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chapter 7 a powerful arrow

 chapter 7 a powerful arrow

chapter 7 a powerful arrow

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Chu cast the 'Yuan Fu' hurriedly onto the crossbow. He then used his spirit in the fourth dimension to sense the 'yuan qi.' Through it, a mysterious channel between him and the crossbow was created.

He pulled the string and loaded an arrow onto the crossbow. He then took a deep breath, trying to calm himself down but failed. However time was nigh, so he aimed the arrow at a running Red-shelled insect nervously through a hole that he made on the window. He was a little familiar with crossbows since he had been practising with it for a while now, but he wasn't as experienced.

Despite that, Chu still failed at his first shot. Not only did he missed the target but, also, the arrow's frost damage effect didn't even activate. He was just too nervous. His arrow was simply ignored by his target. These Red-shelled insects were way too fast compared to humans. Within moments they had already reached the crowd and started grabbing people with their deadly claws.

Chu had a hard time reloading his crossbow with his shaking hands. When the crowd reached the building, Chu noticed that there were 11 or 12 people left, five had been caught and killed by the Red-shelled insects.

One of the people still alive was a person living on the 10th floor. He tried to open the security door with his trembling hands but failed. And once again, the Red-shelled insects approached those people. One of them used its sharp foot to pierce through a fat man then, like playing with its prey, it held the man up and threw him in mid-air.

Chu wasn't confident in hitting a moving target but when the monsters stopped moving and with a distance of fewer than 30 meters, he believed that he could now hit it.

Taking another deep breath, he aimed the arrow at the one that was playing with a dead body.


The arrow's frost effect activated, it caused the temperature surrounding the arrow to quickly drop. The sound of an arrow piercing through air alerted the Red-shelled insect. It quickly glanced at the window where the sound came from but that was all it could do. Since the distance is less than 30 meters.

The arrow immediately arrived at its target and struck with the power of ice element. Not only the arrow slowed the monster's speed down but it also broke the insect's protection, allowing the arrow to easily penetrate the shell and went straight to the monster's body. With the frost arrow's effect, the Red-shelled insect screeched in great pain.

As this happened, the other two that were busy sucking human brains stopped and looked at the dying one. They were confused.

But it was not finished yet, the frost arrow soon unleashed its full power. Even though the fire element inside the Red-shelled insect's body tried to fight back, it still could not withstand the frost arrow's power. The Red-shelled insect was frozen instantly, becoming an ice statue.

"Is it dead?" Chu had no idea how powerful the frost arrow was since he never tested it before. Even though the Red-shelled insect was frozen, he was still not sure if it was really dead. So, he loaded his crossbow with his third arrow. Now, based on the experience he gained from his previous two arrows, he wasn't as nervous as before.

When the despair-filled group saw the turn of events, their desire to survive instantly replaced all the fears inside them. A middle-aged man took the key forcibly from the still trembling 10th-floor neighbour. Then he opened the door calmly and the group pushed each other into the building. They then slumped themselves onto the stairs in the hallway while staring blankly at the frozen Red-shelled insect and the few dismembered bodies.

In the dim light, they were looking at each other, not knowing what to do next. Eventually, the calm middle-aged man, or at least he looked like it, spoke.

"Let's go upstairs quickly, there are still two of them outside."

"Yeah, you are right, someone living upstairs knows how to kill those monsters. As long as that person is here we are safe."

"Did you notice which floor?"

"Who the hell got time for that?!"

"No, I also didn't notice."

While talking to each other they rushed upstairs.


Chu Yunsheng aimed his third arrow at the second Red-shelled insect. When he was just about to pull the trigger he noticed that the frozen monster started to jiggle. It didn't die and it's going to come out soon ' must not give it an opportunity to recover,' he thought. The fewer they are, the less dangerous it will be. Moreover, the other two started moving and he did not want to shoot a moving target again. So, he decided he might as well put another arrow to the immobile one.

Not hesitating any longer, the third arrow flew towards the frozen monster, it made a hole in the ice instantly. In less than a second, it exploded into countless ice pieces. This time it was definitely dead.

Seeing one of them die, the other two roared in fury. They threw away the head they were eating and ran towards the building. One of them tried to break down the security door with its claw, while the other climb the building straight to the 6th floor where the arrow came from.

"Did they notice where I am?" chu thought. his desperation evoked anger deep inside his heart. "So you don't want me to live? Then I don't want you to live either..."

With the dim lights from the vehicles outside in the streets, as well as the fire from the rocket explosions, Chu Yunsheng can clearly see the two furious monster through his crossbow's infrared sight.

The fourth arrow flew and hit the one that was climbing the wall, freezing it instantly. Chu's plan was to freeze both of them first, then kill them using the gap when they try to break out of the ice. Reloading his crossbow quickly, he tried to find the 3rd one but it was gone from the security door. Unfortunately, in his current position, he couldn't see if the security door was broken or not. So he did not know where it went.

However, the time was precious. The 3rd monster was gone but the frozen one was still here. He immediately killed it and then went back to the living room. The windows weren't safe anymore, he did not know where the last one would come from. Thus, he loaded his crossbow and waited patiently in a corner.

Killing one Red-shelled insect used up only two arrows. If the military knew what he could do, they would have already forced him to join the army, since it is very difficult to penetrate the Red-shield insect's armour with just ordinary bullets.

Chu felt that he didn't have much 'yuan qi' left in his body. Every single frost arrow that shot out of his crossbow consumed a lot of 'yuan qi,' except for the first one which didn't activate. During his short break, he was shocked to discover that he could only trigger one more frost arrow.

After that, his 'yuan qi' would be completely exhausted. It seems that to kill three Red-shelled insects he would need to use at least six frost arrows. The problem was, he's limited to just five frost arrows! So, he basically had no chance of winning if the Red-shelled insects recovered faster than him.

Knowing this, he immediately had to restore his 'yuan qi' first. since the last one was still outside. He believed that when the monster arrived, his reinforced door and windows can hold the monster's attack for some time. He could also use this time to enchant his gun as well.

He trusted that if he could just hit it with an arrow and freeze it, he was certain he could kill it with his pistol or 'Li Hou Fu' (summon god flame).

The room now seemed empty with just a few pieces of furniture left, Chu had already stored everything he needed in his 'storage yuan fu' He was now sitting in the living room table while restoring his 'yuan qi' hurriedly, while listening to his surroundings.

"Monster!!! The monster is coming up the stairs." A person screamed outside, Chu Yunsheng jumped off the table. As he expected, that last one got into the building and climbed up the stairs.

'The problem is: shall I go out and kill the monster on the stairs or wait until the insect breaks in and kill it at the door,' he thought.

However, he wasn't a military strategist or a combat specialist. He could not quickly find the pros and cons to each of his thoughts. He needed time to think. But the Red-shelled insect didn't give him this.

Chu heard footsteps of someone running upstairs, just outside his flat. Due to the blackout, the elevator stopped working so the people have to use the stairs.

At this moment Chu made the boldest decision in his life. He opened the door and hooked his crossbow onto the table where he was sitting to reduce recoil, then waited patiently while facing the now opened door.

When the monster appeared, he must pull the trigger and hit it first to freeze the monster. This was his only chance of survival.