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Chapter 10 Sneak attack

 Chapter 10 Sneak attack

Chapter 10 Sneak attack

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Chu Yun Sheng was very excited, he couldn't even sleep. Finally, he didn't need to wait for two years to reach Yuan Tian stage two. His only objective right now was to kill 243 Red-shelled insects.

But He must also be proactive, he needs to walk out of his room. Walk into the darkness, and look for those monsters which were lost from their swarms, then kill them and absorb their Yuan Qi.

He prepared one new She Yuan (absorption) Yuan Fu, one pistol, one folding crossbow with arrows and one sword which was enchanted with Shen Bing(Weapon of deity) Yuan Fu that was specifically prepared for close combat. Even with this amount of weapon, Chu Yun Sheng was still worried, so he made one Six Armour Yuan Fu in addition to those items. After he finished all the preparation, 10 days had already passed.

Finding those Red-shelled insects wasn't difficult. From time to time, frightening screams could be heard from afar, as well as the sound of gunshots and rockets firing. No matter which one, it clearly indicated there was a presence of those Red-shelled insects.

With Chu YunSheng's ability right now, it was best to attack those who fail to stay in a group. If he encountered a swarm, all he could do was run.

He gave up the idea of taking advantage of the area where the army and those insects were fighting. Those areas usually have a lot of insects, it was very dangerous. Also, the way he absorbed the Yuan Qi from a Red-shelled insect was out of the ordinary, people might feel very weird about it. He didn't want to be taken away by the army for a military investigation, just like what happened to the Ice Punch man.

His objective right now was to find one or two Red-shelled insects, not even three. If his Six Armour Yuan Fu couldn't shield him from red shell insects' speedy attacks and protect him from those corrosive secretions when confronting them. At that moment he didn't even have time to regret.

In the past ten days, other people living in the building were struggling to live. Food was less day after day, it forced everyone to start talking about the transfer and evacuation or staying here until the army takes back control of the city. They often ended up fighting each other.

Many people sighed in despair when they saw Chu Yun Sheng walking out of his flat at this time, but no one bothered to ask. Many people were starving. In the past few days, some people who could not bear the hunger any longer went out looking for some food. However, a lot of them never came back again. They all thought Chu Yunsheng was this type of person as well.

Chu Yun Sheng found a secluded corner. He took out a motorbike from his Storage Yuan Fu. The brand of his motorbike was very popular during the Age of Light, he thought it would be easy for him to find accessories in the future if it breaks down. He also put on a black helmet which had night vision Goggles attached on. He then pressed the accelerator and disappeared quickly into the darkness. He drove towards the nearest place where the screams came from.

Shen Cheng City was surrounded by darkness, it was no longer the famous night city before. Occasionally there were lights that were passing by, like a fire ghost in a dead city. All the buildings were covered in the darkness silently as if they were the man - eater.

Chu Yun Sheng arrived at the place where the screams came from, but he only found a headless half body and an empty skull near a utility pole. The internal organs and blood were scattered everywhere, it made him felt sick.

The monster should not have gone too far. He unmounted his motorbike. Holding a crossbow against the buildings' wall, he moved slowly towards another street. The night vision goggle he bought from the black market was a 4th generation night vision goggle which had the most advanced night vision technology in the world. Such products were tightly controlled in the country, therefore he could not get it from regular stores.

In order to cope with the darkness during the Dark Age, he also equipped an infrared radiation device. It's probably because of the monster's shield that it could not be seen through the night vision goggles. Therefore, he must rely on the surrounding glares and reflections to find them. But if he is in a completely dark area, the infrared radiation device was the only way to detect the insects.

He turned from corner to corner. While he was looking for a single red shell insect he occasionally met a few people who were scared, but he hadn't encountered a single monster. 'I am probably the only one person in the world that was hoping to meet those Insects!' Chu Yunsheng sarcastically thought.

Just as he was getting ready to leave the area, a piercing scream came from a building next to him, then followed by a burst of noisy and panicked cries Chu YunSheng's heart started to beat intensely, he lurked quickly towards the building. He peaked vaguely at a big hole in the window in the second floor of the building. The situation wasn't very clear from his location, but the infrared imaging showed that there was movement on the five or six floor of this building, but it was blocked by the wall so he could not see very clearly.

Chu Yunsheng took a deep breath, he started to climb up the wall. The Six Armour Yuan Fu had increased his physical strength. With the help of the uneven wall, he successfully got into the second floor through the hole on the wall.

Along the way, he was extremely careful. Because of the walls, his visibility is limited, he didn't know how many insects were there, so he had to be cautious. He must prevent accidents from happening.

Screams and crying came and go in the quiet of the night, it was very unnerving.

Chu Yun Sheng followed where the sound came from all the way to the fifth floor. This time he could clearly see that there are about six people and one Red-shelled insect. two or three bodies were lying on the ground. The Red-shelled insect probably thought that they had nowhere else to run, so it was not in hurry. It was slowly sucking the brains out of those three corpses lying on the ground one by one.

Those who were still alive were forced to stay in the corner. They were curled up together, screaming desperately from time to time. Chu Yun Sheng could not see their expression clearly through the wall even with help of night vision goggle. But Chu Yunsheng was certain that those people must be horrified, it was just like when he saw the Red-shelled insect for the first time.

The Red-shelled insect threw away an empty skull, it then started to glance at every single one of them. As if it was picking which one had the most delicious brain.

The group realised suddenly what was going to happen. They all stopped screaming, no one wanted to die. This disgusting monster might leave if it was stuffed. Everyone thought the same thing. Soon, the Red-shelled insect's greedy eyes stopped at a delicate-looking girl. The girl who was being stared at felt like she was falling into hell suddenly. Fear, despair, fright, all types of feeling broke out at this moment. She cried and hugged tightly a middle-aged man's arm.

"No, no. Not me, not me! ..." she shouted.

The people around her both felt sympathy and fortunate, fortunate that it was not them. That kind of complex and contradictory expression appeared on their faces.

She looked at the middle-aged man with hope, but only found out that the man once gave her promises was now trying to avoid eye contact with her. He was even trying to wrest his arm away from her tight hug.

She gave up her hope. At that moment, her heart died, she finally accepted her fate, her death. The monster moved forward slowly, she closed her eyes.

Suddenly, she found out that she was pushed away. A man was standing in front of her. She opened her eyes, it was the young man who once said that he liked her, who had also been heartlessly refused by her. At this moment he turned to her with a slight smile on his face, that smile in the dim torch light was so desolate and touching!

Tears ran slowly across her delicate face. It was like time had stopped at this moment. However, the insect did not stop moving, he does not care about these human's childish behaviour as long as someone was willing to come up and become its food.

The young man resolutely looked at the monster's bloody mouth that moved slowly towards him. He grasped the girl's hand tightly, death was right in front of him.

Everyone looked at the young man, they were shocked. Some of them were touched, some think it was stupid. But there was one thing everyone thought in unity, this young man was a dead man.

Surprisingly, the monster's bloody mouth did not bite. It turned around rapidly, it can even be described as turning around in panic.

An arrow with an extremely cold frost pierced through the monster's shield instantly. It was shot violently into the insect's body!

The Red-shelled insect did not even have time to make any sound, it was surrounded by the frost immediately and it became an ice sculpture quickly!

Everything was so sudden and also so strange! Even the monster was still maintaining a turning position! Almost all of the six people's brains stopped working, This scene was completely beyond the scope of their understanding!

Soon, in the direction where the arrow came from, a man in a grey coat with a strange helmet on his head and a crossbow in his hand appeared.

This chapter was edited by Lifer