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chapter 45 the power of a Sausage

 chapter 45 the power of a Sausage

Zhong nan was surprised to look at chun yun sheng, he had never seen a person ask for this kind of request before, normally the escort team member would find many excuses not to go to the battle!

He didn't know why he was asking for this, but as the captain, he did what he could to advise him to keep his energy for a long battle, don't get carried away by the anger.

But chu yun sheng still insisted, so zhong nan stopped advising him, probably other teams wish there could be more people like him.

when it's time for the meal, chu yun sheng got the food from the university and decided to deactivate the armour, because there were too many people, so he didn't worry about if the insect will rush directly towards him, it would only give him more trouble if he keeps wearing it.

The food was horrible, it was like sticky batter, couldn't see what the ingredients were, luckily the teams that joined the combat would receive a half of sausage as a bonus, that was considered as a luxury reward by most of the people.

even with this simple, or can be described as rubbish-like food, everyone was enjoying it, and people who at outside the truck were swallowing hard, and they had shown complex emotions in their eyes while looking at people on the truck.

Chu yun sheng doesn't like to waste food, especially now, the food was getting lesser and lesser, as long as he is alive, he will have to face the long and lack of food dark age, he was not fussy about the food.

But he was quite happy today that he got two complete she yuan fu, based on this rate, he could get even more in the future!

So he only consumed half of that sticky batter, then gave it to yu xiao hai, he took out one tin of beer that he kept for a long time, lit a cigarette, and started his luxury meal.

Apart from the food, he also stored a lot of tobaccos, but then again the priority, of course, must be the food first, after all, tobacco isn't food.

Most of His cigarettes he had were from the supermarket and tobacco shop, when he took the cigarette he didn't mind what brand he was getting, as long as it was tobacco he would take it. Who knows to what extent Jin ling city would be lacking in tobacco.

Beer, tobacco, sausage, any one of them could cause a commotion in the crowd, not to mention chu yun sheng had three!

But no one dares to interrupt him, earlier he was fighting with three red shell insects alone and killed all three insects. This information had already been spread by qian de duo. the man is even more stronger than the captain. as long as a person isn't retarded, no one would give him troubles.

No one dares to drink chu yun sheng's beer expect yu xiao hai, most of the people just stared at him, someone envied what yu xiao hai could do.

"brother chu!" qian de duo didn't dare to treat him as a normal team member, he got closer and whisper to him:"I got one thing need to discuss with you."

Chu yun sheng nodded his head signal him to carry on.

Qian de duo quickly glanced around, lowered his voice even more:" brother chu, there is a food factory near here, I used to work there, I've talked to big head jiang, we gonna loot it."

Chu yun sheng paused for a second:"loot it?"

Qian de duo nodded": university's supplies were not enough for us, everyone often did similar thing secretly. We just fought with red shell insect. so it won't be our turn anytime soon, those people at the top won't say anything, as long as we'll return back quickly. if we got supplies, we are rich!"

Chu yun sheng had a doubt:" why didn't the top organise any search?"

Qian de duo 's face was filled with helplessness,:" they did organise. before you joined us, we organised many times, otherwise, where do you think they got food from? But because it's organised search, so most of the stuff we found we need to hand in."

Chu yun zhang now knew why he wanted to get something just for himself, but he didn't really mind, as long as he could get something as well:" how do you split it?" he asked.

Qian de duo had a shallow smile on his face:" of course there are rules, if we didn't encounter the insect, we'll split evenly, if we did, whoever contribute the most, get more! It's fair and square!"

chu yun sheng nodded :" ok, but if it's too dangerous or too far, i suggest don't go there!"

qian de duo clapped his chest promised it won't be very far, but he didn't know how dangerous it will be. He told chu yun sheng if they encountered many insects, just retreat, no one wants to die just for a bit of extra food....

The food factory was still quite far from here, so they had to wait until the crowd moved close to there, but not close enough to be noticed by everyone. Qian de duo sat next to Chu yun sheng carried on talking:" brother chu, maybe you don't know, not only bread or sausages, even you have a cookie, those girls outside truck would willing to have sex with you! ...... why are you looking at me like that... you don't believe me!"

" do you know what is it like to be starving? Killed by the insects wasn't that bad, it would give you a quick one, but the scariest thing is to starve to death, fuck that feeling, I would never ever want to experience it again!"

" brother chu, do you know how i awakened? That day, I lost my consciousness because of starvation, I felt that i was in the hell, but God blessed me, i Inexplicably awakened when I was dying!"

The more he talked the more agitated he gets, as if he returned to that day which he awakened again, The sound was slightly hoarse.

Chu yun sheng gave him the beer he was drinking, signalled him don't get too agitated.

Chu yun sheng noticed that the more people he talked to, the more he discovered almost everyone had an unforgettable memory.

Qian de duo gratefully took the beer, suddenly he rolled his eye and smiled": brother chu, you still don't believe me, do you?"

Chu yun sheng shook his head, it's not that he didn't believe him. since the dark age began, more people died of hunger than killed by the insect!

But apparently, qian de duo misunderstood him, thought chu yun sheng didn't agree with him. chu yun sheng didn't know why he had a sly smile on his face.

suddenly he grabbed the half sausage that yu xiao hai wanted to keep for the last and apologised to him:" sorry, borrow this for a minute! I'll show you!"

He stood up and pointed at the crowd outside truck:" I recognise those people, those are the students studied English in our university, let me show you the power of a sausage!"

Qian de duo held the sausage over his head drew his voice out shouted loudly:" f-----ood! F------oood!"(he shouted in English)

When he shouted, everyone including the people on the truck was looking at him, no one knows what he was saying, but the temptation of that sausage still causing everyone to push forward as if they knew something about to happen.

Qian de duo was waving the sausage and smiled at chu yun sheng, then he turned around and shouted one sentence almost made chu yun sheng throw up blood due to emotional trauma. :" half sausage for one pretty girl, if you want, say it now!"

It was like throw water into hot oil, the crowd was exploded, some people who still kept their pride stood aside and showed Contempt in their eyes; others who couldn't bear the hunger any longer all pushed forward, they already forget about what qian de duo was asking for. male, female, beautiful or not, they all shamelessly shouted:" me, me. Me!"