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Chapter 30 Yu xiao hai awakens

 Chapter 30 Yu xiao hai awakens

Yu Xiaohai froze for a long time then burst out: "Fuck, Chu, where is xiao li?"

Chu Yunsheng immediately reminded him: "why are You asking me? You are the one who wanted to save her, also the one who was holding her hands, who the hell knows where she is !?"

Yu Xiaohai could not maintain his calm: "OMG, OMG, Xiao Li did not get out, it was definitely me dragged the wrong person, she is going to die! I killed her!!"

Chu Yunsheng heard what he was mumbling about and wondered: "why do you have to think that way. if I did not save her, she is going to die anyway, it has nothing to do with you, it's her faith!"

"I am really useless, I can not even look after just one person!" Yu Xiaohai sighed,

Chu Yunsheng was curious: "don't tell me you like that girl? You just broke up with Si Jun not long ago, so you are a lady's man now huh!"

Yu Xiaohai immediately denied: "No, no, Xiao Li was new to the company, she was assigned to my department, of course, I need to take care of her!

Chu Yunsheng smiled, didn't say anything, but he had a quit your bullshit expression written all over his face.

Yu Xiaohai pretend he didn't see it, and change the subject: "Chu, I am confused, i did not get to ask you earlier, how did you suddenly became a super Saiyan ? So powerful!

Chu Yunsheng snapped: "What super Saiyan! If i were a super saiyan, would i run away from few insect? "

Yu Xiaohai used his finger to poke Chu Yunsheng's armor said: " tut-tut, don't deny it, look this thing, it is definitely heavy, but you are still agile like a monkey, Chu, I knew you have superpower, and that thing about the sun disappeared, you predicted it, if i believed you, my parents may ... ... "

His voice became lower and lower until he let out a deep sigh.

Chu Yunsheng stopped joking: "xiao hai, the world has changed now, only the strong one will survive, if you want to survive, you need to forget about the past, how to survive should be the thing you need to think of! "

Yu xiao hai knew he was serious, but he didn't know what to say, the roof went back to quiet again.

However, the woman was saved by them finally got a chance to say something: "Thank you for saving me earlier, could you please tell me who you are?

Chu Yunsheng waved his hand: "is that important? You can leave now!"

The woman didn't get her answer, but also did not want to leave immediately, she felt embarrassed: "can I take a break here for a moment?"

: "up to you!" Chu Yun sheng said.

A moment later, the Woman still could not hold her curiosity: "is it true that you predicted the disappearance of the sun?"

Chu Yunsheng glared at Yu Xiaohai, but unfortunately, it's pitch black on the roof, yu xiao hai couldn't see anything.

"hmm?"Yu Xiaohai suddenly made a strange noise, it made Chu Yun Sheng jump.

In the dark, Yu Xiaohai was nervously trembling: "Chu, am i dying? why do I feel the body suddenly gets co... co ....cold, , ... ... it's.... My...puni....shime...nt .. !"

He could not finish one sentence then collapsed onto the floor, his teeth were clicked repeatedly together: "Chu, ......Chu....,, am i.... Go,.... go.. Ing to "

Chu Yunsheng suddenly thought of the self-awakening that mentioned in the ancient book, could this be it? But This reaction is too intense!

He did not know if the awaken process would be life-threatening. Even though the ancient book has information about this, but because it had nothing to do with him, so he didn't dig into this, that's why even he try to read it now, he won't be able to understand it.: "do not panic, just hang in there, everything will be alright, breath slowly, it will be over soon" chu yun sheng said.

The slight frost soon emerged from Yu Xiaohai's body, Yu Xiaohai slowly started to lose consciousness, he was constantly mumbling nonsense. this time chu yun sheng did not really don't know How to deal with this!

Chu Yunsheng thought a second, he thought that the fire element probably can be used to suppress the frost element, so he quickly took out the flashlight, gave it to the woman who was still in shock, he took out the bed sheets laid it on the ground, wrapped yu xiao hai inside.

