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Chapter 43 join the fight

 Chapter 43 join the fight

Qian de duo used to be an ordinary student at Dong Shen university. with the ability to kill three red shell insect, he gained three seats on the bus and also was promoted to a team leader of the fifth team.

He did not use to be very popular with girls, but now he had become a chick magnet.

Qian de duo was non-stop bragging about how the Prettiest girl at their university department used to ignore him, and how she kept looking for him now, he was so excited that he had foam in his mouth. Yu Xiao Hai was so tempted, so Qian de duo clapped his chest promised he would definitely find some pretty girl for yu xiao hai.

While chu yun sheng took Lin Shui Yao to bus no.1, Lin Shui Yao told chu yun sheng how she ended up in that situation, she was being invited to join an event during the age of the light, And she just lived in the five stars hotel where he saved yu xiao hai,

They were protected by the military troop at that time, however, the insects appeared when they try to retreat to the military base, her assistant and manager both died that day, The rest of people had to go back to the hotel.

Later on, they joined the crowd try to escape the city second time, but once again insects appeared, she thought she was going to die until one guy dragged her and ran away.

Chu yun sheng didn't know why she was telling him this, he didn't want to get to know her, he guessed that she was finally feeling safe and now she needs to get all the negative feelings that built up in the past off her chest.

But he was not a psychiatrist,he didn't want to spend times to comfort her. This world is collapsing, she really got a mental problem if she still feels comfortable about it.

After he settled down the Lin Shui Yao, Chu yun sheng went back to the truck, quietly sat on the side and quickly started to cultivate yuan qi. Qing hen and other team members also stop annoying him.

The fifth team originally had two people, the team leader Qian de duo, one female team member Zhou ting yun.

Zhou ting yun wasn't happy with the conversation between Yu Xiao Hai and Qian de duo, but she just a team member and also just awakened her ability, she could only kill one red shell insect, so even though she wasn't happy, but it was not her place to make a complaint.

Originally she wanted to talk to the guy who cut the insect's shell in half, the person who was always wearing an ancient armour-like armour. She wanted to discuss and exchange some awakening experience, however, that guy closed his eye and just sat there, didn't said a single word since he came back.

Time slowly passed by in this kind of atmosphere.

After quite a while, Chu yun sheng suddenly opened his eyes and instantly stood up, it caused everyone around him suddenly became very nervous.

It's the smell of blood, and it's very heavy!

But this was not important, the important was the smell came from the front, not the back, it means:" something happened at the front!

Chu yun sheng immediately drew the sword, he couldn't let guard down at any second, the red sword instantly startled everyone on the truck, they still remembered what happened to the insect's shell.

Chu yun sheng didn't care about what they think, he jumped on the top of the truck, adjusted the night vision goggles, started to scan the front, he needed to know all the information about the danger before it gets here.

However his night vision goggles won't let him see the place far away, what he saw was the chaotic crowd and their heads moving in the crowd, nothing else!

Just when he was anxious, suddenly the flare was fired into the sky at the front, it was just one but it's so bright that it's enough to illuminate the area.

Qian de duo stroke his chin and said": brothers and sister, get ready, it's the captain's signal!"

The Truck couldn't move now, it was stuck in the crowd.

Zhang Zi Cheng had selected fourth and fifth team to respond to the call, both teams had new team member just joined in, a total of 9 people led by each of their team leaders, they all jumped out of car, the people in the crowd spontaneously moved aside made a narrow way bare enough for them to fit through.

Chu yun sheng knew yu xiao hai did not restore much energy, he just relied on his body to recover the energy by itself, the speed was way too slow than chu yun sheng, but Zhang Zi Cheng already had yu xiao hai's information reported to the lab, they will find out what is the best way for him to increase his strength.

Yu Xiao Hai roughly estimated, he probably could trigger a frost arrow but only with half of its original power. After Qian de duo got Yu Xiao Hai's information. He thought it was better than nothing, so he still brought yu xiao hai with them,

The closer they get to the front, the more the screams and sound of gunfires they can hear.

Many people were running back from the front gave escort team a lot of troubles. Until they squeezed to the front, they saw Zhong nan had just killed one red shell insect. he saw everyone arrived late shouted:" why are you so late?"

Jiang ye the fourth team leader was gloomy, he said:" captain, don't blame us, the truck was stuck at back and everyone was pushing back, we did our best!"

Zhong nan's face didn't look so well, probably he just had a fierce fight with the insects, he was exhausted and said:" half of the fourth team and the fifth team are new, remember just break their defence layer, leave the rest to the troops, there are still twelve insects remaining, hurry up!"

Although Jiang Ye talked back but he also didn't dare to slow down a bit, because the insects almost break through the troop's defence line.

The ground was full of blood, it felt sticky when people step on it. Female and male's bodies were scattered around, some were soldiers, some were university students, some were kids, some got cut in half; some got a big hole in their body, all organs were mixed with blood and fell on the ground.

Chu yun sheng already familiar with this kind of scene, it may be Miserable and bloody, but it doesn't effect him much.

At the last moment, Qian de duo said:" you need to be careful about the bullets, one or two may not kill you, but if it's machine gun, you will die, also they didn't have time to prepare the bullet proof vest! So You need to be careful!"

Chu yun sheng didn't need their bullet-proof vest, nor did yu xiao hai. liu jia yuan fu is strong enough to stop the bullets, not to mention the armour.

He looked at the 4-5 red shell insects bodies lying on the ground, he immediately jumped over a car and rushed towards the red shell insects, he needs to hurry up kill all those insects, otherwise, the yuan qi inside the dead insects will dissipate very soon!

He saw three soldiers were using the automatic rifle frantically shot at the insect which was rushing towards them.

One of the soldier in a frenzy of rage, he took out a grenade shouted:" Qiang Zi retreat, Let me take them to the hell! "

Chu yun sheng wanted to stop him, but it was too late, he rushed toward the red shell insects, and collided with insect's' leg. he was hooked by the thorn on the insect's leg.

He grinned wickedly:" die! You motherfucker!" he used all his remaining strength pulled himself out, the wound was sliced open by the insect's leg, the blood and organs were burst out. But it didn't stop him, he reached out his hand and stuffed the grenade into the Insect's mouth, even the hand was broken by the insect mouth, he was still non-stop pushing his arm deeper inside insect's mouth.


An explosion, even though the insect's defence was strong, but it still lost its half jaw. It was in a great pain, and the pain made it even angrier. when it was about to take the anger out on the remaining two soldiers.

Chu yun sheng's sword attack has arrived!