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Chapter 14 it feels good to be alive

 Chapter 14 it feels good to be alive

Chapter 14 it feels good to be alive

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The Red Shelled insect's body was covered with burning fire. It was struggling and screeching in pain, but its precious shield was useless against the fire. It's life withered away bit by bit while ablaze.

The number of bullets only cost him the amount of Yuan Qi equivalent of two Frost Arrows. The fire currently had yet to kill it, but it lost the strength to fight. It struggled and writhed in searing pain right up until it died.

The last insect fearlessly jumped over its partner, it's claw struck out with the force of a mountain. Chu Yunsheng was hit directly and the impact sent him up into the air before falling to the ground with a heavy sound!

Chu Yunsheng lost his composure from the feeling of breaking into pieces.

The pistol clattered to the ground, completely out of his reach. The insect's head was slowly enlarged inside his pupil, a grim premonition of death.

The insect's gaze was filled with cruelty, death and endless darkness, tinged with a hint of mockery!

As Chu Yunsheng was pinched and lifted up by the Red Shelled Insect's claw, he felt that his Liu Jia Yuan Fu was one the verge of breaking, If the Red Shelled Insect closed its claw, he felt like he would be split apart like the others.

Roaring in pride, the Red Shelled Insect opened it's sticky, gaping maw, a long, sharp, straw-like tube slid out and stabbed into Chu Yunsheng's head. It intended to suck his brain out!

Chu Yunsheng struggled against the insect's powerful claws, but his crossbow and gun were all gone!

Yet he still had a sword, long and sharp. It was his only hope!

His left hand quickly grabbed the hilt, Yuan Qi poured into the sword, the sword scabbard instantly flew away. With less than a sixth his of yuan qi left, it was a decisive moment between life and death. He started to pass all his yuan qi l into the sword without any thought of the consequences, every last bit surging out from his left hand to the blade.

He held the knife in a reversed grip, his body arched backward. Weapon held high, he stabbed toward the insect's sharp tongue. It had been mercilessly stabbed in until the whole blade sunk into the Red Shelled Insect's sticky mouth. Disgusting mucus splashed onto Chu Yunsheng's face, carrying sudden of burning sensation that indicated Liu Jia Yuan Fu couldn't last any longer.

It was a deathblow!

The Red Shelled Insect rapidly waved its claws and screamed in pain. It had thrashed and threw Chu Yunsheng away, screaming in pain as it died.

Chu Yunsheng coughed out blood while completely exhausted.His whole body hurt, and the pain and tiredness left him unable to move. He couldn't even use the She Yuan Fu.

He desperately recited the incantation in his mind, eager to have the Yuan Qi restored as soon as possible.The frozen insect could have escaped at any time, but he lacked the strength or Yuan Qi to fight anymore!!

Chu Yunsheng and the insect both raced to recover first!

The flaming insect clung to the last moments of life, it's body cast a red dim light. Chu Yunsheng stared at the one which was frozen, the icy cover emanated cold fog. It had the possibility to have broken out at any moment!.

One second! Two seconds! three seconds!.......

One minute! two minutes! three minutes....

Half an hour steadily passed, gunshots, explosions and the screeching of more insects rang out on occasion. It served as a cruel reminder to the people that this was no longer a prosperous and bustling city; it was a city of horrors!

Every bone in his body was damaged and scattered around. Initially, he was unable to even move, but as soon he slowly restored his Yuan Qi, the strength in his body slowly recovered as well.

Chu Yunsheng had groaned suddenly, a feeling of comfort driving away his pain. Yuan Qi finally passed through his entire body. His bones seemed to have moved back to their original position, he sat up and leaned against the wall after he was able to move again.

Chu Yunsheng raised his head. With the street and buildings destroyed, the dark sky made this city look like it had fallen thousands of years ago.

The long sword was still obliquely stabbed into the third Red Shelled Insect's mouth. It laid motionlessly on the floor and faced the sky as if it couldn't have understood why it died.