And then he took out the pistol, immediately filled it with a yuan qi, shot a pile of a bed sheet on the side, the fire elements instantly emerged in the space around them and clashed with frost element, it Slightly restrained the power of frost element.

However, it did not have much effect on the frost element inside yu xiao hai's body, soon, the frost element rapidly increased as if it is going to gush out his body, chu yun sheng could hear the cracking ice sound came from inside his body. Yu Xiaohai Completely lost his consciousness.

Just when the frost element about to break out, the liu jia yuan fu that cast onto his body by chu Yunsheng was suddenly activated, it suppresses the frost element from rapidly increasing, and forced it to stay inside yu xiao hai's body.

But the frost element didn't seem to give up, a moment later, it suddenly expand inside yu xiao hai's body, but it was pushed back again.

This rapid change just keeps repeating, as if they were fighting each other to gain control of the body.

Chu Yunsheng noticed that whenever the frost element was pushed back to yu xiao hai's body, his face would look better, he could even start to breath, but when the frost element burst out his body, he would lose the consciousness again!

It means that the Liu jia yuan fu was very useful! however he could not help him any further, life or death all depends on himself now.

Chu Yunsheng was about to get up, but suddenly felt the ancient book inside the yuan fu started to shake violently, and it was getting more and more intense!

the sound of gunfire also appeared On the street again, is was the sound of rifle firing, it should be the troops, he was worried about yu xiao hai before, did not noticed the troop was coming this way!

Chu yun sheng wished he had more time to solve problems one by one. This time he finally understood what it means to have troubles one after another!

He quickly rushed to the edge, looked down, a group of fewer than 10 soldiers was protecting some people and hastily hid into the building where he was in, they were closely followed by three red shell insects.

He carefully looked around To make sure that there were no other insects, Chu Yunsheng was relieved only, three insects, he can cope with it.

He did not know why the ancient book was still shaking violently, and there was no time for him to find out. He quickly moved yu xiao hai to the side away from the door, he knew that the security door will not stop the insects for long.

As he expected, these people eventually had to retreat to the roof, they had no other way to escape. if they don't choose to go inside the building, the insects are even faster on the street. at least buildings could help them to survive a little bit longer.

moreover, those people had different kinds of weapons on their hand, the staircases are so narrow that insects can not dodge too many attacks, with the explosives such as a grenade, might injure them, so there is still a chance!

Chose to hide inside the building was like to gambling using their lives!

Yu Xiaohai was still struggling to suppress the forst element. Chu Yunsheng could not help him at all. So he took out the qian bi sword, filled it with yuan qi quietly, he was ready to fight whatever break out the door. Once insect gets up here, they don't care about if you are weak or strong they will just slaughter everyone.

There were explosions came from downstairs, it caused the entire building to shake, chu yun sheng was worried about if one more explosion will cause the entire building to collapse.

After the explosions, he saw some people ran out of the door, it was even fewer than before, perhaps those people died on their way up here.

Insects did not come up yet, but he could clearly hear the painful screams coming from downstairs, it means that the insects had not died yet!

The group only had about six or seven soldiers left, and three people with casual dress, they were two men and a woman, those people were shocked to see there were still some people on the roof, a person with strange armour, a person lying on the floor did not know if he was dead. And a woman did know what she looks like.

It's very bizarre!

Chu Yun sheng didn't have time to think about what went through their mind. when the only woman in their group walked past him, he suddenly felt that the ancient book started to shake violently.

She must have something on her that triggered the ancient book!

The yuan qi ripples caused by the Ancient book finally broke out of wu na yuan fu. It hit something in that women's chest and bounced back to the ancient book.

That woman surprisingly took out a

strange pendant, and kissed it, as if she was praying for a good luck!

It seems that no one else felt yuan qi ripples except chu yun sheng, and he finally was able to determine that it must be the strange pendant!

it must have some connections to the ancient book, otherwise, the ancient book wouldn't have such strong reaction!

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it's near the end of volume one, you guys feel free to guess what will happen in the volume two XD