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Chapter 26 Thugs again

 Chapter 26 Thugs again

On the way back to his flat, he could see many groups of people were flustered to stay together, any slight sign of danger would make them blindly running everywhere, it was chaotic as hell.

Chu Yunsheng rushed back to his flat, on the road he encountered two insects, he didn't spend too much time to kill them.

There were many people gathered together In front of building no.8, they were holding the fire torch. Ms Zhang from the neighbourhood committee and a man from the 10th floor were standing on top of Volkswagen Passat

Chu yun sheng deactivated the armour, just when he got close, he heard the 10th-floor neighbour shouted: " everyone! do not panic! Kids, old people and women walk in the middle, man walk in the front and back, take any weapon you can get, and any food, water etc that you stored in your house, anyone who still has petrol in their car, would like to leave with us, please follow us, if you do not want to, please say it now, we hope that everyone can work together, only we stay together, there will be a hope!"

"Sun da rui, I agreed, we should act together! "

"as long as we can keep the kids safe, we will do anything!"

"Me too,fuck it,at the worst let's die with the insect!"


Everyone was talking at once, only a few people have different opinions, but the most of them agreed with Sun da rui.

Chu yun sheng guessed other people might have considered him as an adult male, so they asked him to join the group, but chu yun sheng has his own plan, so he lied that he joined another group already, he just came back to get his stuff.

Actually, he does not really have much stuff to take, only some daily necessities, soon he packed up all the stuff he needed.

Before he left the flats, Chu Yunsheng was filled with emotions, in this room, he sensed the yuan qi for the first time, also successfully made a yuan fu for the first time, the first time killed the insect, the first time build armor and sword.....,so many first times, it seemed that this room was his starting point for the dark age!

Chu Yunsheng seemed to have a strange feeling, he felt that one day, he will return to this room.

This feeling was too inexplicable, Chu Yunsheng shook his head, stepped out of the No. 8 building, started his unknown journey.

Chu Yunsheng's first target is a medium-sized Jiadeli supermarket, now most of the supermarkets or convenience stores had already been searched countless times by those hungry people who were risking their lives. only some places where there were always a large number of insects wandering around, still have some stuff left.

On the way Chu Yunsheng kept thinking the decision he made, since the dark age began, he was always thinking about insects, thinking about increasing his strength, the food he gathered during the age of light was still enough for him to eat, that is why he did not consider the food as his first priority, now they are treating, he just realised he should have taken more supplies, they are free of charge!

But the regret does not help to change anything, although most of the supermarket convenience stores had been plundered, but he still knows some places where no one dares to get close to. he discovered those places when he was looking for a single red shell insect.

This jiadeli supermarket, located at a crossroads, when Chu Yunsheng first came to this place he noticed that there was a total of four insects, at that time Chu Yunsheng could not do anything but ran away, but now it is a good place to start.

Although there are four of them, Chu Yunsheng also did not dare to let his guard down, he activated the armour began to secretly approach the target location as usual. sometimes he even thought he was psychologically traumatised by the ruthless insect, and this habit gradually becomes his subconscious behaviour.

After arriving at the supermarket, he discovered that the number of insects has increased, now there is a total of five insects. Chu Yunsheng calculated for a long time, he thought if there aren't any accidents, he should be able to kill them all.

Five of them, chu yun sheng was a little bit excited, he thought about how he ran away before and now he is really going to fight with those five insects, how could him not be excited?

Not long ago, he killed four insects, he already used she yuan fu to absorbed the yuan qi and transferred into his body, now he has 9 unit of yuan qi in total.

from the back of the supermarket, Chu Yunsheng first lurked into a six-storey high old resident building on the opposite side of the supermarket, then he hid on the first floor behind a security door which facing the supermarket. this position is slightly inclined to three insects outside the supermarket.

He positioned the crossbow, and the arrows were ready to go!


With one unit of yuan qi, the frost arrow successfully froze one insect. the other two immediately clamouring rushed towards him, the insects' reaction time has always been incredibly fast.

the Security door only blocked the insects for few second, but it was enough for chu yun sheng to reload another arrow. almost against its belly, chu yun sheng shot out another one.

