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Chapter 13 fell into great danger

 Chapter 13 fell into great danger

Chapter 13 fell into great danger

"then, do you still recognize the road? It is all in the dark outside!" chu yun sheng asked, if this young man recognised the road, compare to him running around without a specific direction, the chance of success is much higher.

The young man nodded his head:" yes! Originally we had 30 people. after we were trapped here, we had made few attempts trying to escape from there, but every time was pushed back by the insects, oh I forget to ask you, which way were you coming from?"

"from the east, but I didn't see any insect!" chu yun sheng said it without any hesitation.

The young man is looking dejected:" the one you killed, was the one lurking at the east, we were starving, early on we tried to escape from the east where there was only one insect. But we were pushed back by the insect again, we didn't expect that insect would chase us, then you saw everything happened next.

Chu yun sheng nodded his head, that is why there is a half body outside, perhaps it was one of group members.

"young man, let's make a deal. You take me to the south where the supermarket is, and also to the bridge at east, once I am done, I'll escort you to where the army is, how is it" chu yun sheng needs this young man to lead the way.

"no problem, but fei fei......" The man answered readily once he heard what chu yun sheng said. After what happened to insect and diao ding guo, this young man has blind trust in chu's abilities.

"let them hide in the opposite building first, let's deal with those two insects in the south, here is much safer." chu yun sheng thought it for a minute and said.

Inside the room, Diao Dingguo probably heard Chu Yunsheng and rest of people want to go, he hysterically pleaded for forgiveness and begged Chu Yunsheng take him with them. but Chu Yun did not even turn around.

It is still dark Outside the building, with the lights flashed from a far distance from time to time, people can barely walk without bump into a wall. With the help of night vision goggles chu yun sheng quickly crossed the street with the rest of five people, he helped to hide the rest of two men and two women on the third floor of a building at the opposite street.

In order to show his sincerity, Chu Yunsheng took out three pieces of bread said: "These two are shared between you four people, young man, this piece is just for you, I, Chu Yunsheng, although is not a big man, but I am a man with my words, As long as you helped me, I will escort you to the military camp."

Chu Yunsheng gave out his name, but now, these people's interests are clearly not in his name. They are starving for a long time when they saw the Fragrant bread appeared in front of them, they were like a man who has not seen a woman for decades, and as if the bread were like a naked woman. Those evil eyes make people feel that, if it wasn't they were afraid of chu yun sheng's anomalous power, they probably started to grab them already.

Chu yun sheng was surprised to found out that, when the young man took the bread, he did not eat it straight away, he carefully placed it in the gaps between his chest and clothes.

though Chu Yun Sheng knew that the boy's hunger is not much less than the other, apparently his thyroid moved when he swallowed the saliva.

The young man is happy after he hid the bread: " brother chu , my name is Zhang Han, you can just call me "xiao"1 Han, are we going right now?"

Chu Yunsheng wonder: "You are not hungry? Don't you want to eat something before we leave?"

The boy Pats the area where he hides the bread smiled and said, "as long as I keep it here, I am half full!"

"well, let's go then!" Chu Yunsheng does not bother to ask him again, he is more concerned about the speed of his qi cultivation.

With Zhang Han's lead, plus Chu Yunsheng's night vision goggle, two people soon approached the Hualian supermarket. Through the night vision goggle, it is clear to see that a red shell insect is wandering on the street, the another quietly lurking in the supermarket inside.

All of sudden, Chu yun sheng felt his heart is beating very hard and very fast. The tian di yuan qi in this area suddenly fluctuated a little bit, but soon returned to normal, he looked around, did not find any problem, so he did not pay much attention to it. This is a great chance, he doesn't really want to waste it.

Zhang Han was arranged in a small building on the side, Chu Yunsheng leans against the wall, slowly moving forward. the arrow shortly appeared in the corner. aimed at the red shell insect which is slowly wandering Round.


the crossbow shoots Out the forest arrow straight away, the high-speed moving arrow makes a sharp scream when piercing through the air. It is like a grim reaper locked on the red shell insect!

Red shell insect did what it could do the most in this short amount of time, it spits out corrosive saliva towards the frost arrow.

