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chapter 12 An ungrateful Ma

 chapter 12 An ungrateful Man

Chapter 12: An Ungrateful Man

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Yes, the mysterious man was definitely using this crossbow to kill the insect. Looking at the pattern that was carved on it, he knew the crossbow was not normal. It must be because of this weapon so that man became so powerful.

Diao Dingguo could not stop thinking, If this crossbow belonged to me, if I had such powerful weapon, then not only Fei Fei, but even more beautiful celebrities will seek protection from me. At that time, I can do whatever I want!

As the saying goes, Greed makes a person do stupid things. Just when Chu Yunsheng turned around, and was about to leave, Diao Dingguo pulled out a watermelon knife he was hiding at his back, and tried to stab Chu Yunsheng.

Everyone was shocked by the sudden attack. The young man only saw a blade's reflection flashed in front of his eyes, it was too late to try and stop Diao Dingguo.

Chu Yunsheng was shocked as well. How can such an ungrateful man exist in the world? I just saved their lives, now they want to kill me! Chu thought. Even though he ironically said a few words to the middle-aged man, he did not expect that guy would stab him!

In the eyes of Diao Dingguo, this mysterious man is dead. No one could survive in a close-range knife attack. It is a watermelon knife. Even if this man did not die, he would be seriously injured, and then Diao Dingguo would take his crossbow. Everything seemed so perfect.

But once again, everyone was surprised by the result. The mysterious man was still standing and did not even move after being stabbed. Diao Dingguo's watermelon knife dropped to the ground, and his hand was wounded. Diao Dingguo's hand dripped blood onto the floor, and he groaned with pain on the ground.

"You wanted to kill me!?" Chu Yunsheng shouted.

If it were not for the six armour Yuan Fu's strong protection spell, this guy could have killed him. Chu Yunsheng was really furious. Whatever he said, at least he saved this man's life. But not only did Diao Dingguo not feel grateful, but he also tried to kill him. Does he even have basic human decency?

"Why?" Chu Yunsheng asked as he tried to suppress his rage. He still felt strange.

Diao Dingguo knew he made another big mistake when the knife bounced off. This man's power was beyond his imagination.

"I....I..." he was in a great panic.

Chu Yunsheng sneered at him, and said, "Don't tell me you lost your mind again, and didn't know what you were doing."

Diao Dingguo eyes moved toward the crossbow unintentionally, then quickly moved away. He tried to stay calm and think of a solution.

Chu Yunsheng was already at Yuan Tian stage one, and the six armour Yuan Fu also increased his overall strength. How could he not notice Diao Dingguo's short glimpse?

Chu didn't need too much time to understand; this guy wants his crossbow!

Chu Yunsheng was angry and speechless at the same time. Even if Diao Dingguo had the crossbow, without any Yuan Qi, he would not be able to use it at all. And if he really had Yuan Qi, the Yuan Fu he cast onto the crossbow has his personal signature on it. Therefore, even if he had Yuan Qi, Diao Dingguo still couldn't use it.

Diao Dingguo was such a greedy and ungrateful human being. I don't need to be nice to this type of person, just kill him and feed him to the insects, was Chu Yunsheng's first thought.

But when he pulled out the sword, and pointed it at Diao Dingguo's neck, he couldn't do it. He just has never killed anyone before. That's why he hesitated.

Even though he has seen so many horrible deaths recently, and has killed some insects as well, this was different. It is a completely different feeling when he wants to kill his own kind.

But, he is not soft-hearted. For people such as Diao Dingguo, Chu Yunsheng does not have the slightest sympathy.

Diao Dingguo almost collapsed when he saw Chu Yunsheng pulled out a sword. Diao did not think his greed could bring his own death, but he selectively forgot that it was him tried to attack Chu Yunsheng first.

When he saw Chu Yunsheng's hesitation, Diao Dingguo seized the opportunity to turn around and run toward the room inside. However, the room led to a dead end, so maybe this time Diao has really lost his mind.

Although Chu Yunsheng hesitated, he was not prepared to let go of this scum. Diao Dingguo ran fast, but Chu Yunsheng's crossbow was even faster. At this close distance, he did not need to waste any Yuan Qi. An arrow directly shot into Diao Dingguo's thigh, and Diao Dingguo fell over and hit the ground. He could not stop screaming from the pain and fear.

The other five people who saw this were scared into silence. No one dared and no one was willing to plead for Diao Dingguo. Suddenly, Chu Yunsheng thought of a good idea. He shut the only door leading out of Diao's room and used a metal bar on the floor to lock the door. This way, he did not need to kill Diao Dingguo personally. Diao Dingguo would either bleed to death or starve to death inside! In short, there was no way out.

This kind of death was crueller than killing him directly, Chu Yunsheng thought. But then he hates this type of person the most, so he did not think too much about it.

"This kind of bastard, you still believed him?" Chu walked over and said sarcastically in front of the young girl Feifei.

The girl was scared, and she did not dare to look at him after hearing what he said. She is like a frightened rabbit, quickly moving to hide.

"Am I scary?" Chu Yunsheng thought. He suddenly felt a little bit depressed.

"Can you take us with you?" The young man begged.

Chu Yunsheng looked at the five people, shook his head, and said: "I have other things to do. You need to leave this place quickly, the blood smell is very heavy, and soon other insects will come."

"But, where can we go?" said a middle-aged woman. She was desperate.

"Go out, head west. There are lights, and gunshots there. There are troops, so you can go there!" Chu Yunsheng said quickly. He told them what he saw on the way here.

The young man immediately said: "No, we can't. In the west, there is a bridge, and insects were guarding that place. We tried several times, but we still could not go past the bridge. We have lost several people as well!"

When Chu Yunsheng heard that they saw insects, he immediately asked with a trace of excitement, "Insects? How many?"

Everyone gasped in surprise. This guy must be crazy, they thought. He is probably the only man in the world who would get excited when he heard there are insects.

The young man became more certain about Chu Yunsheng mysterious ability. He recalled the scene at the bridge and said "About two insects, one in the east of the bridge, one in the west. We went there several times, they were always like this."

Two insects...Although they were a little bit away from each other, but this distance means nothing to them. It might be a little bit difficult. Chu Yunsheng suddenly thought of another question, and asked: "Why do you want to cross the bridge? Why didn't you try to go around the bridge from the north or the south?"

The young man had a wry smile: "Brother, we tried. In the south, there is a supermarket, and most times we went there, most people died there as well. There are insects on the street and in the supermarket. If we go there, we will die."

Of course, fighting one insect is always the best choice, but I do not get to see single insects very often. If I have to wait until I encounter just one insect, then my cultivation speed will be dramatically decreased, which is not what I want. Chu Yunsheng thought.

If there are two, then I will just kill those two! Chu thought.

This chapter was edited by Chubby