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Chapter six the moment between life and death

 Chapter six the moment between life and death

There is a fierce fight between the army and three red monsters on the street, according to neighbour lives upstairs, the army has named those monsters as red shell insect,it belongs to Insecta class in the animal kingdom. They have extreme strong defence and attack abilities. Their secretion is also extremely corrosive.

Luckily there were tanks and armoured vehicles on the street, although they killed three red shell insects, but they paid a heavy price for it. There was no celebration, no sad screaming, everything went back to the quiet state like what it was before.

After the second day, the army starts to give out even less food than before. Neighbour lives upstairs told him again that it is not safe to transport supplies now, everywhere are under the attacks from large amounts of red shell insects. He claimed that he even got a message from a whistleblower inside the army, the message was military will probably going to abandon this area, they are starting to prepare for relocation, he said that there was a place where the red shell monsters were constantly coming out. And number started to increase rapidly, the army starts to lose control of that place.

this guy must be jinxed, everything he said starts to happen, around 7 or 8 days later, red shell insects starts to frequently appear around his housing estate.

There is a building just right behind the housing estate where chu is staying. Every Time at when he used to call a late night during the "age of light"1. there will be horrified screams mixed with high-pitched of animal roars came out from there. Troops were sent out to dealt with it several times, but gradually stopped, and never went back to check again.

Red shell insects' roars are coming out from everywhere around his housing estate, the shen cheng city is no longer a safe place to stay, dangers are everywhere. He is living in fears day after day, but he still did not forget to practise.

It was not long until the army withdrew its first regiment. under the protection of a large number of tanks and armoured vehicles, a long procession of private motorcade slowly passing the streets. The neighbour upstairs said the first batch of withdrawal are some people with power, they are protected by the elite troops. but he did not know specifically where they are going to, perhaps some military base.

One week later.

the soldiers that distributed food in this area has not shown up for quite some time, a number of law enforcement troops started to reduce, the situation started to get worse. The upstairs neighbour's wife almost got raped, luckily chu was there, he used the gun to stop the guy.

The neighbour was very grateful to him, later on, told him another secret he knew. He heard from his contact inside the military that, after three days, the last group of a well-equipped elite team will help to evacuate rest of important people. because some unknown reason he was on the list. Although he is at the lowest level, but he is allowed to bring three family members with him, unfortunately, he is a family of four, so he could not give chu yun sheng one. Chu already knew that he was not eligible to be on the list, so he did not think too much about it.

Three days later.

the woman who was saved by the third-floor neighbours came back and took them away, it looks like from now they will also receive the protection from the army.

Although he thinks that, it was his book saved the woman's life, but he did not dare to tell anyone, of course, others may not believe him as well. The woman seems to have a good heart, but He gave up the idea of seeking help from her, after all, explanation will only cause more trouble than what he wanted

However he did not expect that the evacuation on the third day has been compromised. even with the help of heavy armoured vehicles, they were only moved very short distance and then stopped by the civilians. People were angry that military wants to abandoned civilians, everyone was gathering on the street demanded the fair treatment.

Chu yun sheng did not come down stairs, he was worried about if the red shell insect will appear, he removed the small metal place on the windows, noticed that street has been blocked by crowd。 the military's vanguard has been driving away for a few blocks from his flat, he can only saw variety of cars were blocked, people started to throw all kinds of stuff toward cars expressing their anger.

Before Neighbour lives upstairs left, he told chu that during the evacuation, The headquarters has given the order: any obstruction of the military task will be neutralised. Troops do not need to report to a higher level, this is the trouble time, harsh punishment is inevitable.

But when 126th regiment was blocked by thousands of people, even the higher commander did not want to execute this order, too many people, they are all just normal civilians. It will only cause more trouble, if they start to killing people, reports were constantly sent to headquarter. But in the meantime, he needs to calm the crowd down.

Soon chu yun sheng heard a man's voice from far away, the man was using the megaphone shouted in the distance:

"Comrade! Comrades! Please listen to me! I am 126th regiment political commissar Qin Gang, please stay calm, i assure you that the headquarters will never give up any comrades, the military withdrawal plan, including you definitely, please believe me! "


"you are lying !"

