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chapter 28 the killings begin

 chapter 28 the killings begin

"They are all dead! All dead!" Yu Xiao Hai could not stop shivering:"chu, my .... My father... my mother, they are all dead, insect ate them, they all dead!... dead!...."

Chu yun sheng's heart trembled, but he didn't know how to comfort him. When he hugged yu xiao hao's head, he could still feel yu xiao hai's body shake uncontrollably.

Suddenly another thump sound came from behind the water tower. chu yun sheng looked at the direction where the sound was coming from, he saw that leader was still holding his pants raged:"you bastard, can you not wait until I finish my business?"

the Cripple smiled and stood up, he whispered to that leader while glancing at chu yun sheng and yu xiao hai from time to time.

The leader pushed the cripple away while holding his pants, he pointed the thug who was kicked over by chu yun sheng laughed:"brother, I respected you, but why did you do this?."

Chu yun sheng knitted his brows, if he was not concerned about the insects, he could just take yu xiao hai away, there is no way those people could stop him.

That kick he threw earlier did not contain any yuan qi, it was only the power of the armour, but surprising, it could cause such damage to a normal person.

He suddenly remembered the deal which the cripple wanted to make, so he took out a half pack of cigarette, toss it over to the leader and said: "this man is under my protection now! "

That leader caught the half pack of cigarette, put it under his nose, took a huge sniff, he smiled:"brother, you are good, this man is yours !"

Chu yun sheng wasn't stupid, this half pack of a cigarette just gave that leader excuse, so his can still protect his authority in his gang, no one wants conflict, especially they saw the leap chu yun sheng did earlier, they are still scared of chu yun sheng's abilities.

the Cripple saw his boss took the half pack of cigarette, but he still could not let it go, he approached chu yun sheng again:"bro, that girl, do you still want it?"

Chu yun sheng shook his head and helped yu xiao hai to sit on the concrete floor on the other side. Yu xiaohai's lips were already cracked up bleeding, Chu yun sheng was looking for something that he could give to yu xiao hai in the wu na yuan fu for a long time, he gave yu xiaohai some food, drink, and few White Rabbit candies

Looked at yu xiaohai devouring an apple, chu yun sheng found that comparing himself to them, at least in terms of food, he was like living in the heaven!

the Cripple still could not give it up, he came back again and stared at the food he gave to yu xiao hai, he swallowed very hard and approached chu yun sheng again:"bro, oh , no ... boss, you don't really want it? I just need one, not one pack ." he then took another peek at the food said:" if not maybe one candy is also fine!"

Chu yun sheng sneered at him, he took out the qian bi sword, used yuan qi to activate sword and stabbed it straight into the floor in front of him, it scared the cripple to sit on the floor.

"Stop annoying me! And fuck off!" chu yun sheng took back the qian bi sword, all he wants now is to restore two more unit of yuan qi, then he can make a new she yuan fu, otherwise if there isn't any she yuan fu, he does not feel safe at all.

After consuming the food, yu xiao hai fell asleep, chu yun sheng did not know if he fainted or slept.

That thug's leader finally finished his activity behind the water tower, chu yun sheng started to concentrate, he did not want to sleep until he restores another two unit of yuan qi.

Only left 70 hours until The army retreat, he is racing with time now.

Luckily his body was already familiar with the qi cultivation process, he noticed that his qi cultivation speed is faster than before. Originally he needed to spend at least 8 days and 12 hours a day in order to restore 6 unit of yuan qi, but now, after about 6 hours, he felt that he already restored a half unit of yuan qi. based on this speed, after 18 hours, he could restore one and a half unit of yuan qi, plus what he originally had four unit, then he will restore 6 unit in total.

Inside the wu na yuan fu, there are five insects bodies, they could at least provide him up to 10 unit of yuan qi.

Suddenly he was interrupted by a man, it was that leader again, his name is liang xing, he had asked chu yun sheng to join them, but chu yun sheng refused. However he got some information from them, chu yun sheng finally understands why they were keeping those people with them. They were using those people as distractions when they encountered the insect; so they can get away from insect's attack. This kind of inhuman behaviour chu yun sheng could never imagine someone would do it. of course, he did not want to join them.

If he was not afraid of attracting more insect, he would've not given them the cigarette. all the supplies he got was by risking his own life or earned by hard working during the age of light, none of them came easy!

But now, the sound of gunshot and insect's scream were gone, the insects after chu yun sheng still have not shown up yet, so he did not worry if the fight between them would attract more insect.

Liang xing felt embarrassed, but he could not do anything, he started to take those people with them, and planned to leave the roof, their destination is also Jin ling city.

Just when those thugs pushed "scapegoats" forwards, a shadow rushed out of the crowd, she shouted:"yu xiao hai, save me!"

Yu xiao hai was awakened by the scream, he panicked and jumped up. That shadow fell onto the ground in front of yu xiao hai, grasped his clothes, chu yun sheng did not know what was going on, but he still took out the qian bi sword, yuan qi started to emerge!

Yu xiao hai paused for a second, slowly calmed down, "chu, this is xiao li, after you resigned from the company, she came to work for us" he said with a slight hesitation.

At this time, all the thugs were holding the gun and surrounded them, they were obviously not happy the things that chu yun sheng did earlier. everyone was pointing the gun at him.

Liang xing still had a smile on his face, he snorted:"brother, I have shown enough respect, there are rules for everything, don't you think so?"

"Boss, do not waste time talking to him, I don't believe he can stop the bullets!"" one of thug shouted

"Fuck him, I don't like this punk's attitude, wearing an armour? He thinks he is superman or something?!"

"Boss,kill him!"

Liang xing still hesitated, even his men were encouraging him to do something, it seemed like he still concerned about chu yun sheng's ability, he stopped smiling, said coldly:" brother I know you are strong, but we are not fresh meat ........."

Chu yun sheng picked up yu xiao hai and his female colleague, threw them behind the water tower, then stopped liang xing's speech: "I already have them, if you want to fight, let's fight!" when he just finished sentence, he rushed into the crowd with the qian bi sword, suddenly gunshot, and screams burst out in the silent roof,

Normal bullets could not do any damage to chu yun sheng, as long as he was wearing the armour, those bullets aren't threat. chu yun sheng just like a hungry wolf ran into a sheep herd, every swing takes away a life with it,

Chu yun sheng didn't realise that he used three sword form on those thugs although he did not use any yuan qi, but the sharp qian bi sword still slices everything on its way into a half. Until he realised what he did, all the thugs were dead on the ground, some of them had their head cut into half, some of them does not even have their head, blood was dripping from the qian bi sword onto the ground. Roof went back to dead silent again!

It was less than 60 second, he killed a dozen of people in total, the number of animals he killed in his entire life was less than this, of course, it did not count the insect. All the thugs were dead apart from the cripple, Liang xing's head was rolled to his feet, the cripple was paralysed and stared at chu yun sheng, as if he saw the devil.