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Chapter 11 a meddler

 Chapter 11 a meddler

This man was chu yun sheng, he successfully froze this careless red shell insect from behind. However, he was struggling to kill the monster completely. Apart from the frost arrow, he doesn't want to reveal too many abilities to everyone.

Frozen doesn't mean it was dead, red shell insect could break out at any time. So he has to hurry up, Those six people didn't talk, he has to make a first move, " Cough, cough. I think you all are safe at moment, can you give me some space so I can deal with this insect!"

Not until he started to remind everyone, did the crowd realised they were saved after the shock. Everyone instantly broke out into Tears of happiness, and hugged each other, saying " we, we don't need to die now" repeatedly, as if every sentence could Completely vent their feelings of despair.

By Seeing this, Chu Yunsheng has to interrupt them again, he rushes: "Stop, stop! If you all are OK, can you please leave the room, I need this place to deal with this insect!

The Young man first heard Chu Yun Sheng, then stops the crowd from crying, but they were looking at Chu Yunsheng confused, the insect was dead, what does he need to deal with?

He can't blame them, even himself thought red shell insect was dead the first he froze them, at that time, he had to shot another frost arrow in order to kill the monster completely. He saw the crowd was confused, has to point at the frozen red shell monster, explains: "This insect is not dead.."

Who knows, he has not even finished talking, it was like a bomb dropped in the crowd, everyone was quickly moved to the side, keep themselves far away. a brave woman was about to touch the frozen monster, was instantly scared to sit on the ground, she was trying to run away using both hands and legs.

Chu yun sheng completely understand their fears, when he could not make yuan fu, one red shell insect which was chasing the white cloth women, the fear he had at that time was not less than theirs.

"You don't need to worry, it is fine now, but I need some space to kill it completely " chu yun sheng tries to calm everyone down, he thought again then added " the procedure might be unnerving, so I need you guy's full co-operations, please wait outside"

Everyone heard this, quickly agreed, although Chu Yunsheng said it will be fine, but they still couldn't stay with a live monster in the same room, since he does not need their presence, why not wait outside.

"Can I stay?" The young man was nervous.

Chu Yun Sheng frowned, under the old flashlight's dim illumination, he could see what happened. he admired the man's bravery, but only admire it, he did not want to share his secret with a stranger.

"no! everyone out!" chu yun sheng Flatly refused

The young man could not see chu yun shengs' expression behind night vision goggles, But his cold tone voice made him did not dare to have any dissatisfaction, he follows the crowd to leave the room in disappointment.

Chu Yunsheng immediately closes the door, he pushes up night vision goggle, this type of night vision device, even under the flashlight this kind of relatively bright light source, it will not cause sudden blindness like the previous generations do. Pushed up the night vision goggle just because he can clearly see and kill this red shell insect under the dim light.

Before he kills the monster, he first tested the storage yuan fu and absorption yuan fu on live red shell insect, and the result is what he expected, live creatures can not be stored in the storage yuan fu , and he can not absorption yuan qi from live red shell insect. The only way is to kill it. Chu yun sheng carefully observed before, soldier's rifles did not do much damage on red shell insect, even if bullets penetrate its shield, it still can not kill the monster, but only provoke it.

Chu yun sheng does not want to use frost arrow again, because it is waste of yuan qi , frozen red shell insect does not have shield, theoretically he could kill it just using the ordinary bullets, but gun sound could attract other monsters, also he only has 100 bullets, even red shell insect does not have shield, he still does not know how many bullets will kill the monster, he can not waste bullets as well.

The only way left is the sword, use it to cut off its head, in this way, he does not need to waste too much yuan qi and bullets, that is why he spend two days to make sheng bing (weapon of deity)yuan fu 。

the sword already enchanted with sheng bing yuan fu, chu yun sheng now can pass the yuan qi into the sword.

"HA" he hissed in a short quiet voice, quietly raise up the sword and cut down the monster's head.

In order to prevent the loss of yuan qi, he immediately activates she yuan fu, as expected red shell insect did not die immediately, it wiggled few second before it died, the time just happened to synced with she yuan fu's activation time.

The room is spread with human body pieces. Chu yun sheng does not want to stay any longer after he absorbed the yuan qi, it sickens him, although he has seen it so many times, he still could not bear with it.

Six people were still staying outside, they did not leave. Just when chu yun sheng came out, he heard a man plead "fei fei, please listen to me, I was just gone insane, i did not know what i was doing, i did not want to do it, can you please forgive me, if i kept clear-headed, even just a little bit, i would die for you, i diao ding guo swear to god. Can you please believe me one more time."

When dealing with this girl, Diao ding guo is confident to persuade her, no matter what happened before, he will find a way to deceive her, even if he had just made a serious mistake, but to him he still thought it was not a mistake, of course, his life is the most important, but who knows that person will come out of nowhere and killed the monster? If he knew already, he definitely would have pretended to protect the girl using his life, and with the help of his eloquence, the girl would definitely Willing give away her virginity to him tonight.

Chu yun sheng points the flashlight at the crowd, he saw the man who was speaking, diao ding guo is the middle-aged man, and the girl called fei fei is the girl who almost got eaten by the monster, at this moment, the girl is biting her lips, she looked like she was struggling to believe this man, but the young man is quietly standing on the side.

He curses in his mind: is she an idiot? How could she believes the man called diao ding guo, and why this young man suddenly becoming a coward, why didn't he say anything. Why let someone like this diao ding guo took away the chance he earned it by using this own life.

He usually just mind his own business, he does not want to get to involved, what he needs right now is looking for next red shell monster, But when he saw this Diao Dingguo wanted to deceive this stupid girl, it was the shameless behaviour that he could not stand on it, and also chu yun sheng was slightly admired the young man's courage Chu Yunsheng could not help but said in a stone cold voice: "oh was it really, you went insane, but why this young man did not? Little girl, iI advise you, some people could give you up once, they could also give you up twice! You need to think carefully. '

No one knows this man will talk, everyone is surprised and looking at him, Chu Yunsheng is a bit embarrassed, maybe he really should not get involved. Especially when he saw a hatred expression flashed on Diao Ding guo's face.

But his words starts to take effect, the girl feifei suddenly realises that she almost got deceived again, "diao ding guo, we are done! " she still could not forget the last minutes that man try to Wrest his arm from her hug, he abandoned her with those heartless eyes

Chu yun sheng knows that he should not stay any longer, he passed the flashlight to the young man and turned around. But he did know that since the moment he talked, the middle age man started to hate him. Chu yun sheng humiliated him in front of everyone, diao ding guo's mind was filled with anger and hatred. But he knows that he could not revenge now, he is afraid of this man's ability.

When he sees the man about to leave, he is thrilled, "just wait until the man left, find another way to persuade feifei". He thought, he seems to forget what he originally planned, which was to ask this man to escort him to a safer place.

Until he sees the mysterious symbol on the crossbow in this man's hand, a controllable desire of having this crossbow instantly filled his mind.