At this moment, the other two were rushing out of the supermarket as well, however, chu yun sheng did not choose this place by random, he deliberately chose the place near the stairway, it was not spacious, now it was also blocked by one frozen red shell insect, the remaining space barely enough for one insect to fit through.

Third insect immediately used the claw to pinch him, it swung the claw left and right, dragged him out of the door, rest of two also jumped over. he needs to stop this insect right now, chu yun sheng thought!

Because of armour, he did not feel any pain from the claw attack, just like now, even he was pinched, he is still able to maintain a normal physical condition.

"Schwing" he drew the qian bi sword, just like when he tied himself on the wardrobe, he burst out a short hiss, and infused one unit of yuan qi into the sword. hack sword form and slice sword form, one after another, in one breath, he cut off the insect's head!

Chu yun sheng wiggled his body and fall onto the ground, he dodged one of the insect's feet attack,then took the opportunity turned around, did an upward flick sword form, the sword stabbed straight into its belly, he swung the sword very hard while the sword still inside the insect's body, the insect smashed onto the ground, screamed painfully, it struggled few seconds then died.

At the same time, the last insect's attack has arrived, it seemed to know that claws don't work on him anymore, so it only picked chu yun sheng up, threw him away, then spit out the corrosive liquid.

Chu yun sheng was smashed onto the top of a car, he was not injured. Just felt a little bit uncomfortable because of concussion, corrosive saliva did not have any damage on the armour.

This last insect did not run towards chu yun sheng like what he expected. Instead, it suddenly raised its head, facing the sky and started making a very loud high pitched noise. "Oh, no...." He had heard this kind of noise before, it was the signal for calling other insects!

He can not let it continues doing it, the combat with four insects already consumed him four unit of yuan qi , he now has only 5 unit of yuan qi left, if more insects appear, once he is exhausted with the yuan qi, Without armour's protection, the death will be waiting for him!

Chu Yunsheng knew he needs to end this quick, so he did not dare to delay any longer, his hand clenched the sword,jumped towards the insect, once again he filled the sword with yuan qi , used all his strength to bring down the sword while the insect was still screaming, the force of qian bi sword instantly split the insect into half.

He thought the signal has already been sent out, it was just matter of time that insects will swarm here, Chu Yunsheng was afraid to stay here any longer.

he immediately stored five insects bodies into the wu na yuan fu, and then rushed into the supermarket, he used the wu na yuan fu to scan everything inside market, at this moment he does not really have time to check if they are useful or not, just take whatever he can.

After he Swept through the entire supermarket, Chu Yunsheng quickly ran away along the street, he did not dare to ride a motorcycle, it was too noisy, he was afraid that insect will notice him and start to chase him.

Chu yun sheng never knew that he could run that fast, he felt that even if he is competing with Usain Bolt. he would easily win the race. He Quickly passed many tall buildings, it was already far away from the supermarket now, Chu Yun Sheng stopped and panting on the ground. he felt lucky because he was running fast.

Suddenly he heard sounds of artillery and machine gun firing coming from less than two hundred meters ahead of him, he immediately adjusted the night vision goggles to take a close look. what he saw almost scared the hell out of him. fortunately, he decided to stop here for a rest, what he saw was a group of at least 30 red shell insects are attacking the military Armoured unit.

There were dangers in front of him and after him, Chu Yunsheng panicked, he could not stay here, but he could not go anywhere, he ran into building next to him which used to be a luxurious hotel, according to his past experiences, generally, insects would not climb the tall buildings

Ran to the roof a 30 storey high building was not a huge challenge for him anymore, with the pressure of death threat, he soon appeared on the roof of the hotel, he looked at the people on the roof, his face was filled with wry smiles, so it looked like it wasn't just him knew about this secret!

At this time, the military had already fired the flares, when he got to the roof, he was immediately noticed by everyone on the roof, everyone was staring at this man with full red body armour. had to say that his appearance was too weird.

Chu Yunsheng also found that this group of people did not seem right, a group of about a dozen men were holding a variety of weapons, standing on a side of people who lying on the ground, from time to time those men kicked the people who attempted to move.

Thugs? This was chu yun sheng's first reaction, he met those kinds of people before, just like the last time in the luxury restaurant.