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Chapter 35 Five maps

 Chapter 35 Five maps

No matter how weak the power is, one more weapon means one more assurance, that's why chu yun sheng needs bullets.

Yu xiao hai dazed for a second, he didn't know from where chu yun sheng took out that food, chu yun sheng is even more mysterious to him.

He couldn't hold his feelings, eyes had gone red, he was On the verge of tears. if it wasn't chu yun sheng he would have already lost his life.

Now chu yun sheng even gave him food as well, he knew how important the food is, he almost died for one biscuit. He couldn't repay the trust right now but said:" chu, don't worry, I'll make sure they give you anything your need, I'll try to become stronger as well!"

Chu.laughed:" don't be so serious, we are friends, I'm helping you now. because i hope you will be able to help me in the future. Go don't waste time here!"

Yu xiao hai left, Chu Yunsheng closed the door, he needs to find out what's wrong with the ancient book and the pendant.

But when he try to find the pendant, he noticed that it's gone, he couldn't find it anywhere, it only left the chain, chu yun sheng remembered clearly he tied the pendant to the ancient book. How could he not find it now, did the book absorb it?

He looked at the ancient book again and noticed the cover had changed, originally it was just a plain grey colour, now there seems to be a map on it, underneath the map, few paragraphs of strange symbols slowly emerged.

it took chu yun sheng quite some time finally and only roughly figured out what it means:

The senior practitioner who was the author of this book was dying because of terrible injury. he was helped by the human tribes nearby at that time. When predicted that after five thousand years tian gui(sky Track) will return and the world will fall into endless chaos. He couldn't do anything but tell the human tribes to pass on the messages from generations to generations.

The human tribes were begging for solutions from him. in order to repay what they did for him, the senior made a book about all the skill he learned throughout his entire life, he also stored his life collections and treasures in one place before he died.

He then passed the ancient book to the human tribe, the ancient book followed the human tribe from places to places, generations to generations, he was hoping that when tian gui returned, the person who has the ancient book will learn everything in the book.

In case of his treasures were discovered too early, the senior practitioner separate the map into five pieces, and spread them over five different tribes, only five thousand years later the owner of the book will receive information about the treasures, he hopes that the owner of the book will take out his treasures and used it to against the danger!

Once tian gui returns, it will unleash the world original qi which will activate the book, only at that time, the ancient book will help the new book holder to find the maps. Maps were sealed in the jades, once they are near the book, the book will remind the holder the exact location.

This senior also wrote, originally he planned to use incantation to hide the maps inside the book, incantation will automatically activate after five thousand years later, it saves the time and reduce the risk of losing the maps, however at that time tian gui had been sealed, he was also heavily injured, and couldn't restore his Ling qi. That's why he couldn't cast any incantations, he could barely use the reminding Ling qi seal the map inside the jade.

He also urged whoever has this book five thousand years later to find his collections as soon as possible, otherwise, once tian wai xie mo(the great devil from outer space) arrives at the earth, with human's qi cultivation speed, they will not have any chance to compete it.

There are few more paragraphs after this, but chu yun sheng couldn't figure it out. however, just this bit of information is already scary enough!

Tian wai Xie mo? What is that? Chu yun sheng knew it's not the insects, the book has the description about the insect, they are from different dimensions. Those symbols used to describe "tian wai xie mo" are entirely different. This is something he is sure of.

Maybe some creatures even more powerful, chu yun sheng thought, the ancient people and modern people always have different views towards the same thing, and sometimes can be totally different. dark energy and yuan qi is one of example, chu yun sheng thought he could barely fight with a small number of red shell insect. but if the creature even the powerful senior practitioner considered as the great devil, how strong can it be

One hand he rejoiced in secret at such a stroke of luck that he had the book, but on the other hands, he was scared of an unknown devil.

Who was this senior practitioner?

What is ling qi, is it not yuan qi ?

And if he was so powerful, what could injure him? Was it something even more terrifying?

Where can he find the rest of four maps?

What should he do now?

One question after another question, chu yun sheng could not stop thinking, but he could not get answers.

Maybe he was secretly satisfied with what he could do before in the apocalyptic, but now it was completely destroyed! He still finds how small and weak he is!

Luckily he still has some time left, although it is not a lot, but it doesn't mean that he does not have hope at all, otherwise the senior would not leave everything to him!

But such a big world, where can he find those four maps?

Chu yun sheng still did not have any clue, so he stopped thinking it, his priority right now is to become stronger, otherwise, if the maps is in someone's hand who is stronger than him, he will not be able to get it.

When he was about to store the book, surprisingly the ancient book once again glowed in the dark, perhaps it fully absorbed the first map, chu yun sheng thought, suddenly he noticed the ancient book was absorbing a tremendous amount of world original qi, it was just like last time, stirred up all the world original qi in the spaced, he immediately sat down, and started to circulated the cultivation cycles while holding the ancient book in this chest.

It was about 30 second, chu yun sheng was shocked to find out he had already restored 6 unit of yuan qi, this was equivalent to the amount he has to non-stop circulate cultivation cycles for 73 hours!

All he could think of right now is how powerful That senior practitioner was!

Unfortunately, he can only come across such opportunity serendipitously, he could not control what time the ancient book will absorb the world original qi, it was pure luck.

Chu yun sheng could not hold his excitement, he was worried after he made a frost yuan fu for yu xiao hai, he only had one unit of yuan qi left before, but now, the problem was solved, although it was an accident, but he was happy about it.

Plus what he had before, now he has up to 7 unit of yuan qi, chu yun sheng needs to plan his actions more carefully this time. it's almost time for the retreat, he did not feel safe at all, if he did not have few she yuan fu as the backup.

He needs to keep 6 unit of yuan qi to make a level two she yuan fu. So he could only use one unit of yuan qi to defend himself, but he also had four insect's bodies, one she yuan fu is able to convert and stored 6 red shell insect's fire element. So he needs to have two more insect's bodies to make a full flame patterned she yuan fu.

Because of the dangerous situations he had encountered in the past, he had to use uncompleted she yuan fu several times, but now, he did not want to waste it anymore. With the help of yu xiao hai, he could kill one, and yu xiao hai could help him to freeze one, they need to hurry up collect two insect bodies and prepare the she yuan fu.

After chu yun sheng decided what to do, he quickly packed everything, went upstairs to look for yu xiao hai, the night is still long, anything could happen, so he can't waste time here.

chu yun sheng has not yet reached the roof, but he could still hear the voice coming from upstairs, "Young man, 10 bullets for one cookie is our bottom line! " it was Gu li ming the captain who chu yun sheng did not like the most.