But Chu yun sheng's arrow was too fast, with the help of yuan fu and yuan qi, the frost arrow split the corrosive saliva into half!and freeze the whole red shell insect and it's saliva. It is even still in spitting position.

Is the frost arrow more powerful now? But it is not the time to.think this, inside hua lian supermarket there is another one, it seems that it was not moving even it could hear everything was happening outside.

This sneaky bastard! If it does not come out, he has to go in!

He quickly used the long sword to finish the one frozen outside, then stored it on yuan fu, he does not have time to use she yuan fu to absorb the yuan qi, the one inside could come out at any time!

when he got inside the supermarket, there is one shadow appears in his night vision goggle, no, two! there are three hiding in the market, now they are coming from all three different directions. He is surrounded.

it scared the hell out of him!

Three insects, with his level of shooting skill. he will definitely have to fight with Red shell Insects in close range.

But he doesn't know any powerful close combat techniques. Even The basic sword fighting techniques require him to be at yuan tian stage two.

If there was one insect, he could use liu jia yuan fu with the long sword and probably kill it. But now he is attacked by three red shell insects at the same time, he does not have any chance of winning.

Calm down! I have to calm myself down! There is definitely a way!

Looking at three red shell insects are slowly approaching in the darkness, chu yun sheng know that he has to make a decision now! Otherwise, once insects got into attack range, the speed they increase is beyond anyone can imagine!

Exit has been blocked by one of insect, he was slowly standing back and back trying to find another way to escape, but now his back is against the wall, there is no way out.

Chu yun sheng has never fallen into such dangerous situation! He finally broke out a strong desire to survive and uncontrollable growls!

Since. He could not stand back further and there is no way out, then let's fight! Let's fight until I die!

He is feeling pumped up, his determination is firm as steel. He Steps his left foot forward, turns around, holds his arrow steadily, the cold arrow head carries his death wish point at one red shell insect at door!


Three red shell insects increased their speed almost at same time when chu shot the arrow!

Chu yun sheng knows that, no matter what the result is, he will still need to fight with at least two insects. He has to rely on liu jia yuan fu's protection to protect him from this waves attack!

The frost arrow directly hit the one red shell insect in the middle, at the same time, the other two's attacks have arrived.

They did not use claws, nor corrosive saliva, they simply use their razor sharp legs, combined with their weight, slumped their body directly onto chu yun sheng from mid air!

Sharp pain, it is like the heart was tearing apart, the.bones has been piercing, though, it spread from the back to all the nerve across the body

Red shell insect's attack did not break liu jia yuan fu's strong protection, but the force of the impact caused chu yun sheng to have a serious injury.

impact force pushed chu yun sheng tumbled towards the door, just one step, he could get out of this supermarket, but he didn't do it, if he leaves his back to two red shell insects, he knows that his speed can't compete with the insect.

liu jia yuan fu can barely stop red shell insects attack at the moment, but he felt that liu jia yuan fu start to have Crease,it probably can only stop one more insects' combination attack!

He has to kill another one, left last one, yuan fu can still sustain for some time. He definitely can not let them attack at same time again!

There is no time to reload the crossbow, he threw it away when he was tumbling on the ground!

It is the moment between life and death, the desire to live has invoked all his potentials that he never had before!

While tumbling, he endured the pain in his body, he pulls out the pistol, his hand clenched it, he landed his foot on the door frame, the body firmly stopped on the ground, then, he Frantically shoots the one is the nearest to him!

The gun was enchanted with fire elements, it is as powerful as the crossbow, the only difference is the red shell insect has fire element, so it was less effective to use the gun than the crossbow.

he does not care if it is hit or not, he just keeps shooting, the bullets carried fire elements Burning in the air, they were like the beautiful flame flowers blossom on red shell insect, on the market"s shelf, on the wall at back. Chu yun sheng feels like the time is frozen, but he is still pulling the trigger.

life or death, it all depends on if he can kill this insect!

Xiao literary means younger, normally people use it to call friends who are younger than themselves, for instance, xiao ming, xiao dong, xiao xing,