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chapter 36 carry on fighting

 chapter 36 carry on fighting

"What, 10? why don't you just kill me then take it from me" yu xiao hai said.

Gu liming already stopped showing his condescending attitude, he was worried: "young man, I have already breached the discipline for exchange the bullets with your privately, we also need bullets to protect the professor and those people, we hope you could understand us! "

"You can't say this, I did not force you to breach the discipline to make deal with us, if you are scared of punishment, i thinks let's just stop it here."Yu xiao hai said slowly, then started to eat cookies while making a loud crunchy sound.

: "we still have some jewellery, do you want it?" said by a man

Yu xiao haI seemed to find it very amusing but he didn't dare to laugh it out loud: "Mr. Zhao, do you still think cash, gold can buy food? You really are....huh? Chu.. why You here?"

Chu yun sheng walked out the door and nodded his head, he took a quick glance at the crowd, you xiao hai was surrounded by people, but no one dares to grab food from him.

Everyone was scared of chu yun sheng, it was only because of that, did yu xiao hai dare to do something like this.

Just when he showed up, everyone backed off for two steps and looked at him.

"done with the bullets?" the first thing he asked was the bullet, it made gu li ming believes that he needs bullets urgently, originally he was about to accept yu xiao hai's offer, but now he planned to reduce two more bullets. To them, bullets are also very important so they have to save as many as they can.

Yu xiao hai scratched his head:" those people are very stingy, we are still negotiating!"

:" young man, your price is too high, we need to re....." Gu li ming was confident this time.

However chu yun sheng just simply wants to know if he got bullets or not, he was more concerned about where to find last two insects, so he ignored Gu li ming and said:" that's it, xiao hai pack you stuff, we need to go now!"

After he said this, everyone was shocked, professor sun and Miss zhao were trying to find a way to ask chu yun sheng that if he could escort them to the military base, they didn't expect, chu yun sheng wants to leave in such a hurry.

You xiao has was also surprised by what chu yun sheng said, he approached chu yun sheng whispered:"chu, we don't need to exchange for bullets? Just need more time, they were about to....."

Chu Yunsheng waved his hand;" we don't have time now, take the crossbow, I'll tell you later."

Yu xiao hsi knew Chu Yunsheng's mysterious abilities, so he didn't ask too much, he quickly packs his stuff.

"wait, wait, you two!" Gu li ming panicked, no one knows where he got the courage to reach his hand and tried to stop chu yun sheng.

Chu yun sheng raised his head said sternly:" captain gu, i respect you while you are still in this suit, i also respect your brothers' courage and determination, i can forget the things you did, but please don't try to....."

Professor sun quickly interrupts him:" young man, captain Gu was trying to help us, please forgive him."

Chu yun sheng had a good impression on the old man, not only he told him the information about the dark energy, also the information about the awakenings, that information more or less will help him in the future, and he also didn't mind what chu yun sheng did to him early on, the bread chu yun sheng gave to him, he gave it to other people, although it was enough to share between them..

"for the sake of professor sun, 10 bullets for one cookie, if you want, we can exchange now, I need do something else." chu Yunsheng doesn't want to waste time talk to them, few bullets aren't worth his time.

In fact Gu li ming didn't have many pistol bullets, they spent quite some time only gathered enough to exchange for 4 cookies. it upset Chu yun sheng for quite a while,

On the way down, chu yun sheng asked you xiao hai": did you ask the old man, how to increase your strength?"

Yu xiao hai had a wry smile on his face:" he doesn't know, their experiment had been terminated before they had time to test any method, but he suggested I should use my ability more often."

The old man didn't know nor did chu yun sheng, so they had to wait and see.

"I need to tell you one thing, we are going to kill two insect..."

Chu yun sheng slowly walked down the stairs while he was taking, suddenly he felt no one was behind him, he quickly turned around saw yu xiao hai was sitting on the stairs he seeems to be so scared.

he paused for a second, thought about how he encountered the first red shell insect, it was not much better than him, so he told yu xiao hai:" don't worry, let me tell you..... Huh? Why are you here?"

all chu yun sheng thought was how to find two red shell.insect, he didn't notice the girl who was mistakenly saved by him also followed him.

The girl didn't say anything yet, yu xiao hai said to him "chu, is it dangerous to kill insect?" he looked so concerned.

Chu yun sheng looked at him and said:" yes! You could die at any time when you encounter the insect, but this is the reality now. if you don't have any courage to face it, how can you survive?"

Yu xiao hai was scared but the same time he was ashamed of himself, he hesitates for a long.time, finally grit his teeth and said:" chu, you are right, let's do it, I'm listening to you!"

Chu Yunsheng walked over and tapped his shoulder and nodded his head:" let's see how it goes, as long as you have this courage, we can live through this!"

The insect has increased to a ridiculous amount outside, A place nearby has at least 6 of red shell insects, with their conditions right now, they could not fight then by force but fight them by the wisdom. Chu yun sheng was racking his brain to find a way to kill them.

Outside the building few Bodies were lying on the ground, there was a mouse chewing on of the bodies while curiously looking at surroundings.

Although it wasn't as dark as before, but Chu yun sheng still needs to use the night vision goggles to see things.

The girl was sent back, he didn't even know her name, there is no need to risk taking her with them, they are on a suicide mission, one more person means one more trouble.

The place chu yun sheng chose is the high street 1km away, there are at least 5 red shell insects over there. He did not dare to get too close, so he took a long route go around them and then lurk into a tall building near the high street.

the plan was yu xiao hai will be hiding on the fifth floor and use the windows as cover to ambush the red shell insect on the street.

and chu yun sheng will be the bait to attract the insect's attention, he will follow the route their planned earlier, which is to retreat into a building complex another 1km from the high street,

He chose the two building complex far away from each other. so the insect won't be able to jump over, but close enough for him to tie the rope he used before to the other side.

After he prepared the escape route, they went back to the tall building near the high street again, chu yun sheng gave you xiao haI a watch, ask him to wait on the fifth floor, they had decided after 10 minutes, chu yun sheng will start to provoke six red shell insects and yu xiao hai will take the opportunity to freeze one.