"bullshit!your people are gone,who is gonna evacuate us"

"They are people, we are not people? Are you the people's army or the army of a rich people"


Crowds were raged, no one believed what he said,

Qin Gang to raise the voice shouted::

"Comrades! Do not be blinded by certain criminals, the military will not give up on you, I Qin Gang is willing to stay and help evacuate every single one of you. please, believe me, a large number of troops are still defending the front, we are Not the last batch, evacuation requires order, otherwise it will be vulnerable to monsters attack, we must ensure the smallest loss!


"Do not listen to this bastard, nonsense!"

"if this is really the case why the government officials and the rich first, we are last?"

"now money is worthless, it is just paper now."

"You know nothing, rich people have a background relationship, that is not a good relationship between government officials, that is nepotism relationship, we meant nothing to them !"

"hope they all got eaten by insects, those fuckers"

The situation is very chaotic, the crowd did not show any signs of leaving, more and more people start gathering together, there is one soldier could not handle the pressure, fired a warning shot, it was like a bomb just dropped in the crowd.


"They are going to kill everyone now!"

"Let 's kill them"


Qin Gang turned around, he was furious, "who the fuck fire the shot, i am going to kill him "he shouted at his men

The soldiers who fired the shot were already surrounded by the raging crowd, and as they were preparing to rush to the military vehicle, suddenly someone screamed, " mon ! mon! , monsters!

One, two, three, at least fifty or sixty of red shell insects, running along the walls of buildings on both sides of streets, they are approaching fast! The whole crowd is terrified and started to disperse, everyone was running everywhere.

50 of the red shell insects, no one dares to stay.

While the tele-Communication can not be used at moment, 126th regiment commander was using the megaphone shouted:

"Ready to engage! 2nd battalions, 3rd battalions, 7th battalions, get ready the heavy machine gun, ready the rockets launcher, all armoured vehicle get ready! ............"

While the heavy machine guns were firing, the rocket was flying, the crowd trampling onto each other and ran toward the nearest building to look for a hideout.

Under the hail of bullets and rockets, red shell insects were still rushing forward, only a few of them were blown away by the rockets, Rest of them were not affected by the bullets, Saturation fire only caused few cracks and holes on their shell, none of them was dead.

Until they reached the crowd, they started on a killing spree, the spine-chilling screams just right before people die were constantly come out crowds.

they are agile, one of them easily dodge the rocket and tanks attacks, rushed into the troop's formation and standing on a tank. Red shell insect opened its bloody mouth spit a green liquid on the tank, The armour was quickly corroded at a speed visible to the naked eye

Then it made a loud high pitched roar, it starts to glow in red. This red shell insect just uses its front claw to opened up the tanks armour, through the hole that was penetrated by its secretion, it killed the soldiers inside the tank. Before the soldiers inside tank died, they were still trying to use pistol kill that monster.

Chu very admires the determination those soldiers have, if it was him, he would probably have fainted already. He took a deep breath, he needs to cast the frost yuan fu onto the crossbow he bought three months ago. According to the book, after the enchantment, chu will be able to use to yuan qi on this crossbow, it will fire an arrow with frost damage, it is very effective way to kill those monsters. because they happened to have fire element.

Before He did not know that what kind of monster will appear, so he made a lot of fire elements yuan fu, which are less effective than frost yuan fu. now he needs to hurry up making more of those frost yuan fu. In order to protect himself.

The reason why he is in such hurry was; because he noticed that three of red shell insects were chasing the crowd running towards his building. unless the book glows again, otherwise those three monsters will definitely follow them into the building.

But when is the book going to shine the light? , he does not know, so he has to rely on himself. Chu has to avoid close combat with those monster because he does not have any protection nor his speed isn't fast enough. That is why crossbow is the best option for him.

1. Age of light is referred to the day before the sun disappeared, people refer now as the dark age.