While the fire still burned, a "crack" sounded so clear in the dull, silent night. It felt like a knife had stabbed Chu Yunsheng's gut, the ice sculpture started to break, the insect was coming out!

Chu Yunsheng sprung to his feet, he ran to the impaled Red Shelled Beast in three steps. Another three had let him snatch up the sword and he jumped with all his strength. His blow killed the insect that had just broken free, it's head tumbled to the floor while green liquid dripped down the blade. The battle was finally over!

Chu Yunsheng suddenly collapsed on the floor and looked at those three Red Shelled Insects. The first one was burned to death, the second one was stabbed to death, and the last one's head was chopped off.

"I killed three Red Shelled insects!" But Chu Yunsheng was not excited, this fight almost cost his life. If it happens again, he could not guarantee his survival. This was the first time he wanted to reach stage two Yuan Tian so badly. Only if he reached stage two Yuan Tian, could he have gained the ability to practice close combat skills.

Chu Yunsheng was both mentally and physically exhausted, he wanted to sit down and gather himself. But there were footsteps coming from the street outside heading towards him. "Someone is coming, and it's more than one person..." He thought the fights and fire would attract people the most.

Chu Yunsheng had paid a heavy price for this, of course, he would not let any passerby come and take it. He forced himself to stand up and quickly stored three insect's body inside the Yuan Fu. He retrieved the gun and crossbow, ignoring the ice pieces and insect's secretion spread on the floor. Now the most important thing was the foods inside the Hua Lian Supermarket.

Even a fool knew the importance of food, the dark had spread everywhere across the world. Many plants had died, no one knew about the future. For now, the existing food was the only guarantee of survival!

No one would despise having stored too much food, especially when Chu Yunsheng has such a convenient Yuan Fu. Of course, he would take as much as he could.

The fire caused by the Yuan Fu has not yet extinguished. Chu Yunsheng used the Yuan Fu to quickly suck the goods away, there were not many items, so he did not care whether it was useful or not.

When he took almost half of the goods, the crowd rushed in. Zhang Han was also in the group, Chu Yunsheng signaled him to grab anything he can. But he went behind the counter without anyone noticing and took away all the alcohol and tobacco behind the counter.

Chu Yunsheng carried the crossbow and lit a cigarette. He came out from the main entrance, without a care to the frantic masses that snatched food behind him. He looked at the dark sky and suddenly felt so good that he could be alive!

The supermarket's inventory did not store many goods, also Chu Yunsheng took half of it. That group of people even turned the storage room upside down, and soon all the remaining goods were taken, even a package of sanitary towels!

Zhang Han came out with few purple bruises on his face, clearly caused by the conflict. He wrapped all the goods he took with his clothes and silently watched Chu Yunsheng from behind. He had not understood this man, he saw it from the upstairs very clearly that he killed more than one Red Shell Insect. But there was clearly none here.

Also, this man only carried a crossbow, he had no bags. This indicated this man did not take any food, but why?

However, Zhang Han did not dare to ask, he felt that this man was not in a good mood and very dangerous at the moment.

"Come on, let's go, I need a rest!" Chu Yunsheng threw the cigarette butt and said in a quiet voice. Now he absolutely needed a safe place to restore his strength.

It was not that he hadn't suspected that Zhang Han deliberately provided false information to him and caused him to fall into a heated battle with the insects. But they would have lost their protection for no benefit. Even if Zhang Han were like Diao Dingguo and wanted to take this crossbow, just with their capabilities, there was no way they could get crossbow within a Red Shelled Insect's attack range after he died. So the possibility of Zhang Han was deliberately lying was almost zero.

Even himself, with the help of night vision goggles and stage one Yuan Tian strength, he was still deceived by Red Shelled Insect. Not to mention Zhang Han lacked a pair.

They went to the place where rest of the four people were hiding. Chu Yunsheng found himself a quiet room, locked it and started to rest himself.

But he didn't expect that this fight for life and death would increase his qi's concentration!