.

Bang! Bang bang bang!

Four continues gunshot!

The crowd stopped, even the guard were stopped.

it was zhong nan who fired warning shots, he jumped on the top of the truck, use the megaphone that driver gave to him shouted:" students! Students! Please stop all your disruptive activities! please restrain yourself!"

it is obviously that his speech was much worse than the political commissar's who chu yun sheng had seen a long time ago. Not only he didn't calm the crowd down but made it even worse.

one young man pulled down his hat and threw it onto the ground shouted:" students, restrain shit...! Those bastards have enough food to eat their fill, wear warm clothes and got a car to seat on, why do we have to bear the hunger, cold. And even get eaten by the fucking insect!"

"well said,students,they said they are protecting us, but what they are doing now, people are dying every day, where are they?" a student shouted coldly.

"all they do was bullying us, what else can they even do!? We are going to get killed anyway, if it's not the insect, it will be them!"

"those motherfuckers ruined my girlfriend!"

"go, students!"


Things quickly got out of hand, originally it just scrambled for the food, now becoming a violent rebellion towards the authority, students were shouting and rushing towards the truck, bus no.1, and all other cars!


The whole situation was like a landslide! The battalion commander who was cooperating with the university had a stern cold face, he drew the pistol and shouted at the crowd while standing on the top of a bus:" whoever make one more step forward will be shot dead!!!"

:"everyone ready to fire!"

Zhong nan was very anxious, he threw away the megaphone, and shouted at the escort team:" first team protect the truck, second and third follow me to bus number 2 and 3, quick, must not let those people destroy the research data! Fourth and fifth, protect the bus no.1. Remember, if I'm not giving you any order, don't kill anyone, don't kill anyone, i repeat, without my fucking order, do not kill anyone!!!"

Chu yun sheng activated the armour, originally he didn't want to join in this rebellion, no matter which side win, it doesn't affect him too much!

But now things got out of hand so quick, he knew he had to make a choice!

Instead of standing on the weaker side, he chose to stand with the side which is more powerful, after all, everyone else considered him as an awakening. And the final winner of this rebellion will definitely be the university.

Moreover, chu yun sheng had seen how they fight with Red shell insect with his own eyes. those team members might have done something terrible, but they were indeed protecting them, so he thought those students were making the irresponsible statement to incite violent behaviour, but on the other hand those students were on the verge of mental breakdown.

Bus no.1 is all escort team members' weakness. because all the people they loved were living on it, that's why Zhong nan assigned the strongest teams which were fourth and fifth to protect it.

Students had already reached the bus, some of them started to climb up, some people wanted to push the bus over.

Qian de duo's face already went as pale as ghost, he didn't expect a non-harmful joke could cause such chaos, he followed the team to the bus no.1 bus, but his mind was completely blank.

Every time when a student got on the bus, the team member would kick them away. But there were too many people. chu yun sheng had already felt that the bus slowly started to lean to one side under the power of the crowd.

The windows on the bus were already broken by the students, although there were metal bars outside the bus to prevent them from getting in, but it still made people screamed constantly inside the bus.

Suddenly a team member wasn't cautious enough, he was being dragged off the bus while kicking at one student, he was instantly swallowed up in the crowd.

That team member's ability is fire,. when he was surrounded by the crowd, he instantly unleashed his ability in panic, the blazing fire burst out in the crowd!

When human experiencing the death threat, the order is not important anymore!

One, two , three..... One student after another was set on fire by those powerful dark energy flame, those flames were powerful enough to kill the red shell insects,

Screams, all you could hear were screams, the fire spread from this team member to where the bus was. chu yun sheng was startled, he immediately took the crossbow from yu xiao hai, infused the crossbow with one unit of yuan qi, and quickly fire the frost arrow to stop the fire from out of control.

This sudden burst of fire made all the students lost their courage. when facing the awakening warriors they were just like the weak ants couldn't even withstand one round of attack.

the chaos has reached a deadlock.

" look! Helicopter!" Zhou ting yun had a very good eyesight, she pointed at three light dots in the sky at the back of the crowd which was slowly approaching this way.

With the helicopter got closer and closer, the alert battalion commander suddenly commands all soldiers turned the machine guns around, only until this moment did chu yun sheng realised that something is odd about those helicopters, it seemed like they were running away from something!

Chu yun sheng quickly ran from the front of the bus to the back and adjusted the night vision goggles to take a closer look. There were few dots closely chasing the helicopter!

What's that? Chu yun sheng's heart sank!


The sound of heavy machine gun came from the helicopters, the bullets made many light beams across the sky flew towards those dots.

The crowd below including the awakening warriors were all stunned, everyone was looking at the sky, no one knows what was going on.

Helicopters were even closer now, small dot becoming bigger, finally, a light dot caught the helicopters and they started to twine together.

The sound of machine gun constantly appears In the sky, one of helicopter even fired two missiles.

"it's the insect! The flying insects!!!"

Someone shouted at the back of the crowd!

The helicopter was attacked by the insect finally lost its balance and fell from the sky, the monster screamed and dashed towards another helicopter.

This time chu yun sheng could see what exactly that thing was, that monster was as big as a helicopter, it had four wings like dragonfly's, it had a long and sharp Beak, four feet, two short at front, two long at back, it was flying like the wind!

That was just the first one, the other two closely followed behind!

One of them made a loud roar, then dived and flew straight towards the bus no.1 where the fire was.

battalion commander immediately ordered the Machine gunner to shoot, the fire instantly burst out the gun's chamber.

Horrified chu Yunsheng back off several steps then shouted:" get on the ground! On the ground!"

Within a short amount of time, flying insects already flew close to the ground, Chu yun sheng was running, he pounced on the people who were still shocked and stood at the front of the bus.

The insect flew over the bus no.1. it's back legs hooked a person then immediately ascended and flew away.