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Chapter 33 dark energy

 Chapter 33 dark energy

Chu yun sheng felt gloomy, he leaned against the wall and lit up the cigarette, the reason why he felt that way was not because they came back, it was because the screams that came from those dying people reminded him, the insects had increased to a number that no matter how fast he increases his strength, he is still on the losing side.

The girl was saved by yu xiao hai also came back, maybe she didn't even leave, she sat on the side next to chu yun sheng and yu xiao hai, far away from gu li ming's squad.

Whenever there was a scream came from the street, she would be jittered nervously, as if she was a bunny in an extreme panic.

Chu yun sheng had the same feeling before, it was the first time when he saw an insect sucked the brain out of a human, it was like his heart did not belong to him, it jumped all around

No one was making a sound, no one dare to speak, even including chu yun sheng, insect are very sensitive to the sound.

It was deadly quiet on the roof, quiet like they were in the tomb. It was like this for a very long time, chu yun sheng woke up from panic, he didn't know, how he fell asleep, but he had a nightmare. In the nightmare, his helmet fell off, an insect was sucking his brain.

The screams had already stopped, but sound the insect still can be heard from time to time, the girl was still crying, and professor sun's group was discussing something.

Yu xiao hai was still unconscious, if it's not that he was still breathing, chu yun sheng would have given up already

He raised his head looked at the sky, suddenly he noticed that the dark night appeared to have a trace of hazy shimmer, his heart started to jumped rapidly. He immediately pulled up the helmet's front cover.

He wasn't wrong, the sky clearly appeared to have a faint weak light, although the dark was still enveloping the earth, but under that hazy dim light, people could see the of the shadows of the surrounding objects, at least they won't be completely blind without fire, torch or other light sources.

What is this? Are we finally going back to the age of light, chu yun sheng was very excited, he had tears in his eye, it's not that he wasn't strong enough, it's just he always burying his weakness deep inside.

He jumped up, pushed yu xiao hai over and over again:" xiao hai, wake the fuck up, it's back, light is back! Stop pretend you are dying!

"he won't be waking up anytime soon." said professor sun, he slowly walked towards chu yun sheng with a stick and sat in front of him, he carried on to say:" he is in the process of awakening, based on our study, the dark energy is now transforming his body, so he won't be waking up anytime soon."

"dark energy?" chu yun sheng questioned, he thought this old man was going to ask him more questions about the armour, didn't expect him to say this, he seemed to have heard this word before, probably heard from that neighbour lived above him at building no.8

Professor sun nodded his head and explained: "Yes, dark energy, it is the absolute dominance of the universe, combined with dark matter, they made up 96 percent of the whole universe, and it could be even more."

" you are saying this dark energy is transforming his body?" apart from the book it was the first time he heard someone had some answers towards the ability awakening, but he kicked him earlier, he doesn't know if this professor would tell him more about it.

Bu professor sun seemed to forget about what chu yun sheng did, he sighed:" yes, but not all dark energies have this kind of power, with this particular type we are still studying it."

Chu yun sheng thought of what was mentioned in the book, it mentioned that the world original qi can only be gathered after the tian gui's seal is broken. in order to confirm what he guessed was right and if he understood the book correctly, he asked: "what about before the sun disappeared, why there was no such thing happened?"

Professor smiled:" during the age of light, the only dark matter we could detect was Neutrinos, but the amount them can be ignored in the dark matter world, the rest of dark matter and dark energy were all just hypothesis, there was no evidence to them, until the dark age..... But..."

Chu yun sheng was enthralled by the information he immediately asked:": but?"

Professor sun waved his hands,:" it doesn't really matter now if I tell you or not. we did an intensive research on dark matter and dark energy just after the sun disappeared. unfortunately, the time was limited. because of the insect, our research was terminated. so we still couldn't answer all the questions, this is an esoteric subject, if we could understand it, not only we can eliminate the insect, we can even fly out of our solar system.

Chu yun sheng nodded his head secretly, he reckoned that the dark energy professor mentioned probably is the yuan qi. perhaps it was just people from different times gave the same energy two different names.

When he was still in the no. 8 building, the neighbour told him about the power that ice punch man had might contain dark energy, he didn't expect, it would be true!

He suddenly remembered he kicked him earlier, the normal people couldn't withstand his punch, last time that thug had a serious injury, even gu li ming was still painfully holding his belly.

was he awakened as well? But will there be other awakenings as old as him?

He asked with doubt:" are you.....?"

:"yes, I am an awakening as well, but my dark energy is very weak, i can't use it in battle, it's barely enough for research!" Professor smiled with self- deprecating humour.

Chu yun sheng was surprised, he always thought, the awakenings are the best in fighting, didn't expect there are awakenings can't fight, he still knows too little about that information.

He believed that the ancient book has information about the awakenings, but because it's too difficult for him to understand, that's why he doesn't know. He was always thinkings It would be perfect if he had a dictionary for this ancient book.

Professor sun didn't know what chu yun sheng was thinking. He shifted his attention to yu xiao hai :" your friend is very strange, based on the few cases we studied before, the awakening process is very dangerous, your friend obviously couldn't control the chaotic dark energy inside his body, but why there is nothing happen to him?"

Chu yun sheng suspected it was because of the liu jia yuan fu suppressed the chaotic dark energy, but he didn't want to tell the professor, although he appreciated what professor told him, also he felt sorry to kick him, but to disclose information about liu jia yuan fu, means to disclose information about his defence mechanism and the ancient book, this is something he didn't want to happen.

Then professor said another word suddenly made his hair stood up on the back of his neck:" what a pity we don't have lab equipment here!"

Chu yun sheng suddenly had a ghastly expression on his face, professor soon realised what he was thinking, he laughed:" people always scared of human lab research, however in my academic life, I've never seen or heard anyone hurt any awakenings!"

Chu Yunsheng didn't expect this old man considered him as the awakening, but it's good for him. so everyone else won't find anything strange about him.

After he heard the old man's explanation, he smiled, he still did not know when yu xiao hai would wake up, and 72 hours retreat time was getting closer and closer, this was only thing make him feel a little bit better.

He started to have a good impression on this old man, after all, he told him a lot of things he did not know, so he made a deal with this old man, he gave the old man a half of bread, the old man told him everything he knew about the awakenings. Chu yun sheng was relieved when he heard old man said that in his knowledge, No one was more powerful than chu yun sheng.

" ah!" a sound suddenly burst out in the quiet roof, it was yu xiao hai, he finally woke up!

-----translator's note-------

Self-awakening is what chu learned from the book, the awakening was the shen cheng city's official codename for those people who has a special power.

This kind of small detail exists throughout the book.

yuan qi is one type of dark energy,

people from different places will call the awakenings with different names.